Chapter 7

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Triton stared at Percy in pure shock, utterly confused. "W-w-what…h-how?" He stuttered. Percy smirked. He raised a hand and gave a flick of his wrist. Instantly, all of the gods stepped out of the circle, making a phalanx formation with Percy at the point, although there was a respectable amount of distance between Percy and the others, due to the fact that Percy was on fire. And the heat emanating from him palpable, far hotter than any normal mortal fire.

"Poseidon! Um, this isn't what you, um, uh…" Amphitrite trailed off.

"F-father, um, I-" Triton began but was forcefully cut off.

"Shut up! I am ashamed to have such a nasty son and wife. I should kill you and throw you into Tartarus!" Poseidon roared.

"You-you can't, I'm your son! Your blood!" Triton pleaded.

"Yes, dearie, you can't kill him-" Amphitrite began but Poseidon flicked his hand and she went flying, slamming into Hera's throne. She struggled up, looking at him in shock.

Poseidon gave her a cold look. "You are no longer my wife. And I think Hera would agree." He said in a icy tone.

Hera nodded. "I declare this marriage nulled and void, because of the outrageous actions Amphitrite has done to Poseidon."

There was a brief flash, and Amphitrite's crown disappeared. She whimpered. "Please, you can't kill Triton. You can't. It's not honourable, to kill your own son. " She whispered.

Poseidon glared at her. "Perhaps. Very well, I will not kill Triton." At this, Triton began bowing and groveling, saying "Thank you" over and over again.

"But that does not mean I will stop my only true son, Percy, from killing you, Triton." Poseidon finished.

Triton's jaw dropped. Then he recovered, and boasted. "You think I'm afraid of that weakling demigod? You disown me and take a weakling as a real son? I'll you show you what you lost, Father." He spat.

Percy stepped forward and drew Riptide, drawing the second one out of the first. "It will be my pleasure to fight you, Triton" Percy hissed, flames dripping from his twin swords as he crouched slightly, in a completely unorthodox fighting style.

Triton's eyes widened slightly, but he summoned a wall of water from within and hurled it at Percy. Percy merely raised an eyebrow and stared at the wall, stopping it in midair. Triton raised his hands and pushed, causing the water to inch towards Percy. Percy knew that in a contest of water control, Triton would win since he was a god, so Percy did the other. He raised both of his swords and pointed them at the wall, spewing flames so hot that the water instantly evaporated.

Triton was shocked while Percy smirked. "Seriously, Prince of the Sea, is that the best you can do?" Percy taunted.

Triton let out an angry growl. "I'll show you real power, scumbag!" He roared. Triton stretched out his hand and a ball of white light appeared. When the light dissipated, he held his trumpet. He put it to his lips.

"The same way your damn mother and stupid step-father died, boy" Triton sneered as he blew a powerful blast of force that sped towards Percy. Bad idea. The instant Triton mentioned his mother, the flames boiled around Percy as he charged straight at the ball of force. He did a somersault over the attack and landed right in front of Triton, cross cutting so fast that four deep gashes appeared on Triton's chest, ripping through the armour as if it were paper thanks to his sword's flames. Triton screamed in pain as he transformed his trumpet into a sword and raised it in an attempt to defend himself.

Holding both of his swords parallel to each other, Percy whipped himself into a 360, smashing both of his swords straight into Triton's sword with a scream of metal. Triton staggered, and attempted to go on the offensive, but was batted aside from the speed Percy was attacking. He retreated steadily, while Percy ruthlessly pounded him with punishing blows, sparks and golden blood flying as Riptide bit deep into armour and flesh. Percy began doing his best and most powerful stance. The 360. Both of his Riptide's flew around him at such speed that the flames on his sword created beautiful yet creepy trails in the air, surrounding the two gladiators in a angry green tornado.

Triton knew that he wouldn't last much longer, what with so many cuts on his body, so he let loose all of his power in a single wave of force. It slammed into Percy, throwing him backwards 100 meters to crash painfully into the ground. But Percy seemed oblivious to the pain, since he leapt straight up and summoned balls of fire before throwing them at high speed towards Triton. Triton screamed as each one found its mark, despite being a Son of Poseidon, with enhanced heat resistance, the green fire hurt a lot.

With 100 meters between him and Triton, Percy decided to do a aerial strike that contained a lot of power in one strike. He sprinted and leapt high into the air, both of his swords raised above him. Triton saw him in the air and desperately raised his sword in the hopes of blocking the attack. No such luck. Percy's twin swords slammed into Triton's sword with a explosion of green fire. Triton's sword shattered as it hit, Riptide continuing its path of destruction, crushing Triton's collarbone as they bit deep into his body.

Triton gave a hoarse scream at the pain, almost blacking out. He looked into Percy's flame filled eyes of hate, and pleaded.

"Please, have mercy, don't kill me." He whispered.

