Xander stood in the alley shooting the Skull Knight a dirty glare. He wants the answer to this right now. "Why do I remember everything?"

Skull Knight just looked at him. "Your witch's last spell saved you and the woman from your fates as sacrifices."

"I already know what Schierke did." Xander cuts him off. "She recycled our souls ensuring we never go to hell."

Skull Knight nodded. "Yes with magic, but magic is tricky. The chaos spell cast on you tonight fused with her spell giving you your original memories because you dressed as yourself."

"How did I pull that off anyway?" Xander asked his costume wasn't exactly super hero or childish.

"Someone saw your life in their dreams and is writing your story. And someone else made a cartoon." Skull Knight replied.

Xander's face dropped. "Oh that is… what kind of sick bastard would want to write or go Disney about my life. Not to mention that there are people that actually read, watch and follow it. What is wrong with them?" Xander continues his bashing of humanity for about 5 minutes as the Skull Knight just takes it all in.

"He's gotten much better at controlling is temper." A voice says from Skull Knight but the skeleton's mouth didn't move.

"Hey Puck." Xander said recognizing the voice.

The green elf flew out of Skull Knight and to Xander right above his shoulder and nose healing the wounds he had sustained earlier. "What would you ever do without me?"

Xander just gave an evil smile.

"Don't answer that." Puck said taking a seat on his shoulder.

Xander turned back to Skull Knight. "So I'm going to remember everything now."

"Just your original life and this one." The Skull Knight informed him. "Once you and the woman die again the memory of your past lives will fade as they always do."

Xander nods in understanding. "I like that waiting room place between lives its calm and I know everyone's ok. The godhand?"

"Still dead except for Femto." Skull knight said.

Xander eyes were full of anger at that last word. "You mean he's"

"Trapped in the hell dimension the woman banished him to." Skull Knight answered calming Xander down.

"The idea still around?" Xander asked.

"As long as there is evil in humanity the idea will always exist struggler." Skull Knight said. "I believe it has set up law firms all over the world using an assumed identity."

Xander nodded he knew it wouldn't die. He doesn't even think it can and he's not even surprised it's a lawyer.

"Struggler what do you remember?" Skull Knight asked.

Xander shrugged. "Everything I think also since I was wearing the berserker armor tonight I got the beast back in my head. Can't tell you how many times it told me to kill deadboy already."

Xander turned to Skull Knight. "Buffy's Casca isn't she?"

"What makes you so certain?" Skull Knight asked.

Xander smiled. "Come on, I have abusive parents. She's a warrior woman. She saved my life when we first met. I like her while she likes a man who became a demon. I saved her when destiny said she was meant to die with CPR no less. She's the only person I let touch me tonight without the urge to kill them despite what she was wearing. The only thing missing is that I haven't lost an eye yet but I'm only 17 so give it time. They weren't even trying with this life were they?"

"History does have a habit of repeating itself." The Skull Knight commented.

"Well that explains all those movie remakes." Xander joked.

Puck looked at his old friend. "Guts are you going to tell your friend? You know about who she really is."

Xander nodded his head no. "No, I'd never do something so cruel to her."

"Why not?" Puck wondered. "I can sense your feelings when you think of her. I know it's what you want. You still love her."

Xander was thinking of how to explain this. "First off it's Xander. Guts died a long time ago. Second I'm not going to lie to you Puck it is what I want, but it might not be what she wants." Xander doesn't have the heart to tell his old friend but he doesn't even want his memory back.

Puck took the answer and sat down on his shoulder.

Skull Knight created his sword of resonance and looked to Xander and Puck. "The elf has chosen to stay with you. Before I depart do you wish for me to return to you your original weapon?"

Xander immediately knew what he was talking about. The original dragonslayer the sword he wielded all those years ago. He thought for a moment but quickly realized it could be more trouble than it's worth with how powerful it was. "Keep it I think a weapon that can kill a god will do more harm on the hellmouth than good."

"Very well struggler. The elf knows how to summon me should you change your mind. Farewell"

"Live long…er and prosper." Xander says to the departing Skull Knight.

Xander looks to Puck. "So what do you eat in this time?"

After returning all the kids safely to their parents Willow was walking down the streets in a cold sweat. Xander and Buffy completely changed back to their old selves but not her. She can still hear it. She can still hear their heartbeats still smell their blood and dear god is it intoxicating. She has to do something before she does something stupid. She walks into an alley trying to calm down. While in the alley she has the displeasure of walking in to Harmony whom is dressed as a cat. Willow swears the girl does not have an original thought in her head.

"Oh look at the geek." Harmony looking to tease her for the bloody schoolgirl costume.

"Not now Harmony." Willow warned hoping she'd just leave.

Harmony can't believe she was just bossed around by Willow Rosenburg "Excuse me, where do you get off telling me what to do."

Willow could barely get a thought together hearing Harmony's heartbeat in her head and smelling the blood coursing through her veins. "Harmony leave."

