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"So where's Lancelot?" the king muttered

Gawain frowned "well about that..."

Two hours earlier...

"I cannot believe the king is making us carry tables from the castle to the city wall" Lamorak grunted.

A smirk flashed across Lancelot's muzzle "we wouldn't have to if you hadn't agreed to the monstrous tree"

As the pair dropped the table onto the grass the glanced up to find Galahad and Gawain watching them with amusement.

"Well that solves where all the tables are coming from" Gawain laughed

Gold eyes blinked at the pair and their owner grinned happily "this is much more fun than training don't you think father?"

Instead Lamorak answered "I think not... even sparring with Lancelot causes me less pain than moving tables"

The knight in question nodded his agreement.

Frowning Galahad continued "there's a feast"

Lancelot scowled "there is one at the castle on a weekly basis"

"Jousting?" the silver knight offered

"Boring" Lamorak mused

"The king says everyone has to sing tonight" muttered Galahad

Ruby and ice blue eyes widened and moved to meet each other "Sing?"

Trembling in fury Lamorak turned on the youngest knight "the king wants the knights of the round table to sing?"

Slowly Galahad nodded.

Lamorak scowled "well there goes our reputation"

The fairies in the tree flickered and faded.

Growling Gawain turned to make a remark but Galahad cut him off

"Remember last time"

Sensing an opportunity Lancelot scowled in mock irritation "I'll go and talk with them"

A frown spread across the king's face "that still doesn't tell me where he is"

Gawain rolled his violet eyes "Lancelot is still in the tree Sire and he won't come down"

Emerald eyes glanced upwards "Lancelot?"

A pair of ruby eyes glanced down before their owner disappeared again.

"Fine" Sonic yelled "stay up there"

The azure hedgehog turned round to a tap on the back to find a villager holding out his sword; inwardly groaning he gave a fake smile and accepted the 'gift'.

"I can't believe you let them take me again!" hissed the sword.

Sonic rolled his eyes "don't sulk Caliburn, we have work to do"

Surprised the sword fell silent for a moment "we do?"

"Of course" and evil smirk flickered on the hedgehog's face "we have to collect taxes and give out cards... which I expect you to read every word of"

And without another word the king and his protesting blade set off.

Percival who had arrived with the king frowned "what do we do now?"

"Easy we sing!" Cried Lamorak

Frowning Gawain turned to the hawk "I thought you hated singing"

"I do" the hawk grinned widely "but the king gave me seven bags of candy and I ate four of them"

Galahad and Gawain shared a concerned look as Lamorak passed out a song sheet.

From his tree perch Lancelot scowled and snarled; an off key and out of time rendition of some Christmas song about bells and horses reached his ears. Lamorak was practically screeching the words. Furiously ruby eyes tracked the movement s of the one who was the cause of all his suffering the last few weeks. The blue hedgehog moved swiftly round the gathering villagers, blissfully unaware of the fiery gaze that held him. Silence arrived and Lancelot sighed in relief until the second song began this time with the king playfully singing the wrong words. It would be a long night for the black and red hedgehog. How he hated singing.

"Father it's Christmas day!" Galahad yelled at the tree.

Lazily two ruby eyes moved to met the gold gaze "I refuse to leave after the abomination of your singing Galahad"

The younger knight smirked slightly as he had an idea "Father, mother has gone as she felt you were being ungrateful for her presence and grandfather left with her"

In a moment Lancelot stood by his son "you should have told me that sooner"

Happily Galahad fell into step with the other hedgehog "King Sonic brought us a game. In it there is a creature that looks like me called Silver, a hedgehog that looks like you called Shadow and Sonic himself and a purple cat called Blaze and an echidna called knuckles with violet eyes... there's also a big fat man in red with a big moustache and strange toys that our doubles seem to enjoy ruining father"

A frown crossed the tanned muzzle of Lancelot "you're telling me that at Christmas creatures who look like us are visited by a fat man in red with lots of facial hair who brings them things to amuse themselves with?"

... "and that's why Santa looks the way he does" Sonic concluded to his watching friends

"Sonic that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard" Amy's hands rested on her hips

Slowly silver got to his feet "I know things can be twisted through time Sonic, I've experienced it, but there's no way some knights who look like us created Santa from Doctor Eggman!"

Sonic blinked in surprise "what are actually doing here Silver?"

The white hedgehog frowned "Amy invited me to stay the holidays"

"I invited Shadow too" the pink hedgehog scowled "come boys were going to leave this liar alone to cool off"

Smirking the black and red hedgehog jumped to his feet and sped off.

Cream frowned and yawned "It was a nice story Mr Sonic but I need to go home now"

Desperately Sonic turned to Tails for support "you believe me right little buddy?"

"I don't know Sonic" the young fox frowned "there are lots of other plausible explanations for why Santa looks the way he does"

The blue hedgehog sighed "they never believe me about the world of the book... just because they weren't there its untrue. The werehog was real!"

Sorry couldn't resit mocking the Black Knight ending with no-one believing Sonic... it just seemed fitting.