Percy stood above Triton, his swords still sheathed in Triton's body. He lifted his foot and kicked Triton off, smashing his jaw as he did so. Triton's limp body skittered backwards, leaving a thick trail of golden ichor. He turned and looked at the assembled Olympians who had watched over the battle with a mix of shock, awe, and fear. All of them gazed at Triton with slight expressions of slight pity. Artemis and Poseidon were the only ones who looked at Triton with pure hate, without the slightest bit of pity.

"He deserves things worse than death, boy" Artemis said Percy's mind.

"I agree." Poseidon said, also in his mind.

Percy nodded. He walked over to Triton and flipped him over with his foot.

"I'm not going to kill you yet Triton. No, I'm going to have some fun." Percy said nastily.

Artemis and Poseidon shared a look. Maybe we should've let Percy kill him after all… Poseidon spoke dryly in Artemis's mind.

No. That stupid fool deserves what's coming. Artemis responded.

Percy raised his hand, covering it in green flames. He bent down and hauled Triton up by his throat, ignoring Triton's strangled screams of pain as the flames burned him. He hauled him up and propped him against the wall.

"Lady Demeter, I require a board of wood, large enough to hold his entire frame with his arms stretched out in vertical line." Percy said politely.

Demeter nodded and snapped her fingers, a large wooden board appeared next to Percy, propped against the wall.

Percy smiled. "Thank you."

He dragged Triton over and leaned him against the board. He stretched Triton's right arm out and took out his dagger, slamming it into his forearm, punching through bone, flesh and straight through the room. Triton gave a scream, struggling to wrench himself free. Percy punched him in the stomach, silencing him. Then he stretched his left arm out, and took out two throwing knives and slammed it right through his arm, punching straight through the wood. He let go of Triton, letting him hang with the knives holding him in place. Triton looked at Percy with weary, pain-filled eyes, silently begging him to stop.

Percy ignored it and took out a flask of nectar, wrenching Triton's mouth open and pouring about half of it down Triton's throat. Immediately, Triton's wounds began closing up and the pain lessened.

"Thank you" He whispered, deciding that being diplomatic would be the best course.

"Oh, don't thank me yet. I just don't want you to pass out from your next punishment." Percy snarled. "You know what Chiron told me? He told me my parents died from paralysis. Because of broken spines. So, like for like, and plus interest." Percy said venomously.

"Wha-?" Triton said, uncomprehendingly.

"This, idiot." Percy smashed his fist into Triton's stomach with enough force to break his spine from the front. There was a loud crack, and Triton instantly retched, golden blood streaming from his mouth.

"Please…" Triton whispered.

Percy shook his head. "That was for Paul Blofis. You remember him? That little mortal? You think he's useless, but he meant a lot to me."

Percy stepped in front of his right hand. "Now, your fingers."

"No! Please, I beg you, please-" Triton began.

Percy whipped Riptide in a neat arc, slicing off Triton's fingers. Triton screamed, too weak to struggle. Percy raised Riptide again, this time with flames licking them. He pressed it to his finger stumps, cauterizing them. Triton yelled at the pain, and managed to jerk a little.

"That's for my mom, Sally Jackson. The best mortal who ever lived. Someone needs to teach you the consequences, right?" Percy sneered.

The gods stared in sick fascination, and with a bit of horror, horrified that the usually calm, carefree, funny, kind Percy Jackson could be so cruel.

"You know… there's a moral to this scene…" Athena whispered.

"Yeah… don't get on Percy's bad side." Apollo mumbled.

"Not necessarily. I think it's don't mess with people Percy loves and cares about the most." Artemis said.

"This is all my fault.." Poseidon moaned, rubbing his face.

"Shush, Poseidon, it's not your fault, you didn't know what was happening." Athena said kindly, rubbing his shoulders.

"Yes brother, it's not your fault. And I must say, I'm learning a couple of new things to teach to my torturers…" Hades said.

Poseidon opened his mouth but was interrupted by yet another scream. Triton's left hand fingers were all on the floor, the finger stumps already cauterized, and then noticed that Percy was standing there with his sword near Triton's mouth.

"Please, please please, don't cut off my tongue, please, I'm begging you." Triton whimpered, horrified.

The gods stared in horror. Cut off his tongue? Ouch. Poseidon stepped forward.

"Percy, my boy, just let Triton go. Hades will take him into his own personal dungeons, to ensure he never leaves. Just leave him his tongue intact, as a last courtesy, ok?" Poseidon pleaded.

"No. He deserves the pain, dad." Percy said harshly, eyes flaming.

Poseidon looked at the other gods helplessly. He stepped back, resigned, until Artemis stepped forward.

"Leave his tongue intact, boy. You've had revenge enough." Artemis said in a cold, commanding tone, her silver eyes plainly stating that she would brook no argument from him. Percy stared back for a couple seconds, before lowering his sword with a sigh.

"Very well, Lady Artemis. You owe me double now." Percy said, grinning slightly.

