Suddenly the Prince tripped over when running on the wall and began to fall.

"Damn those feet," the Prince thought, "I've got no sand left and soon I've got no life left. Damn those feet."

"And one more thing," thought the Prince when he looked down, or in his case, looked up, "I really hate rusty nails."

The Prince crossed his arms and sighed.

After a while the Prince noticed that something strange was going on.

"Hey, I'm not falling." said the Prince outloud.

He looked up, or in his case, looked down.

A stick sticking out from the wall was stuck in his shoe!

"What a lucky man I am," grinned the Prince, and reached for the stick to use as a tool to get over to the adjacent platform...

Suddenly the stick let go of the shoe, and all the Prince could say was:


Luckily, the Prince lived once more, but he wasn't happy about the place he was in, because he was back in the room with no floor.

"Let's see... where should I go…?"

He made some random moves through the room for a while, when he suddenly had made it to the end of the room without thinking. The Prince was really impressed by himself. He felt happy now.

"Let's head for the next room," said the Prince with some kind of a strange hope in his mind.

The next room was a corridor, with a hole in the middle. This room wasn't that hard to get through, just have to jump over that hole.

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