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Chapter 7

The tiny brunette lies peacefully atop the large antique brass bed. Spelled into a deep slumber like sleeping beauty waiting for her prince charming to awaken her with true loves kiss. Soraya is so tiny that the soft white comforter looks as if it will swallow her whole.

The ancient vampire and his witch consort watch her with careful eyes. They have in their possession one of the purest humans in existence. Soraya herself has no idea just how special she is.

"She's a lovely thing isn't she?" Iris' thick Spanish accent laces her words seductively. Mikael has always been fond of the older witch. Even in her late-nineties she is still quite stunning thanks to her magical abilities. No gray mars the perfection of her ebony hair and no wrinkles taint the beauty of her smooth tan skin.

The Mexican brujiera is very talented and over the years before his entombment Mikael has trusted Iris' abilities above all others. The original vampire knows that if anyone can break the curse it will be Iris. Not even a Bennett witch can compare to the powerful lineage that Iris descends from. Hers is a magic that is old even before Esther's time.

"She is beautiful." Mikael keeps a keen eye on the sleeping girl as Iris sets about checking Soraya over.

"So much pureness is inside of her. It's rare to find one so blindingly light, such a shame to end her life so early." Iris mutters almost to herself as she smooths Soraya's caramel curls from her face.

"Well as they say…only the good die young." Mikael smirks slightly as Iris rolls her bright green eyes playfully.

"The wolf loves her too much. He won't let her die. I can see it clearly. You're going to have a problem with that one. And let's not forget about her kind as well. They'll come when they sense the danger she is in." Iris' green gaze falls on Mikael's indifferent expression.

He knows all too well what her kind is like. The original vampire may seem completely indifferent but there is a small bit of fear that has taken root deep inside him. Mikael knows that he must be very careful these next few days until the full moon.

"We'll deal with them when the time comes. Once the sacrifice is complete there is nothing they can do to stop what Esther has foretold." Mikael knows that everything happens for a reason. Soraya and Klaus were drawn together so that the curse can be broken.

The Spanish beauty nods her head but the same fear that has taken root in Mikael seems to have spread to the talented witch. She knows that nature always has a way of balancing everything, light and dark, good and evil. Soraya and her kind are pure good while Mikael and his are pure evil. When everything is said and done only one will come out on top.

Iris pushes aside her growing fears and concentrates on the task at hand. Iris is thorough with her inspection of Soraya's tiny form. The old witch is looking for a certain mark to prove that Soraya is the one they are looking for, the one that will end Mikael's quest for redemption.

"Nicklaus is not a problem. He's never been able to live up to his potential. The girl will die ending the curse. That is how it is meant to be." He says this as if he is trying to convince himself that this is the right path to take. Mikael is firm in his belief that Soraya's life will absolve him of his past sins.

"Aha…here it is. Silly girl almost covered it completely with her tattoo." Iris's sharp emerald eyes finds the small birth mark partially hidden beneath the black orchid tattooed on Soraya's hip.

"The mark hardly matters now. Nicklaus is taken with her for a reason. Her pureness radiates from her very soul. She is the one." Mikael leaves Iris to do what she must and makes his way to the spacious living room in Klaus' home he shares with Soraya.

Mikael looks at the pictures of his son and the pretty brunette that are displayed throughout the secluded house. The son he knows is hardly recognizable as the young man in the pictures. Mikael can hardly remember seeing Klaus smile so freely before.

Iris interrupts his inner musings. "She's resting for now. We still have seven days before the next full moon." Iris knows what Mikael has to do but is still unsure if it is the right thing to do. Soraya is so young and has barely lived her life.

"I trust you have what you need. I'll need to make sure Klaus and the rest of those foolish do-gooders are where they should be at." Mikael leaves just as swiftly as he appeared leaving Iris to take care of Soraya.

Damon's intense icy blue eyes widen at the ear-splitting scream emanating from deep within the dark woods. The eldest Salvatore brother knows that if anything happens to the girl Klaus will not be so forgiving this time around.