Artemis gave a very un-lady like snort. "I don't owe you anything, boy. Now let us gods take care of what is to happen."

"Fine. Then let me have one last personal satisfaction." Percy grumbled.

Artemis looked at him warily, before giving a nod.

Percy ripped the daggers out of his body, twisting it so that it cut as much as possible when he ripped it out. Triton flopped to the floor lifelessly, barely conscious.

"Well, Triton, this is goodbye for now, have fun in Hades's dungeon." Percy said. "A parting gift, as a sign of my affection for you, brother." Percy spat, somehow managing to make the last word sound like the world's worst insult.

Percy raised his hand and pointed at the Ophiotaurus's pool and summoned some water. He caused it to pool around Triton then flicked his hands upwards. Triton shot up like a bullet, smashing into the ceiling of the throne room with a sickening crunch. As Triton fell and crashed onto the floor, Percy made a jet of water to shoot himself up, then summoned a massive ball of fire in mid-air, slamming onto Triton's prone body with the force of a bomb as he fell on top of him. A wall of flame exploded outward, and there was the smell of seriously charred flesh.

When the flames cleared, the gods saw Percy kneeling on top of Triton, splattered in golden ichor, the fire diminishing from his eyes. Percy stood up and calmly brushed his hands and pants off.

"He's all yours, Lord Hades." Percy said.

Hades nodded, but before he took a step, Triton shuddered and his form began flickering. Then he vanished in a small cloud of golden dust.

"Interesting. What happened?" Percy asked.

The gods stared at each other before answering him. "You made him fade, Perseus." Zeus said in a serious voice.

"Oh. What a pity. I suppose I'm sorry then." Percy said calmly, obviously not bothered by the fact that Triton was gone.

There was a scream, and a blur as something shot towards Percy. Percy barely managed to dodge, and got a slight cut on the arm. It was Amphitrite. In all the commotion with Triton, they'd completely forgotten about Amphitrite.

"YOU KILLED HIM! YOU MADE HIM FADE! HOW COUL D YOU? IF HE WAS IN HADES DUNGEON'S, AT LEAST I COULD STIL VISIT HIM!" Amphitrite shrieked, pointing her dagger at him threateningly.

"He deserved it. And making him fade was completely unintentional." Percy replied. Unlike Amphitrite, Percy's voice grew colder and colder.

Amphitrite gave a yell and lunged at Percy, swinging her dagger in a wide arc. Percy grabbed her hand, wrenched the dagger out of her grasp, then grabbed the other hand that came flying at him and threw her backwards.

"Look Amphitrite, either you stop and shut up and let the gods decide what to do, or I'll just send you to Tartarus myself. I prefer the former, since I don't hurt women unless they're dracaene, Empousai, or Clarisse." Percy stated, earning himself a glare from Ares.

Amphitrite got up and picked her dagger up, staring at Percy. Then, without warning, she threw herself forward with surprising speed, slashing wildly. Riptide came out just in time to block a blow that would've cut his throat, then whipped around to cut Amphitrite on the thigh. She stumbled, and Percy backed her up to the wall, before knocking the dagger out and pushing the tip of Riptide against her throat.

"Um, perhaps I would like to reconsider your offer..?" Amphitrite said weakly.

Percy shook his head. "I gave you the chance. Opportunities don't come twice, you know." He said, pushing Riptide a little deeper.

Her hands moved up in an attempt to push Riptide away, but jerked backwards when flames began licking the places where she touched.

"Perseus, hear her out and then you can judge. Don't be too rash." Artemis commanded, feeling slightly sorry for Amphitrite.

Reluctantly, Percy lowered his sword slightly. "Well, what is it you want to say?"

"Please. Just let me live. I'll give you anything and do anything, please. Just let me live." Amphitrite begged.

Percy's eyes glinted dangerously. "Anything?" Percy asked.

"Yes. Please, I didn't mean to do anything with your mother." Amphitrite pleaded.

"That was STUPID!" Athena broadcasted to the others.

"I have a bad feeling about what's coming up…" Hades replied telepathically.

Hades having a bad feeling about something? That's not good. Artemis thought.

"You remember you said you'd give me anything, right?" Percy asked, his eyes now flaring.

"Y-yes. Anything." Amphitrite said.

"I want my mother back, you bitch, and since that's impossible, I'll do the next best thing." Percy hissed venomously, before spinning around in a 360 and slicing Amphitrite's throat wide open. She stared at him in shock before a soft golden fire surrounded her body. After the fire dissipated, her body was gone.

"Um, I didn't make her fade, did I?" Percy asked.

Hades shook his head. "No. You just made her fade temporarily, she'll reform later. Depends on how fast she reforms and her will to live again."

"Oh good." Percy said, obviously relieved.

The gods stared at the puddles of golden blood on the floor before sitting back in their respective thrones.

"Well! Now that that matter is finished, let us decide on what to do with our hero here." Zeus announced. The gods nodded.

