As the great dragon approached the city the smoke became clearer, somebody had attacked the citadel in their absence! The dragon landed lighting in a clearing not too far from the city and lowered them to the ground before flying off without even a hint of remorse for what was happening to the city, Arthur saw Robin frown.

He didn't spend too long dwelling on it however, the group rushed to the city to find it being attacked by what looked like a small army, normally a group of a few dozen couldn't bring down Camelot however these men and women were not using swords, they were using magic. Fire sprung from their hands, arrows stopped in mid air only to turn and kill their shooters, swords glowed bright with unnatural blue fire. It was a nightmare.

"We will cover you!" Leon yelled to Arthur, "Get to the citadel, whoever is behind this will be there!"

Arthur gave a nod and began to weave his way through the screaming crowds, he hoped his father was ok. He was surprised to see Robin running with his at his side, looking hardened and focused.

"What are the odds it Morgana?" He said in a slightly sarcastic voice as he dodges a fire ball.

"There is a slight possibility" Arthur agreed with the same amount of sarcasm.

Arthur swung his sword defensively at a blue glowing sword that shot his way, Robin quickly weaved around to his back in order to stop him being hit in his blind spot, it reminded Arthur of when he and Merlin fought the Knights of Medir. Now that he thought back to all those times he and Merlin had gone into battle he felt bad for not knighting Merlin. He was the only one of the men he didn't knight before they took Camelot back, he didn't even consider it, even though Merlin probably deserved it most.

The two burst into the halls which were mercifully empty, most of the enemy was outside fighting the knights of Camelot. The pair made their way to the council chambers with haste as usual they were locked, no problem. Arthur gave Robin a grin which he returned.

"For the love of Camelot!" They both roared and charged into he doors which burst open quite effectively with an explosion of dust.

As expected, Morgana was slouched on the throne, the king was tied to a stone pillar not far away, a nasty bruise forming on the side of his head where he had obviously been knocked out.

"Father!" Arthur cried horrified and he rushed to the kings side only to be hit by yet another invisible force and be sent sliding back towards the door much to his frustration.

"That trick is really getting old" Robin sighed, how he wasn't fazed by this after their last fight with Morgana Arthur couldn't understand.

"I thought this might get your attention, though I had hoped you'd of been killed by serkets by now" Morgana sighed, "How did you escape my chains?"

"You wouldn't believe us even if we wanted to tell you" Arthur replied.

"No matter" She sighed, "I guess I'll just get to enjoy killing you all over again"

The witch stood and took a few steps towards the pair, firing bolts of energy out her palms as she went, the two quickly dove to the ground. Arthur couldn't see Robin through the haze, he didn't have too long to worry however as soon Morgana's form cam through the thick dust, ball of fire spinning in her hand.

"Any last words?" She asked sweetly, Arthur gritted his teeth and gripped his sword hilt, he didn't have a chance with his sword, the fire would hit too fast but he had to try. Just as he had been about to raise it the fire in Morgana's palm snuffed out as easily as a candle in the wind, a pained look struck across he face, she took a few steps to the side before falling to the ground, gripping her back and side. Revealing a stone faced Robin, with a blood stained sword hanging from his hand.

"You should know better than to turn your back on a servant by now Morgana" He said cooly.

Arthur's eyes widened. The way Robin was standing, sword at his side, looking down at Morgana.

Sometimes the same bird can be mistaken for another, in the right light...

A Merlin and a Robin


Same bird different light


Merlin's magic!

"Merlin!" Arthur yelled, just as he suspected Robin turned to face him instinctually, Arthur smiled. And quickly stood up above Morgana who had regained her footing.

"You two can't beat me!" She screamed, sending all the glass in the windows smashing to the floor.

"I'd run while you still can" Merlin smiled mimicking Morgana's same lines to him underneath the crypt all those months ago, "Forbærne!"

Morgana quickly dove out of the fires way, "Does everybody in that bloody family have magic?" She cried frustrated. Arthur winked, Robin on the other hand began to shift, like his skin was made of water, his hair shot into his head, his eyes darkened until Merlin stood there just as before to the witches horror.

"Glamours, wonderful things don't you agree?" Merlin grinned, Arthur would of hugged him if they were not so busy fighting for Camelot.

"You!" She growled sending a bolt of lighting at Merlin which he quickly blocked, "Why do you always ruin everything!"

Another scream escaped her lips and with it a bolt of powerful instinctual magic, the line of pure glowing white energy heading straight for the princes heart. Arthur was vaguely aware of Merlin pushing him out of the way but it didn't register until he felt himself hit the ground and Merlin fly into the wooden door as Morgana once again disappeared.

Arthur was at Merlin's side in a second, the magic had struck his shoulder which was smoldering slightly but he was alive, and he was Merlin again.

"I've really got to find a way to counter that teleport spell" Merlin coughed only to find himself winded again by a hug from Arthur.

"You have so much explaining to do!" He yelled angrily, "Do you have any idea what you've put everybody through!"

"I've had to watch remember" Merlin added quietly.

"Don't you ever do that again Merlin!" Arthur laughed helping him to his feet, "ever".

Arthur couldn't believe it, Merlin was alive. He was so happy he couldn't even stay angry at him for what he did, he would have a good explanation. For some reason Arthur found both him and Merlin doubling over with laughter, he didn't know what he was laughing at but a feeling told him that Merlin didn't either. Eventually the other knights returned only to find their prince sitting on the floor, back to back with Merlin, still trying to get a hold of themselves.

Merlin was of course welcomed back with open arms. Morgana was still at large, but for some strange reason, nobody seemed to care.

Done! :) This story was pretty short, oh well, I'm planning an epic story at the moment, Stay tuned!