Klaus can feel deep down that something isn't right. Soraya is in more danger than the Scooby gang can cause. The slight hint of rosewood, a scent favored by Mikael sends a chill through Klaus. His father has no reason for taking Soraya other than to mess with him and Klaus knows that it will lead only to his love's untimely demise.

Damon and Klaus reach the small clearing heavy with the tangy copper smell of Soraya's blood. The sweet nectar scent clings to the air making Damon's mouth water. He's never smelled blood so sweet and enticing before. Damon can hardly understand how the hybrid can bear to stand so close to such a delectable smelling human.

Klaus looks about frantically hoping to find any hint of Soraya. The hybrid has never felt so out of control. He is usually the one calling the shots but now it seems that Mikael is several steps ahead of him.

"You have no idea what you've done by letting Mikael out of that tomb." Klaus grabs Damon by his collar roughly before tossing him into the thick truck of an ancient tree.

Damon stands and casually dusts the splinters of bark from his sleek black shirt. He is in no mood to deal with Klaus' tantrums. "Mikael is the least of my problems." Damon narrows his icy eyes and watches the hybrid closely. He's never seen Klaus so unhinged.

"You should be worried. All of you should." Elijah's smooth tenor fills the wide open space of the wooded clearing.

"Niklaus." Elijah casually walks his way towards his brother without sparing Damon a glance. Elijah is graceful as he moves about the clearing.

Klaus eyes his brother wearily. He knows that Elijah is one of the only few that can really get the upper hand against him.

"What do you know that I don't, Elijah?" Klaus is positive that Elijah wouldn't bother being here if he wasn't concerned about Mikael's plans. Their mutual disdain for the man who raised them is the only thing that they can agree on.

"Mikael is going to sacrifice your little human." Elijah watches as his brother's eyes darken to a dangerous shade of obsidian.

"You lie!" Klaus growls deeply. He's barely able to keep from shifting on the spot. His inner wolf is scratching on the surface begging to be released.

Damon is not sure what to make of the two supernatural brothers. The blue-eyed vamps' curiosity is peeked. Elijah obviously knows something that Klaus doesn't and that is a rear occurrence that Damon is savoring for the moment.

"You forget brother that you have always been the one to bend your words to suit your purposes." Elijah has always been honest to a fault, even when it would win him no friends.

Klaus shakes violently with his rising anger. He has little patience to deal with his brother and the Scooby gang. "I have no time for any of this. I need to find Soraya." Klaus is uncharacteristically desperate.

"If you don't find her before the full moon Mikael will use her to undo our mother's dark magic." Elijah may not like being a monster but he is not ready to end his immortal existence just yet.

Klaus stares down his brother intensely. His once bright cobalt eyes darken with his anger. Klaus lets out a humorless laugh. "That's impossible. Mikael would need a powerful witch and the blood of a Van Helsing and if memory serves me correctly they are extinct thanks to our father."

Damon is thoroughly confused. "Wait…isn't Van Helsing a fictional character?"

Elijah gives Damon a blank look, his stoic mask firmly in place. He sighs impatiently before recounting the story of the famed Vampire hunter.

"There is a real family the character from that foolish book is based on. The patriarch Abraham's life's work was to destroy vampires. He was also a brilliant doctor. He breed his offspring to be faster, stronger, agile…more capable of destroying vampires than regular humans." Elijah watches as Damon processes this new information.

Klaus pounds his fist on a large evergreen that shakes violently from the force of Klaus' hit. Damon still isn't quite sure what is going on. Damon circles the clearing trying to figure out the best way to get the Scooby gang from getting sucked into whatever Mikael has planned.

Klaus takes a deep breath to calm his rising anger. "It's not possible…she can't be one. They were hunted to extinction. Mikael saw to that."