"So Perseus, do you still want to die?" Zeus asked.

Percy shrugged. "I don't know. Part of me wants to just stay alive, to find something to fight, or do. I need something to make life worth living you know. But the problem is, I can't work in the mortal world, my scent is too strong, any building I work in will be overrun by monsters. Sure, I can defend myself, but people see Riptide as a shotgun or something and the monsters as pitiful, kind mortals. Guess who the blame? While being dead, well, at least I could talk to my old friends' right?" Percy said depressingly.

Artemis was rather surprised at how fast Percy's mood changed. Moments ago, he was a death machine, with no mercy and now he was a sad, broken up young man. Boy she corrected herself.

Zeus stroked his chin. "Hmmm, so basically, you need a challenge. Or something to do." He stated. Percy nodded.

"How would you like to be an immortal, not a true immortal, but you won't get sick, you won't age, and you'll be harder to kill. Basically, you'll live forever unless you die in battle. And just think of what you want to say, I'll hear it." Zeus spoke into Percy's mind.

"You mean, the way the Hunters of Artemis are immortal?" Percy thought back.

Zeus mentally rolled his eyes. "Yes, and I can assure you that your new life will not be easy." Zeus replied.

"Hmmm, depends on what I'm doing. What will I be doing?" Percy asked.

"You will be Artemis's and her Hunt's Guardian." Zeus said.

Percy blanched. "Are you sure, Lord Zeus? Cause I don't think she'll like that idea much…"

"Ahem. I'm merely asking whether you are willing to serve as Artemis's bodyguard and Guardian of the Hunt for life. Now, answer me."

Percy paled even more, but not at the thought of Zeus getting angry, but at the thought of what would happen to him when Artemis learned of this. Nevertheless, he responded confidently.

"Yes. I'm willing." Percy replied.

"Good." Zeus spoke aloud.

"What is it, Father? You and Percy have been speaking for some time already." Artemis asked.

"This concerns you, dear." Zeus said.

"Me? How does this concern me?" Artemis asked, confused.

Zeus cleared his throat and shifted. Apparently, even he was afraid of what'd happen. "Well, daughter, as you know, the war is just over. There are a lot of monsters roaming around, and it won't calm down for at least another century. And you, leader of that Hunter group of yours, is in constant danger. It makes sense to take you out or at least weaken your forces since they are so skilled." Zeus said, then paused, thinking on how best to phrase his next words.

"I still don't see how Percy fits into this equation…" Artemis said.

"Equation? You guys need help on an equation? I'm always available!" Athena said happily.

"No, no, this is different." Zeus said distractedly. Athena's face fell.

"Tell me father, because I have a feeling that what you say next is something I won't like." Artemis said.

"Ah, well, might as well be blunt with it. Percy Jackson here will be the Guardian of you and your hunters." Zeus said seriously, staring Artemis straight in the eye.

Artemis's mouth dropped open, pure shock hitting her like a sledgehammer. That quickly turned into a raw fury.

"WHAT? FATHER, THAT IS AN INSANE IDEA! MY HUNTERS WILL NEVER ACCEPT THIS!" Artemis screamed. The other gods looked surprised too, but they had thoughtful looks on their faces.

"Now, daughter, hear me-" Zeus began.

"NO, I WILL NOT. I can't have a boy in the hunt! That's ridiculous! AND I DON'T NEED PROTECTING. I can protect myself perfectly well without any help!" Artemis yelled indignantly.

"Now, Artemis, that's your pride talkin-" Zeus spoke but was cut off by Hera.

"Yeah, like you're a good role model…" Hera muttered.

Zeus gave her a swift glare before returning to his argument with Artemis. "If you remember correctly, you were captured by Atlas and his forces all those years ago and forced under the sky. Percy would protect you loyally and added with his swordsmanship, it makes me feel a lot safer."

"Oh, so you're telling me that Percy can take better care of me than I can myself?" Artemis snapped.

"Look, obviously, his hunting skills are gonna be trash, and his archery is unspeakable. But you have to admit that his swordsmanship rivals your own abilities and might even surpass it in some points. You can teach and train him on the necessary skills, while Percy can train your hunters in sword fighting." Zeus argued right back.

"But he's a boy, he might hit on the hunters!" Artemis argued.

"He would never do that, especially after what happened between him and our architect. And you yourself said that he was the only man on this planet that was worthy of your respect! And didn't he just take a bolt for you six months ago?" Zeus asked.

Artemis flushed but blustered on, even though she knew she was losing. "But-but, um, how do you know he won't chicken out or serve loyally? He's a man, they're all the same!" Artemis said.

Percy's eyes flared. That was a serious insult. He stepped forward and knelt in front of Artemis.

