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No sooner had the words left my mouth and I started to panic.

I'd spoken without permission.

Worse than that, I'd given him an order.

I just knew he was going to release me and kick me out, leaving me in this enhanced state of sexual madness that had shut down all of my higher brain functions.

Instead, a sound rumbled in his chest and the next thing I knew, he was impaling me on his cock...his thick, long, glorious cock.

There was nothing gentle about the way he proceeded to fuck me. It was rough and I loved it. I was writhing in erotic bliss as he pounded into me, my passage made even tighter by the plug in my ass. The same plug that was being tugged and shifted with each thrust and extraction of his cock deep inside me.

I was amazed and scared when I felt the coil in my stomach begin tightening yet again. I didn't think that I had another orgasm in me so soon. My body was gearing up for it, but I was afraid it was going to be like dry heaving...painful when there was nothing to give.

I now understood how this was a punishment.

I began whimpering, begging with fractured 'pleases', unsure what I was even asking for as my nipples tightened, my thighs quivered and my pussy flooded onto him.

Then he struck.





The flogger thrashed against my tits each time his balls smacked against my pussy lips and ass. The leather tendrils snaking out front to lick against my skin in a red hot sting only to be smoothed away as the lighter fur tendrils chased them away and caressed my flesh.

It was excruciating...and exhilarating.

My ears were ringing as a shrill cry echoed around the room.

It wasn't until he had released me from my bonds and was turning me over onto my hands and knees that I realized the noise was coming from me as I succumbed to the most primal orgasm of my existence.

I faintly registered his fuck hawt accent gloating about 'four' and I felt the plug being removed from my backside.

I felt empty when it was gone.

I arched my ass into the air, offering it to him in supplication.

His voice washed over me as he offered me praise laced with vulgar, crass vocabulary that had me reeling at the depravity of it all.

I was in such a euphoric state that when he pressed the head of his cock against my ass I didn't even flinch. I only moaned as he slipped in. Inch by fucking inch he filled my ass torturously slow. I'm sure he was being careful as this was my first time, but I didn't want careful.

I pushed back against him abruptly, shrieking as the pain of the sudden foreign intrusion registered. He grabbed my hair and pulled me upwards, so that my back was flush against his chest.

"Are you trying to take my control away from me? You naughty. Little. Slut." He punctuated each word by smacking each nipple and then my clit.

"No, Sir...I..." was all I got out before his hand was over my mouth.

His other hand moved to my pussy, his fingers slipping inside me as he pressed his palm against my clit. Holding me tightly, he pulled his hips back and thrust forward, his cock probing my backside.

In and out. Over and over. My cries muffled by his hand as he took me fiercely.

I gave myself over to him completely. I was a livewire searching out a grounding point. His harsh breaths whooshed in my ear as he pounded into me from fore and aft and I flopped in his arms.

My nipples ached.

My pussy throbbed.

My ass was being ripped open.

I'd never felt so raw and alive.

Suddenly that feeling was there again, like I desperately needed to pee. Only this time, when he demanded that I 'give him number five,' I didn't fight it.

I relaxed everything as he stilled against my back, his cock growing in my ass and then unloading his hot seed as I felt my cum spray out of me.

Together we slumped against the table...it was the last thing I remembered.


I woke up in a strange room, wearing a strange, yet very comfortable, cotton nightgown. Instinctively I started to stretch and my muscles screamed at me in protest, reminding me immediately of how they'd been worked.

Glancing at the nightstand, I noticed an unopened bottle of water sitting in a bucket of ice along with a tiny paper cup that held two pills. A note card sat between the two.


That, my Little Elf, was the best 'test scene' I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. Thank you.

I'm sure you are sore and tender in places so I have left you some pain pills...they are prescription strength, perks of being a doctor...so please only take them if you plan on going right back to sleep to await my return, which I sincerely hope you do...on both counts. Fuck, I'm rambling...

I was called into the shelter to treat a couple of new guests and expect to return in time for an early supper.

