When you think it's over and you've done enough


You always have more to show

And more to give

When you think life is tough


That life is an art

And to master it

You need to learn how to live

-By SPHP20896

CHAPTER 1: Rose Weasley

Have you ever felt as if your life has hit a standstill?

As if someone just applied the brakes in your car and it's just stopped moving forward in this case the car is your life?

If you have not then you're just one of those lucky people.

But unfortunately I have felt like that and my name is Rose Weasley and I am not kidding, my life is not as clear-cut as most people make it out to be such as my best friend Lianna and my cousin Al.

People think I'm smart Rose Weasley who knows where her life is heading, determined to get she wants.

But really all that is just non sense, I have high expectations to live up to, of both my father and my mother.

Nobody has asked what I want in my life, it's always been "Rose will be this when she grows up" It's never been a choice I've been given.

Nobody cares about what my heart wants, who Iwant to date, or who I want to love.

I haven't told my parents that I am dating Scorpius Malfoy, for obvious reasons I must not have to explain. The Weasley-Malfoy grudge is a legendary one.

I lay there on my bed the seventeen-year old me, I was worried, what if my parents found out?

They would be very mad.

I don't why it's a big deal, my Dad likes Scorpius but I don't think he'll ever want to see me date him.

I love Dad, but I love Scorpius too.

I was desperately waiting to get back to Hogwarts so I could see Li and Scorp again.

Someone knocked on my door, I said absent-mindedly "Come in"

My brother's red-head appeared on the other side "Come for dinner Rose"

I sighed "I will Hugo"

He nodded and closed the door.

Hugo was a nice enough brother to have, like all boys in our family he was obsessed with Quidditch, was a ladies' man, enjoyed playing pranks and had a sarcastic sense of humor. He was tall like my Dad, had the same hair and nose, but he didn't have the freckles or the eyes, he had my Mum's intelligent brown eyes, and as that was said he was intelligent.

Me on the other hand had red bushy hair, my eyes were blue and I had the trade-mark freckles, but neither was I tall nor did I have the long nose.

I swung my legs over the side of the bed and walked to the door.

I walked silently into the dining room and took my seat at the table next to my brother who was busy going through an inconspicuous letter.

I asked "What's that?"

He jumped and stuffed the letter away, he blushed "It's just…you know…a letter"

I grinned "From?"

He rolled his eyes "When you know the answer why do you ask the question?"

I shrugged.

He asked quietly "Have you got any letters from…um…Scorpius?"

I whispered "Actually a few, but tomorrow I'll see him at the station"

Suddenly Mum asked "What is the little secret?"

I blushed; Hugo came to my rescue "Nothing Mum we were just discussing something that Lianna had told us to keep a secret"

Mum smiled.

She called "Ron! Come for dinner!"
We heard footsteps and my father appeared at the door grinning "Let's start on this food then"

My mother shook her head and sat down in her seat, she served dinner for all of us, and Dad told us about some random story from work.

Our family dinners were very talkative and we all had to pitch in, but I was very silent and my mother noticed she asked "Rosie is everything alright?"
I said "I was just thinking about Li's secret"

She asked "Is it something we should know? We can help her if she wants"

Dad added "Yeah, if it's something very important let us know Rose"

Hugo avoided looking at me he just continued to eat.

I said "No Dad, it's nothing great, Al and her had a disagreement"

I made a mental note to apologize to Lianna later.

Mum laughed "That's nothing to worry about, dear, your father and I have a lot of disagreements and we're still together, it's good to have arguments they increase the depth in the relationship, you know once…"

She told us some story about Dad and her.

I was honestly not in a mood for it.

After a dinner filled with forced smiles and silent eating, I retreated to my bedroom where I could breathe without worrying about my secret coming out.

I heard my mother knock and enter as I lay down to sleep that night.

She came and sat on the edge of my bed, she tucked a stray hair behind my ear "You'll be off to Hogwarts tomorrow"

I looked up at her and she continued "You've grown so much, you've become so beautiful, your father and I are proud of you Rose. And I want you to enjoy your last year at school, don't worry about the exams, just enjoy the year, I know that we have always had high expectations of you but really I have thought about it and I have come to a conclusion, it's your life, live it the way you want, whatever you do we'll support you but just always do the right thing and be happy. Never have regrets Rose, never have regrets"

She was crying, I sat up and hugged her "I will be happy Mum, I won't have regrets, promise"
I felt so happy she had said that, she was truly the best Mum in the world.

Lily and I had always fought about who's Mum was better and we'd end up not talking to each other for a day.

To her, Aunt Ginny was the best Mum, Al and James always agreed, but I realized later that everyone thinks their mother is the best and I couldn't blame my cousins for thinking their Mums were the best.

Mum pulled away and said "Good night Rosie, sleep well, tomorrow will be the beginning of something new"

I nodded "Good night Mum, I love you"

She smiled and kissed me on my fore-head "I love you too Rosie"

She got up and left the room after giving me another smile.

I slept very well for the first time in many nights that night.

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