"Lady Artemis, if you accept, I, Perseus Jackson, Son of Poseidon, hereby swear on the River Styx and by Chaos to be a Guardian to you and the Hunt, I will protect you and the Hunt from harm, I will serve you faithfully and loyally, with all I have, to the limits of my abilities, for eternity." Percy finished in one breath.

Stunned silence. "Percy, my boy, you shouldn't have brought Chaos's nam-" Poseidon began when the room instantly darkened as a tall man appeared out of thin air. The man's entire body was covered in stars, galaxies, miniature explosions, and nebulae. Everyone's jaw instantly dropped as they felt the power radiating from him.

"Well! I must say, haven't been to Earth since forever! Now, who called?" The man asked.

"Um, me." Percy managed to say.

"Ahh, Perseus Jackson. Heard quite a bit about you, boy! You do realize what you're swearing to, don't you? It's a truly unbreakable oath, not like the Styx where it's breakable, just that the consequences are kinda bad. And yes, I'm Chaos." The man said, staring at Percy with supernova filled eyes.

Percy, who was about to ask who he was, flushed. "Yes. I mean it. I'm not going to back out of it." Percy said firmly.

Chaos nodded. He turned and asked Artemis. "Do you accept Perseus's oath?"

Artemis looked around with wide eyes, shock clearly written on her face. "Um, yes, I do…" Artemis squeaked.

"Then I accept your oath and give you a gift, Perseus Jackson." Each of his words resonated with power as a ball of black fire grew in his hands. Then it flew straight at Percy, causing him to stumble backwards. At first, nothing happened. Then he began to glow from the inside, a rich golden colour. It shone brighter and brighter until the gods themselves had to close their eyes. When the golden light faded, they were shocked. Percy was standing there, true, but now he was a toweringly and intimidatingly tall figure of 6'5", with all of his features greatly enhanced. He was wearing a hood that covered most of his face, but his clean cut, sharply chiseled face and broad, powerful shoulders were plainly visible. He had three throwing knives sheathed over each shoulder, so it looked like he had spikes growing out of them. He also had a belt full of throwing knives, all within easy reach. But what shocked the gods the most were the black wings sprouting from his back. They were blacker than midnight, and had huge wingspan of at least 13 feet. Percy yelped when he saw them.

"I have wings!" Percy asked.

"Yes. They are my gift. You can retract them into your body when you don't need them, though, so you'll just have to worry about your big frame."

Percy gave them an experimental flap before retracting them into his back with a schnnk sound. "Sweet." Percy commented.

"And those wings are impenetrable, so you can use them to block arrows or sword strikes. You'll need them, especially since you're guarding a woman as feisty as this one." Chaos commented, pointing at Artemis. "And those knife sheathes replenish themselves every hour, so you won't have to worry much about running out. You are now immortal, unless you fall in battle, since that is what was agreed on, yes?"

Percy bowed. "Yes, and thank you very much, Lord Chaos."

"You're most welcome. Now, I must leave you gods, since I have many other things to do, but I'm pretty sure we'll meet again, Jackson." Chaos said before disappearing in a flash of white light.

"Well. Um, ah, gah, that was a, erm, surprise." Zeus managed to stutter out.

Artemis, however, was back to her old self. "You, boy, don't you dare think I'll make life easy for you. No, on the contrary, it'll be much harder." Artemis said, glaring at Percy with silver eyes.

Internally, Percy flinched. On the outside, he merely bowed and replied, "That's what I expected, m'lady."

"Um, yeah, speaking of which, Percy, I give you my eternal blessing in the hopes of helping you in your, ah, archery lessons with my baby sister." Apollo announced, sending a pulse of golden light at Percy.

Percy winced. "Thank you, Lord Apollo."

"I AM NOT YOUR BABY SISTER, APOLLO!" Artemis screamed, obviously in a bad mood.

Apparently, Apollo picked it up, since he mumbled an apology.

"Percy, I cling to the small hope that you'll forgive me, but I too give you my eternal blessing. It will increase your inborn abilities to the level of a god. You are also now able to summon water within yourself and shoot it out of your hand with ease."

"Dad, I forgive you. It wasn't you, and I understand. Thanks for your blessing dad." Percy replied, bowing.

"It is I who should thank you, son, for the things I did were unforgiveable…" Poseidon muttered, looking downcast, yet happy that Percy had forgiven him.

"Very well, now is that it? Cause it's getting late and I want to go to sleep." Zeus complained.

"Wait. I have something to tell my champion also. Perseus, I also give you my eternal blessing." Hestia said, smiling warmly.

Percy looked slightly confused. " I thought you already gave it to me when I became your champion?" Percy asked.

"That's true. But that was a blessing for a demigod, not an immortal. Now you are immortal, so I can give you my full blessing. It will increase your fire powers to a degree that it'll rival your water abilities. Maybe even surpass them." Hestia said, grinning.

"Thank you, Lady Hestia." Percy said.

"Hey! That's not fair! Percy's my son, his water powers should be higher than his not-supposed-to-have flame powers!" Poseidon yelped indignantly.

