Time flies by you

And you lose out

On precious seconds

And when you realize

It's too late

Chances come subtely

Not easily

And when you miss them

It leaves you guilty

You say you'll be ready

For the next chance

And you miss that one too

Every time you say next time

It's a tougher climb

The slope gets steeper

And the mist gets thicker

And before you know it

You've fallen down

And no one's there to help

Until a hand appears

And helps you up

The minute you stand

Your hands intertwined

The mist clears

The land's flat again

Walk on my friend

It's not yet the end

Every road has its bend

By SPHP20896


Weeks went by so fast and I had gotten ten letters from my parents already.

And all times I had avoided telling them.

Life had taken a new turn, a more cheerful turn indeed.

Classes went on just like they always went without much of a hassle.

Professors constantly emphasized on how important this year was for us and I couldn't help but feel like they were taking revenge for all the years we made fun of them, irritated them and angered them. But that was no reason to give us enough homework for two months to be done in a week.

Magically somehow Lianna managed to keep up with the speed. She amazed me, how did she do it?

While the rest of us struggled through the weeks trying to finish our homework she was relaxed and just cheerful unfazed by the staggering amount of parchment that she carried with her all around the castle.

One night I saw Al almost ripping his hair out while he tried to do a potion's essay. It was hilarious except he looked ready to butcher anything within a centimetre's radius so I kept my mouth tightly shut.

Al never found potions hard or any subject for that matter but obviously this was one essay he was having major problems with.

Lianna sauntered in looking as if she'd been out in the cold, all wrapped up in sweaters and what not.

She must've been to the Forbidden forest again.

She came over and said "Hey Rose, why does my boyfriend look murderous?"

Al said with gritted teeth "This bloody #&^*** potion's essay, that's why I'm so #$%*&&& murderous!"

Lianna looked a little shocked and I had never really heard Al swear like that before I said "Al, calm down"

"I bloody well cannot! Who in frigging hell cares about mother#*&*** moon stones?"

Lianna put her hand on his shoulder "Why aren't you able to do it, it's pretty easy?"

He glared at the text book as if it had done some great personal wrong to him "No where in this sodding useless pile of shit I call a textbook mentions anything about frigging moonstones!"

Lianna looked through the text book and a slow smile came over her lips "Al, you're searching the wrong textbook"
He forgot his anger for a second and asked "What?"

She showed him the cover, it said The uses of potions in the modern world- Emily Wilkins

I couldn't help but smile too, she placed the book on the table and crossed her arms waiting for an explanation from her boyfriend who was currently staring at the book blushing.

He looked up sheepish "Must've picked up the wrong book….."

He gave a shy smile Lianna raised an eyebrow "You missed the right book by a long shot Al, stop kidding where was your attention when you were picking out the book?"

Al blushed deep red "Actually…err….you see….Li…I was…sod it! You were there in the library at the time sitting there reading a book and you were next to this window and the wintry sunlight caught your hair wonderfully and you just looked so….divine, I just picked a random and made my way back"

Lianna looked amused, she pulled out her own essay from her bag and was about to hand it to him "Since you are so sweet, I'll let you take my essay"

Al reached out for it grinning and was about to take it when she suddenly held out of reach and said warningly "I trust you enough to know that you won't copy, just use it for reference, okay? I will read yours once it's done got it?"

Al grinned "You know me, I'm head boy and I'd never cheat off you Li"

Li gave it to him and said over her shoulder as she walked away "And don't you dare share it with Scorpius!"

Al laughed and shook his head.

Scorpius who had been sitting next to me doing his homework waiting for Al to show the essay to him cursed "Damn! Curse you Al!"

Al just shrugged "Tough luck mate"

Scorp began working on his essay nicely cheating off me the whole time.

Just then an owl tapped against the window Al moved to let it in.

I recognized it as our family owl Athena she flew in and showed me her leg as she perched on the table amongst the parchment.

Al cleared it up to make space for her.

She held out her leg dutifully, I took the two letters, one addressed to me and the other to Hugo in my Mum's slanted cursive.

Once I had gotten the letters I stroked Athena and said "Go back home Athena"
It seemed like she frowned she probably waited for a letter to deliver to my parents, but I shook my head "Not today Athena"
She flew away through the window, Al shut the window.

I turned around and my eyes scanned the common room for my brother he sat lounging with his friends in front of the fire talking most probably about Quidditch.

I called "Hugo!"

He looked up and asked "What?"

I shook a letter at him "Letter from home for you"

He sighed got up and took it and said "You got one?"

I nodded holding it up for him to see.

He nodded and said "Great, now I'm going to my friends to talk about the brilliant dive by James in the match against the Canons, honestly, how Dad can still support that disappointment of a Quidditch team even now is beyond me"

I was not a Quidditch inclined person, but Al and Scorp always had something to contribute.