"Not all of them were. A few managed to go into hiding and when a child is born the child is given to a trusted family to raise till the time comes for them to accept their birthright." Elijah knew the moment he saw Soraya that she was one of them. Over the years he has discovered that a small part of the Van Helsing line still exist. Knowing where they were kept him off their radar.

Elijah also knew his father would do anything to protect his family from the clan of Vampire hunters. If anyone was going to right the wrongs that Mikael had created with Ester's dark magic then it would be the original vampire himself.

It was only the universes way of balancing the scales by letting Van Helsing fashion a family of superior humans to deal with the Vampire infestation. Only pure goodness can battle pure evilness.

"Soraya is not one of them. She can't be a Van Helsing. I would have known." Klaus wasn't sure he could ever look at his love without seeing her with new eyes. Klaus knew deep down that Soraya was different from any being he ever encountered but he had no idea just how much power was running through her veins.

"She is and the others won't stand for Mikael using her for his mission of redemption. If I'm right they'll be arriving in a few days looking for answers and that is something that we don't want. A war with them, however few they are is not one we can win easily." Elijah dusts off some imaginary lint from his impeccable charcoal suit.

"So what you're saying is Daddy vamp has lost his mind and is bringing the wrath of a group of badass genetically enhanced vampire hunters down on all of us. Fan-fucking-tastic!" Damon glares fiercely at Elijah's stoic face.

Damon wonders when his family, and yes they maybe fucked up, Bonnie lights him on fire every chance she gets, but they are still the closest thing to family he has, will ever be out of danger that seems to follow the originals wherever they go.

"What are you planning brother?" Klaus can sense that Elijah has already put into action a plan of his own.

"We were brought into this as a family and we will deal with this as a family." Elijah signals to the inky darkness surrounding the small clearing. With matching smirks the rest of the original family appears. Rebekah, Finn and Kol stand-off to the side and enjoy the discomfort Damon feels at their presence.

Klaus uneasily watches each of his siblings. He can easily do this on his own but he knows nothing of the Van Helsing descendants and the help of his family would only ensure Soraya's safe return. She is and will always be the most important part of his life.

"Don't worry Nick…we're not here for you. None of us want Mikael to succeed. I guess we're all a little selfish that way." Rebekah, despite everything will always have a soft spot for Klaus. No matter how dysfunctional her family is, they will always be her family. Blood is thicker than water as the saying goes.

Damon is torn. A part of him wants to flee this clearing and gather up Elena and disappear into the night, but the other part of him is curious about these Vampire hunters that have the originals scared. Damon thinks that if he plays both sides well enough he could use this situation to his advantage.

"Are you with us?" Kol folds his arms across his chest and stares hard at Klaus. The two have never really seen eye to eye but he's willing to help Klaus if only to see this little human that has his brother whipped.

Klaus swallows roughly and looks to each of his siblings. "Yes." He knows that the only way to fight Mikael is to do it together. Despite being the big bad hybrid, Mikael can always make him feel like that boy who desperately wants his father's approval.

Elijah turns to Damon and the Salvatore brother already knows what he wants. "Fuck it…we're in too. Let's head to the boardinghouse and see what the rest of the Scooby Gang can help with."

The six vampires make their way back to the boardinghouse. It is there that Elijah will reveal his plan for defeating Mikael and getting Soraya back before the Van Helsing clan can get their hands on her. The young brunette is far more special than Klaus knows and Elijah intends to keep that secret from his brother.

Klaus is ill at ease with this tenuous alliance with his family and the Salvatores. The hybrid will do what he must to get his Soraya back, even if it means getting tangled into Elijah's plot against their father.

Klaus may be desperate but the hybrid is also smart. He knows that Elijah has an ulterior motive for helping save Soraya. What it is he hasn't quite figured out yet but Klaus has always been good at knowing all the angles of any situation and manipulating them to suit his purposes.

What Klaus doesn't know is that another group of supernaturals have their own plans for Soraya. Plans that could mean the end of life as he knows it, a life that Klaus once thought would be lonely and loveless until Soraya came crashing into his world.

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