"Not my problem. Probably because I can give bigger blessings than you can, brother." Hestia said, throwing Poseidon a smug grin. Poseidon harrumphed and slumped in his chair.

"Alright, now does anyone have anything else to say?" Zeus asked.

"ME! Percy, I give you my blessing too!" Aphrodite squealed.

"Wha-? NO!" Percy yelled, but it was too late. A swirl of white mist covered Percy, and when the mist cleared, Percy stood there in black leather pants, a solid green shirt with 'I love Green Day' written on it with a hood connected to the shirt and his usually messy and spiky black hair was slicked back, giving him a look that screamed 'HOT!'.

Percy glared at Aphrodite with flaming eyes. "This is supposed to help me get along with the Hunters?" Percy almost yelled. But Aphrodite, if she heard, didn't answer, since she was staring at Percy with her mouth wide open.

"Oh man, you make Adonis look as ugly as the pig that killed him…" Aphrodite mumbled.

"HEY! I was the boar that killed Adonis! So you calling me ugly?" Ares yelled.

Aphrodite snapped out of her reverie. "AHA! So you admit that you killed Adonis?" Aphrodite yelled back triumphantly.

Ares gave a mumble. "Um, ah, ahem, er, we'll talk about this later, ok?" Ares whimpered under Aphrodite's glare. Aphrodite gave a stiff nod, gave Ares one last glare before turning her attention back to Percy.

"You know, Aphrodite, I must thank you for this." Artemis said, smirking.

"Wha? Why? Why are you thanking me this time?" Aphrodite asked, confused.

"Because this'll make his life harder with the Hunt." Artemis said, giving Percy an evil grin. In reality, she was using this opportunity to quickly look Percy over, and she had to admit, he looked great. Personally, she thought he looked better with his spiky black hair, but she shoved the thought out of her head. Percy flinched from her gaze and Artemis's grin turned into one of triumph.

"OK, NOW IS THIS ALL?" Zeus thundered, obviously impatient.

"One thing Father. I too wish to give Perseus my blessing." Athena said, turning to Percy. "Ordinarily, I wouldn't ever give this to you, but since you're now a Guardian, you'll need my blessing. It'll give you much faster battle strategy planning and when you survey areas, you can quickly locate and analyze the pros and cons of the situation."

"Ah, that is very kind of you, Lady Athena. Thank you." Percy said, bowing.

"Ok, now is that all?" Zeus asked exasperatedly.

"You forgot one thing, husband." Hera said.

"What is it" Zeus grumped back.

"He's kind of an immortal now, so you should formally welcome him to Olympus." Hera reminded him.

"Very well… Perseus Jackson, I formally welcome you to Olympus and all that yada yada. I also allow you to travel in my domain." Zeus grumbled. Hera rolled her eyes in defeat.

"Thank you for your permission to travel in the air, Lord Zeus." Percy replied.

Zeus gave a grunt. "Now, anything else?" in a tone that indicated he really didn't want people to say anything. Of course, Poseidon ignored it.

"Yes. What should I do about Matthew, Percy?" Poseidon asked.

Percy frowned. "Just treat him like normal. Don't lavish him, but don't punish him or visibly hate him. Remember, the Camp thinks that Matthew is the greatest person to come, so if you kick him off, they won't like it." Percy explained in a monotone.

Poseidon nodded. "Also, Perseus, I shall leave the title of Prince of the Sea vacant, since you're the only one fit for it, and you are a Guardian now. If you have time, please visit."

"That all depends on my lady's command, Father." Percy said formally.

Poseidon nodded, a hint of sadness on his face.

"Oh, and Mr.D, could you break the empathy link I have with Grover Underwood? Because I don't want to get messed up by his… emotions." Percy asked.

Dionysus nodded. "Of course. This should take care of it." He snapped his fingers and a purplish light glowed around Percy's head before dissipating.

"Thank you, Mr.D" Percy said,bowing.

"Not at all, Perry Johnson." Dionysus said, a hint of a smile on his face.

"OK. Council DISMISSED! Perseus, get yourself known to the Hunters, and try not to get killed by them." Zeus thundered, then disappeared in a bang of thunder and a flash of lightning.

"As you say so, God of Theater." Percy joked. The gods chuckled, and one by one they left, leaving only Percy and Artemis alone.

"So what do you want to do, Lady Artemis?" Percy asked, bowing as she got off her throne.

"Don't do that!" She snapped.

"Do what?"

"Bowing. The way you do it. Everyone does it and it's getting so insincere." Artemis grumbled.

"Very well, I shall think of something else then." Percy grinned. He had to admit that Artemis looked absolutely beautiful, especially since she was angry, which brought a cute blush to her face. He quickly averted his gaze so she wouldn't catch him looking, which was rather hard since he was almost a foot taller than she was.

