Warnings: Eh, distortion of Swedish folklore and tradition? Oh, yeah, and Slash and Mature Contents and my bad mouth :P

A/N: In Sweden, we have a tradition every 13th December. It has many names, but the most common one is Lucia. It's a celebration, that I have based this fic on (big note – based on, this fic do not follow the tradition fully because a) my mind doesn't work that way, b) it would be boring and c) it's magic and Harry Potter and I want it to be this way) and in every chapter I will tell you a little about the real thing, just for fun. And so I don't misguide you into thinking that what is going to happen in this fic is actually Swedish tradition (even though that would be fun XD)

Anyway, I will (hopefully if nothing goes wrong) update this fic every day until Christmas and this fic is going to be 24 chapters, because in Sweden (I'm Swedish btw, if you haven't noticed :P) we celebrate Christmas on the 24th, not the 25th like most people do. Which is awesome, I mean I get to open my presents before you lot :P

And thanks to Matilda for supporting me and making me write this, and a giant Thank You(!) to Boze for saving me and being my beta! :D

So anyway, I hope you enjoy my crazy ideas ^^

Hark! through the darksome night

Sounds come a winging:

Lo! tis' the Queen of Light

Joyfully singing

Clad in her garment white

Wearing her crown of light

Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia!

– "Sankta Lucia" ("Santa Lucia"), English translation

The first of December was, in fact, a Thursday. It had snowed the night before, leaving a layer of white powder on the Hogwarts grounds, making it look like a winter wonder land. Or that's what most people thought, at least. Draco, himself, hated the winter. And the summer, autumn and spring also for that matter, but particularly the winter. It was cold, it was dark all the time, it snowed, it was cold, it was Christmas, it was – did he forget to mention that it was freezing? Not to mention all the blizzards that liked to show up when you finally decided to poke your nose outside.

No, Draco did not like winter.

Nor did he like Christmas. Sure, he liked to get presents, but he could get those any time. Nowadays he didn't even have to ask if he wanted something, he could just get it himself. No, he didn't like to celebrate Christmas. Because Christmas was a holiday for family, and somehow his own always failed to think of that. They would have a massive Yule Ball every year with hundreds of people and he would usually not see his parents much at all through the whole evening.

The ball might have been fun when he was five and when he and Pansy ran around and duckedunder the tables to hide and tickle peoples feet (that was fun) but now he was 18 years old and was expected to mingle as a proper host and so on. It really killed his Christmas-spirit ever year.

"Draco" a voice said, waking him up from his own thoughts.

"Yes?" he asked Theo, without moving from his spot in front of the window that faced the now buried path to Hagrid's little shack.

"We have to go to breakfast now if we don't want to shovel the food down our throats." Theo stated. Draco finally turned around, grabbed his bag that Theo held out for him, and the boys started their journey to the Great Hall.

Because of the fact that they were "eighth years", the headmistress had decided that they should all live in a place together in the castle. She claimed that all the students that had come back should not be separated, and that they should become one fifth House instead of Hufflepuffs, Gryffindors, Ravenclaws and Slytherins or some other crap like that. In reality it was because there wasn'tany room for them in their old dormitories now that there was a new set of first-years. So the eighth years were placed in an east tower, commonly known as the Eighth Year Tower since McGonagall had failed to come up with a House-name for them. And yes, they still walked around in their real Houses uniforms, thank Merlin.

And because there were only about thirty students or so that had returned, naturally they had all their classes together. Which meant, he had to see all the Gryffindors every. single. day.

If it had been up to him, he wouldn't have returned to Hogwarts at all. But his mother had insisted, almost threatening him.

Draco and Theo walked into the Great Hall and sat down at the Slytherin table. Draco was endlessly thankful that McGonagall hadn't put in a fifth table for the eighth years.

"Draco," a voice said behind him, just a he reached for a piece of toast, "Why did you leave without me?" Pansy hissed at him as she sat down next to him.

"I thought you had already left, love." he said, looking briefly at her before returning his attention to his breakfast.

"You know I won't go anywhere without you, Draco, why did you go without me?" Honestly, he hadn't given Pansy a single thought this morning, nor her overwhelming and irritating fear of going anywhere without him.