Anyways, please rest and/or make yourself at home. There are fresh linens in the loo and a change of clothes along with your purse are on the side chair. Food is in the kitchen if you are hungry.

Desperately hoping I'll see you tonight~


I set the card down with a big grin on my face. He was actually kind of adorable when he wasn't being an all knowing sex god. I reached over and grabbed the water and one of the pills, figuring I'd take one now then grab a shower and a bite to eat and then see how I felt before I took the second one.

After I finished off the icy water, which soothed my sore throat, I went over to grab the clothes. In doing so, I knocked my purse off and my cell phone fell out onto the floor.

Picking it up, I noticed I'd missed a call which I found odd...I had no family left that would be calling me on Christmas day.

As I listened to the message, the smile on my face exploded. I threw the phone on my bed and began squealing and jumping around the room, completely ignoring the anguished cries of my body.

"I take it you just got some good news?" his voice made me freeze in place.

"I thought your note said you'd be home later?" I threw back at him with a smile as I looked up and saw him leaning sexily against the doorframe.

"I wrote that note hours ago Bella...it is later. Now, what has you so giddy?" he quipped, a crooked smirk on his plump lips.

"Well, that was the Dean. He called to let me know that I was selected to receive the International Literary Scholarship. As long as I keep up my grades, and can find someone to host me," I looked at him pointedly as I said this, "the scholarship will cover my books and tuition for the next two years!"

His smile seemed guarded as he congratulated me. "Can I ask which school you'll be transferring to?" he whispered.

I straightened my back and slinked over to him, swaying my hips as I walked. His eyes darkened and he licked his lips. Once I reached him, I dropped to my knees and placed my hands on my thighs and then answered.

"University of London, Sir."

~The End~

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Teaser from Have Mercy:

I'm snickering to myself and shaking my head as the doors slide open with a soft whoosh, followed by my own whoosh as the air is knocked out of me. Instead of the gaggle of females I was expecting, it is only a man, a fine example of the male species granted, that steps into the car with a polite nod and a 'good evening' in my direction. I gave him a brief nod back.

He quickly turns from me, his neatly groomed finger stretching towards the button panel, hesitating and pulling back. I assume that means he is on my floor.

The doors silently close and the elevator moves up once again. I'm not sure why, but I allow my eyes to travel over his backside. Taking in his dark, neatly cut hair. Appreciating the tailored cut of his suit that accents his broad shoulders tapering down to a narrowed waist. Licking my lips as I eye the fullness of his ass and my mind conjures images of what I could do to that plumpness.

I squeeze my eyes shut as I internally chastise myself for looking at this stranger like a piece of fuckable meat. Who was I kidding? I'm sure he is here on business as his trophy wife and their two point five kids frolic in their front yard surrounded by a white picket fence…all while their show quality Labrador bounces around them.

Face it Whitlock, as long as you're in this business the only ass tapping you'll be doing is in your imagination.

I sigh and open my eyes, to find him staring at me from the other side of the car. I want to laugh at the pompous scarf around his neck, the satchel he has placed by shiny polished shoes…he's too fucking proper looking, not my type at all. But I feel something in the weight of his stare…hunger.

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EPOV Three months earlier…

The smooth sounds of Leonard Cohen filled the room as I laid back on my couch and let the high settle in. This was the life. Good beer. Good drugs. Good music. Who could ask for anything more?

True. I was supposed to be in class right now, but I could give a fuck.

As I opened my mouth to sing along to Everybody Knows, there was a loud rap on my door. Shit. Swiping my hand across my face to try to bring some feeling back to it, I sat up and looked at the spread on my coffee table.

My sleek as fuck bong.

The mirror dusted in white with the accompanying razor blade.

Several empty beer bottles.

Everybody knows that it's now or never…

With a groan I pulled myself off the couch and went to the door and opened it to find Carlisle standing there with a less than pleased look on his face. Here we go.

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