"Grin all you like, boy, because soon you're not going to be grinning at all." Artemis said, giving Percy a sly look. "Adirondack Park, that's where our camp is. See you." With that, she disappeared in a flash of light.

The instant she left, Percy felt a slight tug in his mind, directing him to where Artemis was. Awesome, I have an internal tracking system. Percy thought cheerfully. He extended his wings, relishing the feel and the strength in them as they popped out with the same schnnk sound. He bent his legs and shot into the air. He gave a whoop of delight at the speed and angled himself downwards, diving faster than a peregrine falcon. He then realized that with his wings, Chaos had also enhanced his vision to that of an eagle. Or maybe it was because he was part immortal now. But even from so high up, he instantly spotted Artemis, who was walking into the park, having teleported to the edge. Percy grinned. Maybe he could eavesdrop on their conversation before popping out. He angled his wings and dived even faster, the air whistling as he shot through the air. He was also pleasantly surprised that his brain was automatically analyzing the entire layout, picking out small details and forming battle plans if it came to battle. He grinned. Thanks Athena.

"Hey son, I have a thing to tell you, didn't want the other gods, especially Artemis to know you have this ability." Poseidon spoke in his mind.

"Oh hey dad, what is it?" Percy asked.

"You can change your body molecules to water now. Basically, you can transform yourself into a puddle of water and "slide" over the ground at a much faster pace than running." Poseidon said.

"Oh wow, that's awesome Dad, thanks a lot!" Percy replied, grinning.

"You are most welcome son, just be careful that in water form, if you get cut or hurt, you'll also have the same wound when in normal form." Poseidon said. "I have to go now son, everyone is wondering where Triton and Amphitrite went, but hopefully you and I will have time to catch up."

"Definitely dad, and thanks for the warning." Percy said.

"Bye son." Poseidon said, leaving his mind.

Percy looked closely at the ground and found that Artemis had just reached the Hunter's camp borders. He quickly thought of turning himself into water and felt himself melting. He realized he could still control his muscles like normal, just that he was in a liquid form. This is awesome! Percy thought, as he climbed or slithered up to a tree right above Artemis before reforming himself into his normal form. Now let's see what she has to say. Percy thought smugly.


Artemis decided to teleport to the edge of the park to give herself some time to think before she announced the news to her hunters. She knew that they wouldn't take it well, except for Thalia. Well, Thalia would only take it well if she knew it was Percy. Thalia and Percy had a very close brother-sister relationship, despite the fact that they quarreled constantly and got into fights that usually ended up with Thalia half drowned and Percy fried. Artemis smiled slightly, Thalia was one odd hunter. She tolerated boys more than the other hunters, though if they pissed her off, she was quick to send them to lightning country. She was also very perceptive, an excellent archer, good at knives and astonishingly good with her spear and shield. Artemis had originally thought that no one could beat Thalia in a fight, but after seeing Percy grow in skill and power from the Titan War to the Giant War, she was forced to admit that Percy had a edge in battle against Thalia if using close combat weapons. Even Thalia had grudgingly admitted that Percy was marginally better than her.

Thinking about Percy as a Guardian of the Hunt made her angry again, even though she had absolutely no idea why she was angry.

It's because you want him closer to you but you also want to avoid him. Her subconscious said.

Definitely not. I won't fall for any man, even one as great as Perseus. She argued with herself.

Oh ho, did you just call Perseus a great man? Her subconscious asked.

Artemis scowled and thrust the thought out of her head. She had reached her hunters encampment and it was time to explain. She walked in and found many of them sitting next to the fire, holding cups of hot chocolate, waiting. Waiting for her. Thalia instantly spotted her and leapt up, putting her cup down.

"My lady, what happened? There were a lot of earthshaking, big storms and several lightning strikes. Did you find out what was wrong with Lord Poseidon? And what took so long? Also, why do you look so pissed off?" Thalia rattled off.

Artemis sighed as she motioned for Thalia to sit down. She stood at the front and addressed all the hunters.

"Hold on. All those questions will be answered. But first, I have some…news." Artemis said.

"What is it, my lady? Judging from your expression, I don't think we'll like it." Phoebe asked.

Artemis took a deep breath. "A bo-man will be joining the hunt." She stated.

Instant pandemonium. There were cries of protests, complaints and then the hunters began bombarding her with questions.

Artemis gave a mental sigh. She had forgotten how these hunters could be so much like children. She raised a hand. Everyone instantly fell silent.

"Look, I don't like this idea either, but Zeus demanded it. He will be our "Guardian" and also my "personal bodyguard" Artemis grumbled, scowling. "As if I can't protect myself."

The hunters sighed. They couldn't do much against Zeus, other than just complain. Phoebe was the most vocal.

"A man? As a guard? Pfft, he'd probably run away at first sight of a battle or just claim all the glory if we succeed in a battle." Phoebe snorted.

Artemis couldn't help but smile a little. "Actually, I can guarantee you that this man will be much, much better than other men."