Harmony fed up with Willow bossing her around shoved her. "You are not the boss of me and I am not afraid of you dumbass nerd." Willow hit the wall hard forcing her game face out. Harmony turned pale seeing her red eyes and fangs. "O-ok now I-I'm afraid of you." Willow rushed her. "No Please"

Harmony's pleas fell on deaf ears as Willow plunged her fangs into her neck. She loves the sensation of her blood hitting her tongue caressing it with the taste. Warm sticky…No this isn't her. This isn't who she is but she can't let go the air headed blond tastes too good despite her screams. It takes all the willpower she can muster but she lets go and Harmony falls to the floor holding her neck.

Willow is guilt stricken with what she's done and is in tears. "Harmony I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry."

"Get away from me you freak. I have mace." Harmony says going through her bag with her other hand.

Willow runs out of the alley. Harmony gets up and goes to leave but she is grabbed by a girl with dark hair in a white dress whom licks the blood off her neck. "The stars told me the fake vampire took my Spike away. Gone forever gone."

Harmony didn't say anything too scared.

"You're needed you'll make sure the slayer plays my little game." Drusilla said as she aims her bite to match Willow's feeding off Harmony until she dies and throws her into the streets to be found.

Buffy and Angel have made it back to her house. Buffy is getting changed into normal clothes trying to get rid of the shame of Joan. She exits the room in a tanktop and sweat pants.

"Tada just 20th century me." Buffy said.

"Sure you're okay?" Angel asked.

"I'll live thanks to Xander though he might be going to jail tomorrow for some of the things his costume did." Buffy said.

"You can spring him you bend metal." Angel reminds her as a joke.

"I just hope he's not hurt. I can't believe that bimbo ran right in front of a spear." Buffy realizes what she just said. "Admittedly said bimbo was me but you know what I mean."

"I know all the girls back then were morons." Angel said. "Besides it's what Xander does even when he doesn't remember who he is he's your white knight. He loves you. Hell he got me up to save you from the Master."

Angel looked down at Buffy's face and realized he said too much and shot himself in the foot.

"What do you mean by that?" Buffy asked.

Angel had a down trodden face he definitely said too much. "You, me, Giles we all just accepted that you were dead, the master would rise then end the world, and nobody could change that. Odd enough a nobody did."

"You and Xander came for me together." Buffy interrupted. "Didn't you?"

"No" Angel replied knowing Buffy could tell if he was lying. "Xander showed up at my house and shoved a cross into my face and told me to take him to the master. I told him he was a joke, that he didn't have a chance, the master would kill him in a second but he wouldn't listen. He shamed me to get over my fear and we went for the Master. I loved you still do but I was more afraid of the Master. I was more afraid of dying. He was probably just as scared if not more than I was but he didn't stop. Not once. "

"But Xander didn't." Buffy looked like she just got kicked in the gut by a horse what else did Angel hide? "And the CPR with Spike smoking I wondered."

"I could have." Angel answered. "But you were already bitten and the blood was too tempting."

"Too tempting you were too afraid of drinking to save me." Buffy said. "Angel I think you should."

Angel looked at her face he knew it was over. "Yeah, you were too young for me anyway." The ensouled vampire joked heading for the door. "Goodbye Buffy."

Buffy laid in her bed deep in thought. Did she like Xander? Xander loved her according to Angel. He probably would have gone without Angel if he had the choice. She always knew he had a crush on her sophomore year and the beginning of this one but she thought the crush was crushed when Willow was kidnapped by the anointed one. After all he threatened to kill her. Buffy needs guidance and help she needs Willow. Buffy dials a couple numbers on the phone and promptly hangs up. No not Willow, not the girl that has had a crush on Xander since the sandbox. Oh god their friendships what the hell is she going to do.

Angel came home putting an end to what could very well be the worst night of his life save for when he met Darla in that alley or the night he murdered his family. You know what one of the top 5 worst nights of his life. He assaulted little kids knowing full well what they were and he destroyed his relationship with Buffy. Maybe he should just move on. Move to LA and get the surprise on vampires picking up bar chicks. Angel opened his door and to his surprise found Willow waiting for him.

"Willow what are you-" Angel stops when he senses it. She's still that vampire thing she dressed as and she has blood on her breath.

"I fed." Willow said tears in her eyes. "I didn't mean to but I couldn't stop myself."

Angel cradled Willow trying to calm her down. "It's newborn bloodlust. It's nearly impossible to control. Willow before people start looking what did you do with the body."

"She's still alive I was able to stop myself from killing her." Willow said. "But I don't know if I can control it again."

Angel was in shock. "It's amazing you controlled yourself this time. It will get easier"

"Help me?" Willow said.

"I'll help you." Angel said holding the sobbing redhead. "I'll help you."

Angel has seen a lot of different ways life could have gone. Being a surrogate sire to another vampire with soul sure wasn't one of them. LA is going to have to wait god knows what's inside Willow now and she's already fed. He can still do some good here he hopes to himself. Maybe Giles can fix this. He hopes so for Willow's sake.

The End for now.

Author's notes.

I am definitely coming back to this verse I loved writing this story. I broke up Buffy/Angel because I think I'm the only one that hates that pairing. I just saw it as a harbinger to twilight.