"I thought that maybe you should learn not to need me all the time, besides, why didn't you come down to breakfast with Millicent or Daphne? You share room with them after all." All the dorms in the tower had three beds, Draco and Theo shared their room with that irritating Ravenclaw Michael Corner, who really just slept in the room and wouldn't go near it any other part of the day if it wasn't absolutely necessary. Which meant that he carried around more stuff than Granger. It was quite a funny sight.

"Milli gets up too late, Daphne gets up too early, and you get up at the same time as I do – why can't I walk with you then?"

"Because you stay glued at my side for the rest of the day, making it barely possible for me to even go to the bathroom?"

"But I need you, Draco!" Pansy whined, making Daphne who was sitting across the table, look up.

"Not good enough for you, eh?" she said with a grin playing on her face. There were only five Slytherins that had returned for their eight year: Draco, Theo, Daphne, Millicent and let's not forget Pansy. Draco had tried to persuade Gregory to come too, but he had refused. Draco, knowing exactly how he felt, hadn't pushed the matter. But it still didn't mean that he didn't miss him.

"Shush, darling, you know I love you," Pansy said, waving her hand at Daphne, "But Draco is the one that I know will protect me best if someone comes for me." By "someone" she meant "Potter". Pansy was frightened to her death that Potter would like to take revenge on her after what she'd said at the day of the battle of Hogwarts. Not an irrational fear since many other students had tried to do just that, though thankfully there had always been a Slytherin around to help her.

"Look Pansy," Theo suddenly said, "if Potter hasn't done anything yet, it is not likely that he ever will. I mean, he has had half a year already to come and slaughter you, yet here you sit, all limbs still attached."

"Theo has a point, you know." Draco agreed.

"How would you know?" Pansy snapped, and Draco just looked pointedly at her. When she finally realized that she was in fact bordering on irrational she looked away.

"Right." Draco said before going back to his breakfast.

Their last class of the day was Charms, and Draco couldn't wait to get out of the freezing classroom. So he was more than just a bit pissed off when Flitwick said that they all had to stay in their seats when the lesson ended.

"The headmistress would like to say a few important things to you all, so please remain in your seats." he informed them, and right on cue, McGonagall entered the classroom, and took Flitwick's place in front of the class.

"I stand correct that none of you are familiar with the tradition and history of Santa Lucia?" she shot at them. The room was silent, not even Granger raised her hand answer that she in fact, knew what the hell McGonagall was talking about.

"As I thought." the headmistress said after a while. "The celebration of Santa Lucia takes place in the Muggle-world the 13th of December every year. In Sweden, where the tradition comes from, the night of the 13th is said to be the darkest night of the whole year, and that dark magical creatures are the most active then. To stop this, people usually dress up in white attires and name, most often, a girl to be Santa Lucia and preforms a ceremony where they sing Christmas carols to stop these dark powers to get loose.

"Santa Lucia is the key figure in this ceremony, and one to lead the rest of the group through the whole thing."

"Excuse me, but what has this got to do with us?" a Hufflepuff wanted to know, and as much as it pained Draco to admit it, she had a point.

"I was just getting to that, Miss Abbott, if you would be so kind to let me continue." McGonagall fixed stared at her before turning towards the whole class again. "You see, in some part, the Muggles are right. Dark powers grow stronger right then, and a ceremony must be held to prevent these powers from getting loose in the world.

"Now, I'm telling you this because you are the ones who will have to perform this ceremony."

Most students just gaped at McGonagall, some looked mildly excited as if it would be fun and some said what everyone was thinking; "What?". Suddenly there were a lot of voices in the room, protesting and asking questions.

"Quiet!" McGonagall demanded and the voices died down. "According to tradition it is the seventh year students that are the ones to perform this ceremony, but due to the circumstances surrounding last year, we were prevented from going through with the ceremony."

It felt like something died a little at the mentioning of the war, and the room became a bit too quiet.

"But, shouldn't the seventh years do this ceremony now, then?" Granger suddenly asked.

"A good question, but no." McGonagall said. "It was you-" she said looking over the class, meaning every one of them "-that should have done it last year, but since you didn't, you have to do it this year instead."

"But doesn't that mean that those who are seventh years now have to come back next year and do the ceremony?"

"No, because of this there will be a displacement, and next year the current sixth-years will do it, as usual.

