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Chapter 1


I took a pause from cutting down monsters, and took a swig of nectar from the canteen. So far, me, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Leo, Frank, Hazel, Nico, Thalia and the hunters had managed to wipe out most of the monster army that had gathered at the base of Mt. Olympus. The Olympus in Greece that is, not on top of the Empire State Building. The reason why Gaea and Porphyrion had summoned their forces here is because Greece is the roots of the gods, if destroyed, they'd fade permanently. And we can't let that happen. " Percy, watch it, behind you"! Thalia yelled. I whirled, slashing automatically, cutting an Earthborn clean in half. I cursed. Even though we had closed the Doors of Death, and freed Thanatos, Gaea somehow was still able to resurrect monster at anytime and anywhere.

"Thanks Thals, I owe you one" I said

"Pffft, only one? You owe me a lot more than that, Kelp Head"! said Thalia.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. Ok, fine, we'll settle it after we kill Leon and that Porpoise dude, alright" I said

"Fine, don't you dare forget or I'll shock you around the world" Thalia said.

"Haha, as if you can get close enough to touch me" I smirked.

Thalia opened her mouth, probably to give a rude retort, when Annabeth interrupted us and said to fight now and talk later.

"She's got a point" said Piper

We grouped together, keeping an eye out for any more monsters exploding out of the ground. There was a yell, and an explosion of lightning, we turned to see Jason and his father, Zeus, standing victoriously over Leon, who was beginning to disintegrate. Porphyrion turned, and gave a yell of fury, He raised a hand and fired a bolt of magic at Zeus, it slammed into him and he went toppling. Then a wall of force slammed into the other Olympians who were keeping him busy, and they scattered. We looked up to see him towering over Jason, who was exhausted, and then he raised his spear, ready to impale him.

"NO!" I roared, I concentrated and sent a wall of water from the river to wash over and pull Jason to us. Porphyrion's spear landed right after I swept him in.

"Ack, bleh, prfff" Jason mumbled "Thanks Percy, I'm sooo tired" Then he passed out.

"At least we got one less giant to worry about" I replied, trying to sound upbeat. Things were looking pretty gloomy. The gods were scattered and we were all worn out. Porphyrion overheard and boomed a laugh. " Do you think you puny demigods can defeat me? I am at full strength, unstoppable, invincible! Look how weak the gods are! Do you think you stand a chance?" he said. That made me really mad. "Oh yeah? If we're so weak, then why do you hide behind those monsters like a pathetic coward! Fight me then! I challenge you directly to a battle!" I yelled back. "I do not have time to deal with you, weakling, as much as I would like to kill you. I need to get rid of the gods, so I can pull their poisoned roots up. I'll let my little helpers kill you instead" he said evilly. Uh oh. Suddenly, all around us, at least 500 hundred Earthborn flew out of the ground. "Annabeth, go invisible, take out as many as you can, I got point, Thalia, you know what to do, Piper, charmspeak as many of them please, Leo, burn the ones that Piper charmspeaks, Frank, whatever animal, preferably an elephant or something, and Nico, Hazel, see if you can crack the ground open and cause a few of them to fall in? We have to protect Jason at all costs".

"Don't worry, I'm on it, Seaweed Brain" Annabeth said as she slipped on her Yankees cap. "Hey, don't I get a kiss first?" I asked. Silence. I sighed.

"I think we're beginning to know each other too well, Perce" Thalia said. She gave me a grin and slapped her bracelet. It instantly transformed into Aegis, the head of Medusa was so bad to look at that a whole group of Earthborns cowered. Piper was already charmspeaking them, and Leo was grinning like crazy, fire coated hammers bashing away at Earthborn heads. Frank had turned into a massive grizzly and was smashing Earthborns left and right. Nico and Hazel were holding hands, eyes closed and suddenly, a wall of rock surrounded Jason, and a deep crack appeared in a circle around it. Basically keeping Jason safe in a fortress. I was about to charge the Earthborns with Thalia when I heard a scream, a yell, and a booming laugh. I whirled, to see Artemis had gone too close to the ground, and Gaea was holding her in a vice like grip. Apollo was trying to pull her out but to no avail and Porphyrion was laughing. "Well, the first immortal blood in this war eh?" Suddenly, his spear tip glowed white hot, and the air crackled, as a huge ball of lightning formed. "Have fun in Tartarus Artemis!" Porphyrion laughed and then he threw it straight at Artemis.


I was stealthily hacking and stabbing Earthborns and other types of monsters when I heard someone yell 'No!'. I slashed the arms off the last Earthborn in front of me, and turned around, expecting something to hit me. Then I saw Artemis stuck on the ground, Porphyrion laughing, when something shot past me so fast, I barely saw it. Then I was drenched and I knew it was Percy. I watched in horror as Porphyrion summoned a ball of lightning on his spear tip and throw it at Artemis when Percy slammed into her, tossing her into the air just as the bolt hit Percy. I screamed as I saw him fly backwards and slam into the mountain with a ground shaking crash, tears running down my face. "Percy!" I screamed, and I noticed that everyone else was staring at the crater on the side of the mountain in shock. I then realized that the monsters were gone. I looked around and saw deep cracks in the ground, while a sweaty and pale looking Nico and Hazel were looking dumbfounded. Even Porphyrion had a surprised look on his face, and he too was staring at the crater. "Percy…" I said, and then something hit me hard on the back of the head, and I blacked out.


Since everyone was attacking Porphyrion from above, I decided to try attacking from below, maybe I could hit him under his guard. I flew down, and the next thing I knew, my body was instantly wrapped in a hand made of dirt, and what made it worse was that I could feel it draining my strength, preventing me from escaping. I cursed Gaea and tried to move but I found myself paralyzed. Apollo, stupid brother he is, tried to pull me up, but Gaea just pulled tightened her grip on me and raised a hand to capture Apollo. I told him to let go, or else he'd be trapped too. He reluctantly let go. Gaea turned her hand, so that I was looking straight at Porphyrion, or more specifically, his spear tip. He laughed, and said some worthless things, and I could only watch in horror as he summoned a massive ball of lightning that would have made my father jealous. When he was about to throw it, I closed my eyes, and braced myself for impact. And I did get hit. Just not on my front, but my side. That something slammed into me like Hephaestus smashing his hammer on a piece of metal, with so much force that I was ripped free of the hand. As I went flying, I opened my eyes to see what hit me, and saw a mass of messy black hair, a glowing bronze sword, and piercing green eyes. It was Perseus Jackson. Saving my life. Again.

How many times do I have to be saved by this bo-man? I thought. First was taking the sky for me, then defeating Kronos and defending our thrones. Now was taking the bolt for me. Perseus Jackson intrigued me. He was so different from all other men, selfless, always thinking about others, very kinda, carefree, and loyal to a fault. I would never admit it, but I had already developed some feelings for him, even though I did my best to bury it deep. Besides, he already has a girlfriend. Wait, why do I even care if he's got a girlfriend or not? I was shaken out of my thoughts by a ground shaking boom (lol) and I stared in shock at the crater in at the base of the mountain and the piles of rocks that now buried Percy. I realized that Apollo was holding onto me, healing my cuts, even though it cost him energy. I wrenched my arm away, "There is no way he could have survived that" I whispered sadly, a tear unconsciously rolling down my face. Those words had barely left my mouth when the rocks exploded with the force of a bomb.

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