A/N: Well here we go, folks. This idea would NOT LEAVE ME ALONE, so here it is for better or worse. This is, as stated in the description, a crossover of Kingdom Hearts and Wolf's Rain.

I know what you are all thinking. WHY THE HECK AM I STARTING A NEW FIC WHEN "THE PRICE" IS GETTING GOOD? well my answer is this….I just love to torture you guys MUHUHAHAHA. Actually, The Price WILL still be updated but I'm catching up to the end of the handwritten part, so I put it on hold for a bit. NOT VERY LONG chapter 13 should be up in a week so no worries folks, I haven't forgotten it! Meanwhile sit back and enjoy this small intermission, and DO have fun!


He lay on the ground shivering and gasping. The cruel people were gone but he felt eyes on him-Lots of eyes.

He was too weak to move, too dizzy to rise. All he could do was hope that those eyes would get bored and go away.

Darkness overtook him as a white blur walked his way. The last thought he had before slipping into unconsciousness was:

'Well, here we go'.


"Hey Kiba! What 'is' it?"

"Duh halfpint, he's obviously the same as YOU, a 'pet!'"

"Tsume, come on! He's obviously no one's pet. Not even Blue's old man would be this cruel to one of us."

A snout dug into his shoulder, then into his bruised and cracked ribs.

"Well, he's alive at least. We can't leave him here. If the humans don't find him, Darcia will. Toboe, you and Hige get him to the den. Tsume, come with me. we need supplies."


"Hey, hey Calm down!"

"Where am I? Who are you? WHAT am I?"

"Just relax and take it slow. Let me get those ropes off you. There you go, that's better isnt it? I'm Blue. What's your name?"

"Thanks. My name is Kairi. Nice to meet you, Blue."