Arlia opened her eyes. She had a strange feeling that she was forgetting something. Her thoughts lingered on the topic for a while until she remembered where she was.

'Train!' she thought.

She looked around and sure enough Train was no where to be seen. Shakily, Arlia got up and went to the window. She had fallen asleep when it was still pretty bright out, so that much time couldn't have passed by.

She was proven wrong by the pinkish orange sunset spreading across the skyline.

'It is already sunset!' Arlia though franticly, 'Where could Train have gone, that he is still not back? Could it be that he has left me to fend for myself?! Non! That cannot be!'

Again Arlia was proven wrong by a tap on her shoulder.

Arlia screamed and turned around, ready to defend herself if needed, only to see it was Train. She sighed in relief and relaxed her tense body. Train, on the other hand, was a little surprised.

"I honestly thought you were going to beat me to death, there, Arlia, with that look on your face," Train finally managed, with a goofy smile plastered onto his face.

Arlia immediately flushed such a shade of scarlet, even tomatoes would have burned with jealousy.

"I-I-I was j-just," she finally managed, stuttering , "I was just a-a little surprised, is all."

"Wow," Train said, wide eyed, "If that was just a little surprised, I wonder what happens when your really surprised, Arlia!"

'I wish I could go die in a hole'

Arlia stared at Train in disbelief. He was joking, yes? It couldn't be true!

"How much did they ask for?" she questioned in a small voice.

"…..." Train answered with silence.

'I-I want to go die in a hole!' Arlia thought frantically.

No one could blame Arlia for thinking this. How was the poor girl, let alone her equally (if not more) poor husband, supposed to produce four hundred-thousand dollars from?

"Hey, Arlia. I have an idea!" Train exclaimed.

Airlia looked up (from staring at the polished marble floor in desperation) at Train hopefully.

"Lets run." he said with a completely serious face.

Arlia blanched. But, then again, maybe it was a good idea! She was never going to get that type of money anytime soon. She would pay it off later, though!

"Al-alright." she replied, still white faced, "But why is it so expensive, Train?"

"Apparently they held and prepared the wedding…..Our wedding." Train said, scratching the back of his head nervously.


'I am going to go die in a hole.'

"Train *huff* is this really *huff* a good idea? *huff*" Arlia managed to pant out.

Currently, both Train and Arlia were running for they're lives from an angry mob demanding their money. How they got there, well, after everyone fell asleep Train decided it was time to sneak out. They used the window to climb out and a towns person saw them when they touched the ground. The towns person yelled and alerted the whole town, thus, they are now being chased by a angry mob.

"Just keep running! They'll get tired eventually." Train replied.

'Eventually,' Arlia though, 'But we have been running for a whole hour now! How are they not tired? How is Train not tired?!'

"I-I c-can't ru-un anym-more Train" Arlia choked out, slowing her pace.

Train tuned back a swept her off her feet, literally.

"Hold on, Arlia!"


Arlia was cut off when Train took off into the air. Then, she clutched Train like her life depended on it and squeezed her eyes shut.

"Arlia? You can let go now." she heard Train say.

Arlia opened her eyes and saw they were standing on a building, the angry crowd a distant echo below them. She looked up and saw Train staring off to the side for some reason. Was that a blush on his cheeks? No, it couldn't be.

Train cleared his throat, "Umm, uh...your, uh, s-skirt, A-Arlia.."

Arlia looked down and her eyes widened. She squeaked and stumbled/fell out of Trains arms, fixing her skirt. It had hitched up a little too high, exposing to the world what it really didn't need to see. For a minute there was nothing but awkward silence, both of them blushing. That is until they both realized the mob was making there way up the building.

"Train! There coming!"

Train nodded and picked Arlia up, carefully this time, and jumped right off the building. Train ran for a while, Arlia clutching his black dress shirt for dear life. That is, until Train happened across a very familiar car. Well, to be more precise, almost got hit by.

"Train! Is that you? Did I hit you? Who is that with you?" a voice asked, worried.

"Yes, it is Train, Sven. You did not hit him. It looks like that is Train's 'special friend.' And Train is wearing what he had on when we first meet him." a monotone voice replied instead.

"Princess! Seven!" Train exclaimed happily.

"Train," Arlia whimpered, tugging at Train's sleeve, "they are right behind us.."


"Train you had better give me an explanation on why I'm driving for my life when all this is over!" Sven shouted at Train, as her drove, well, for his life.

"I'll explain later, Sven, just drive! There gadding on us!" Train shouted back.

Arlia looked back. It was a wonder they lasted this long. She wondered how much longer the tiny blue car could go until they sleek black ones behind them caught up.

"Hello, i'm Eve." a monotone voice said.

Arlia whipped her head around to see a little girl with blonde hair and red eyes. Arlia smiled. Blonde hair, just like that person. Wait...who is that person? All of a sudden there was a burning white flash in front of Arlia's eyes. She heard herself scream, then all went black.