"Anyhow, the ceremony usually is quite easy, the year gathers in a lusse watch the night ofthe 13th and sing the songs that are required to drive the dark forces away. A student will be named Lucia, and he or she will be the one that leads the ceremony. Another student will be named Staffan, and it is his or her task to watch over Lucia and be her guard.

"But this year, it's going to much harder, since the dark is going to be much more powerful than usual, because there ceremony wasn't preformed last year and these dark powers have had time grow even stronger. The ceremony will be held in the Great Hall in the morning of the 13th."

"Excuse me professor, but how do we know that that's the way to combat these dark powers?" Granger asked.

"Because it has happened before that the dark was unusually powerful and like the Muggles do, you then have to sing in front of an audience."

"Wait! We have to sing?" some student asked.

"I believe I said so, Mr Finch-Fletchley"

"But like, in front of people?" Some boys nodded with Finch-Fletchley.

"Yes." McGonagall said in a stern voice. "And attendance is mandatory."

"I don't get one thing though." Draco suddenly said, and the whole class turned towards him, Pansy hissed beside him, but he ignored her and focused on McGonagall. "Why are you telling us this now, when you have had the whole year to do so?"

"Because according to tradition, I am only allowed to speak to you about it on the first of December when the Lucia and Staffan is chosen." she said but nodded at him anyway as to tell him it was in fact a good question. So Draco continued.

"And how exactly are this Lucia and Staffan chosen?"

"Lucia and Staffan will be chosen in the same manner as the TriWizard champions were chosen. Everybody else will be so called 'tärnor' and 'star boys', that will form the rest of the choir to the ceremony and follow Lucia. I must ask you to write your name down on a piece of parchment and then put it here in this goblet." she said, and pulled up a little goblet Draco hadn't seen her walk in with and placed it on Flitwick's desk. It was a lot more smaller than the one used in the Tri Wizard Tournament, and the flame was less intensive.

Quickly, Draco wrote down his name and stood up to walk to the goblet, thinking that this was insane and weird on all kinds of levels.

"Will you take mine too?" Pansy asked hopefully and held out her parchment with her name neatly written on it.

"Sure" he smiled and walked to stand with Theo, in the line forming in front of the goblet.

Draco watched as Potter looked painfully at the goblet before handing it his name and going back to his seat with Weasel.

It didn't take long for Theo and Draco to reach the goblet and throw their names into the flames. Draco saw how Theo also threw in two other names as well, undoubtedly Millie's and Daphne's, before they headed back to their seats in the back of the classroom.

"Who do you think is going to be chosen, Draco?" Millicent asked as soon as he sat down.

"Probably some happy-go-lucky girl and Potter" he said, smirking.

"That would be just typical, wouldn't it? For Potter to be chosen, I mean." Daphne said.

"Yes, and if he could, he probably would have that girlfriend of his as Lucia" Pansy snickered.

"I guess he has to go with Granger" Draco smirked.

"Lucia..." Theo trailed off, "It must come from lux."

"What?" Daphne asked bewildered.

"Lux. It's the Latin word for light."

"Theo, darling, why do you even know stuff like that?" Pansy said.

"It's just something I picked up." Theo snapped defensively. Really, Theo was like a walking library, he knew the most unusable things; such as Latin phrases and words that had nothing to do with spells and such.

"O-kay..." Draco said and then turned around to look at McGonagall who was calling to get everybody's attention.

"Now, the goblet will first chose Staffan, who will be the guardian of Lucia, and defend her if needed." the headmistress said and then turned to look at the goblet whose flames happened to change into a purple colour just then.

A little piece of parchment flew up in the air and everybody's eyes followed it as McGonagall reached for it.

"Harry Potter!" she called out, and Draco's eyes snapped to said Gryffindor who banged his head on his desk, not looking happy at all.

"You were so right about Potter, Draco." Pansy whispered in amusement in his ear.

"Now it's only up to find who the unlucky girl is." he whispered back to her, and then looked back at the goblet.

Out of the flames a little burned piece of parchment shot up in ceiling, before it started to fall down as if in slow motion.

He did not know why, but Draco's heart hammered against his chest – hard, and he held his breath as McGonagall's hand took the parchment.

"Draco Malfoy!"