1. Mea Culpa

There were two people in the world Sara didn't want to see right now: The first one was Ecklie. This man, this tiny little piece of…man…had split up their team. He had taken Warrick, Catherine and Nick away because he wasn't able to prove that Grissom made a mistake. A mistake he admitted in court because when he made a mistake he wasn't ashamed of it. Ecklie on the other hand was very – well he wasn't ashamed of what had happened but he knew how to take an opportunity. He wasn't making career by being talented. So when this little weasel couldn't get Grissom personally he tried it the other way around: he took away what Grissom valued most: his team.

The second person was sitting right at Sara's favorite table. The little table in the Italian restaurant that made the best vegetarian pizza in the whole city. The little table that was hidden behind a palm and a huge plant. Her little table. Conquered by Sofia Curtis, Ecklie's little pet and snitch.

Usually Sara would turn and walk away, ignoring the fact that she was hungry and forgot to made a reservation for her table. Today she was in a fight mode and didn't want to give up the only thing that could make her day. She wanted her pizza, she wanted it today and she wanted it on this table!

"What the hell are you doing here?"

Sofia looked surprised up. She hadn't noticed the angry brunette standing next to her until she talked to her.

"I'm in a restaurant, I want to eat."

"Why the hell here?"

"This place has the best pizza."

No point in arguing about this. "Can't you have your damn pizza at any other place? At least any other table?"

"What's your problem?"

"Not what, who. You."

"Sara, I've no idea what's wrong with you but obviously there are a lot of things wrong with you. You want this table? Want to eat here? Guess what, I won't leave this table. So if you want your food here you better shut the fuck up and join me or – which would be much better – go somewhere else."

"Before I share a table with you I won't eat anything at all." Sara turned and walked away. Sharing a table with Sofia Curtis. No way. Not even her table. The bitch who broke up the team. Help breaking it up. And she didn't even say she was sorry for this. Nothing. No 'I'm sorry' or – as Sofia pretend to be a smart woman – a 'Mea culpa'. Smug. Arrogant.

Sara looked around and found a table next to the toilets. Precious. First her table was gone and now the only free table was the one next to the toilet. Maybe she should just order her pizza and go home.

Sofia saw how Sara considered the table next to the toilet and went to the counter to order a pizza for take away. Good. She didn't want the brunette here. Every time she leant back and let her eyes run through the room she would the other woman otherwise. This crazy bitch. Did she think she owned the place? She wasn't the only one who was in a bad mood.

Ecklie had demoted her. She was acting supervisor, the one who was supposed to take over the place of the supervisor of swing shift if not even day shift. Now she was an ordinary CSI. Great. All she had done was her job, a damn good job. She had proved that Grissom did everything right, that he acted responsible and what did Ecklie? He punished her for…yes for being an asshole. It was obvious he saw the case as a chance to get Grissom out of the department, to distinguish himself as the man of the lab. She had taken this chance away by doing what she was supposed to do: do an honest and good job.

And now she was a CSI, worked night and had constant battles with a furious and crazy bitch. A bitch who even tried to make her life after work a nightmare. So Sara liked this restaurant, this table. Good for her. No reason for Sofia to leave. She was glad the brunette didn't take the offer – an offer Sofia didn't mean – and had dinner here with her. It was the best for both of them to be alone. They had to work together now. No need to spend private time together. Not with Sara Sidle. Not if Sofia had a choice.