Al said still writing, he always was a multi-tasker "At least we know he's loyal"

Scorp said "But seriously that team is so useless, they lost everything centuries ago"

Hugo said "Whenever I bring up Dad's infatuation with the Canons, he turns a horrible purple that doesn't make him look at all attractive, but Mum always laughs and says how cute he looks and they both get this look and….., talk about mental images, dear merlin! Should not have brought that up! I'm going before I scar myself any more"

He walked away.

Al seemed to be laughing and looked faintly embarrassed at the same time and Scorpius looked a bit like a beetroot with blond hair and grey eyes.

Al said "The thought of Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron going at it, no offense Rose is just….bad…I mean I know they're married and all but….it's not pleasant when you think about it"

Scorp laughed and I said "Whatever it's just as good as thinking of your parents"

Al blushed "Still it's a little less crazy and a little more imaginable than your parents"

"who said?"


"And what is your definition of everyone may I ask?"

Al looked lost for a moment before he said "Uhhh Scoprius!"
He said "Don't bring me into this Al"

I glared at him "But just so that we're clear what is your opinion on the matter?'

Scorp looked extremely taken aback "I prefer not answering…"

"You bloody well will Malfoy"

Scorp flinched and then mumbled "I think it's easier to deal with the thought of Mr. and Mrs. Potter"

I just glared at him and he slumped in his seat.

Al grinned "See I told you"

I turned to see Lianna heading over "Li! Is it easier to imagine my parents going at it or Al's parents?"

She looked shocked by the onslaught, Al gave her a wink, obviously being her boyfriend he would win.

She looked from me to Al, she said "Actually none of your parents going at it is imaginable, but just for the sake of answering your questions, it's easier to imagine the Potters"

I glared at her and Al stuck his tongues out at me.

Al said "In your face Rosie"

I said "Shut it Albie"
He hated being called that he said "Okay no need to pull that weapon"

I said "I'll pull out any weapon I want"

He looked amused "Is this the way you treat your favourite cousin?"

I glared "What made you ever get that idea?"

Though he was right

He said mock-offendedly "You hurt me Rosie"
I rolled my eyes "Get over it"
He just ruffled my hair "You still love me"

I let a smile slip and he smiled back "Knew it"

I just said "Git"
and got back to my essay.

I went up to the dorm and removed the letter.

I opened it leaning against my pillow, I unfolded the parchment and ran my eyes over it.

Dear Rose

I hope school was good for you this past week.

Well the Christmas holidays are coming closer and I was wondering if you were inviting Lianna to stay, I am sure both of you would like that.

Your father doesn't mind and it doesn't hurt that she can always floo over to the Potters when she wants to meet Al. They make such a cute couple don't you think?

Rose, do you like anyone?

I know it's not in my place to ask, but you have never ever talked about boys or expressed your feelings for them openly. If there's anything that's bothering you you can tell me and I promise it won't reach your father's ears unless you want it to.

Study well!
Write soon!

And your father sends his love.



I read and re-read the letter, and only snapped out of the reverie when Lianna shut the dormitory door loudly.

My head snapped up and she said apologetically "Sorry!"
She came over sat on my bed and said "Rose I have something to ask you?"
I put the letter away and said "Go ahead"

She seemed nervous she played with the edge of the covers of my bed, I asked "Li what is it?"

She looked up to meet my eyes "I want to invite Al to meet my family this Christmas"
My eyes widened "What? Li that's great!"

She smiled "Mum asked me to, anyway, there's something more, would you like to spend Christmas with my family?"

I couldn't believe it, in all the years we had spent together at Hogwarts it had always been me to invite her home never vice-versa.

I hugged her "I'd love that Li!"

She said "When you write to your Mum apologize that I am not coming over"

I nodded.

She disappeared smiling into the bathroom.

I got out some parchment and a quill.

I started writing

Dear Mum,

I read your letter, school's fine like always although we have loads of homework though I didn't expect any less considering that it's our NEWT year.

I know Christmas is coming soon and guess what Li invited me to go over to her place to spend the holidays along with her family, she also wants to invite Al so don't tell Aunt Ginny or Uncle Harry just yet, don't tell Dad either I'm sure he'll let it slip somewhere.

Anyway that's all for now.

By the way your dearest son is getting more Quidditch obsessed day by day more than he already is.

Love Rose

P.S. I love Scorpius, Scorpius Malfoy.

I read the letter again and folded it.

I knew Athena wouldn't have gone home, waiting for my response so I threw opened the window and whistled loudly, Athena came flying and perched on the sill.

She stood still blinking waiting for a command.

I smiled and saw that a letter was already tied to her leg, this meant Hugo had written back, I tied my letter to her leg and said "Take this to Mum, not to Dad"

She frowned or maybe I was just imagining it, I just nodded, she flew off and I watched her go taking a deep breath.

Whatever happened here on would only be based on truth.

I watched the moon against the night sky, and the breeze took over, but this time there was not a sound of guilt no warnings no pain just a faint heart beat that seemed to be as happy and free as I was.

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