something I'm writing mainly for my sister who is a huge fan of the song the 12 pains of christmas as a result each chapter will be based on one event that happens in the song and as there are 24 days and 12 pains I'll aim to post one chapter every second day. The ones who are suffering in this story are the characters from Sonic and the Black Knight. Hope you enjoy and all reviews are welcome ^^

Sonic had had an ingenuous plan... at least that what he'd thought. Now however as he watched Gawain charge at a tree with a sword it was safe to say he was suffering second thoughts, seems Camelot wasn't really for Christmas!

"Gawain no!" Lamorak cried causing the knight to halt; finally someone had realised they needed an axe.

Their newly crowned king sighed in relief until the emerald hawk pointed to another pine

"That tree is much more majestic"

Scoffing followed and Lancelot scowled at the choice "that tree is too small for our purpose! We shall be shamed should return with such a meagre offering"

"This one may serve you better father!" Galahad grinned playful as he pointed to a monstrous tree that that seemed to touch the sky

A graceful figure dropped from the branches of a nearby pine and the amber eyes of Sir Percival surveyed the selection "Lancelot is right brother you're choice is too small however Galahad your choice is far too large; we shall never get it back to the castle and certainly not for Yule!"

As the five stared to debate amongst themselves as to which tree to take Sonic groaned; it would be a long day. Tree hunting with his knights was an event never to be repeated but perhaps another tradition would work better...