"I doubt it. Most men are ignorant idiots." Phoebe said. Thalia, however, looked thoughtful.

"Where is he? If he's supposed to be your bodyguard, shouldn't he be with you?" Thalia asked.

Artemis gave a triumphant grin. "I lost him on purpose. I teleported, just told him to find us in Adirondack Park. Fools probably coming on foot in several hours." She smirked.

There was a rustle and a crash as a huge, winged figure landed next to her. "I beg your pardon, my lady. Who's coming on foot?" The figure asked, rising to his full height and brushing the dirt off his pants.

Artemis and the hunters just stared in shock at his sudden appearance. Then the hunters instantly leapt up with their bows, arrows notched straight at Percy.

Artemis quickly got over her shock at the speed which Percy had found them. "Stand down" Artemis commanded. The hunters relaxed slightly but did not lower their bows. Thalia's arrow was still sparking with electricity. She couldn't blame them. With his height, his throwing knives over each shoulder and on his belt, with his wings, he looked like an angel of death. A really good looking angel of death. She walked over to him and punched him in the stomach before asking.

"How did you find us so fast? I thought I lost you!" Artemis said.

"Yes, well, I have some type of internal sensor that can tell where you are. Probably cause I'm the guardian. So no hiding from me." Percy grinned cheerfully.

Artemis gave a low growl. Sure, his grin was great, but right now, it was annoying and the last thing she needed were distractions. She smacked him across the face.

"A Guardian isn't supposed to spy." Artemis said.

"I was not spying, I was merely observing, gathering information in case I needed to defend myself." Percy protested, rubbing his cheek.

Artemis rolled her eyes, while Thalia asked Artemis.

"My Lady, is he our Guardian? And why does he sound so familiar?" Thalia asked, frowning slightly.

Artemis realized she was standing closer to Percy than was comfortable and took a step back.

"Yes, he's our Guardian. As to why he sounds so familiar, he's your old friend, Perseus Jackson." Artemis said, reaching forward and yanking off Percy's hood. His eyes glowed a warm, green fire.

Thalia's mouth hung wide open while the Hunter's stared in surprise. "P-Percy, you…eyes..grew…here.. wings?" Thalia stuttered out, blushing as she realized what she said was nonsense.

Percy laughed. "Sounds like you have a lot of questions. Shall I answer them or let m'lady answer them?"

"I'll answer the questions, Perseus. You can go do a sweep of the perimeter, when you're done, report back and tell me the vulnerable spots or the places most likely for an ambush." Artemis said.

"Already done, my lady." Percy replied.

"What? You just came here, how could you be done with it so quickly?" Artemis asked.

"When I was flying here, I was already doing a sweep of the entire park, and I must say, most places are well protected." Percy replied smoothly, giving a slight bow.

"Ok, fine, Perseus, go explore the camp, memorize the layout, don't touch anything, and draw a detailed map with markings showing us the most vulnerable spots and the strongest parts." Artemis ordered.

"As you wish, my lady." Percy replied, clenching his right fist and bring it up to his left shoulder and did a precise 45 degree angle bow. He turned and walked off.

Well. That type of bow certainly was different. Artemis thought before turning to her Hunters.

"Well, a couple minutes of peace. So, fire away." Artemis said resignedly.

Thalia was the first. "What is Percy doing here? Where did he get his wings? His flaming eyes? Why isn't he with Annabeth? And how come he seems to have grown like 3 inches?" Thalia rattled off.

"Ok, first, Thalia, I'll talk to you in private about Annabeth. Now, anyone else they'd like to ask about?" Artemis asked, looking around.

"Yes. Why does our guardian have to be a man? I mean, ok, this is Percy, so he won't be as bad as other men, but still, why? And what about Lord Poseidon? What was wrong with him? Did he cause the earthquakes?" Phoebe asked.

Artemis gave a small sigh. This is going to take a long time… She thought.

"…so basically, he's got nowhere to go and Father thought it'd be a good "idea" to put him here." Artemis finished, after answering thousands of questions, and talking non-stop for several hours. She yawned, and looked at the sky. It was well after midnight. Ugh. And she hadn't eaten or drunk anything for a long time.

"Still, couldn't Lord Zeus put Percy with his father instead? Then he could become some sort of Prince with all that power." Phoebe said derisively.

"Look, I know that most men are bad, but I can guarantee you that Perseus will be the best man you'll ever find. And he's not power hungry. He turned down godhood twice after all." Artemis said. Oh, the irony. In the throne room I was all but attacking Perseus, and now I'm defending him. Haha. Artemis thought with amusement.

Her Huntresses didn't look convinced and they looked downcast. That swayed Artemis's heart.

"And besides, he could make a very good servant." She said, sharing a sly smile with Thalia. The hunters instantly brightened up. Then Thalia had to ask the question.

"My Lady, you said that Triton and Amphitrite had a small face off with Percy. But what happened? You just glazed over it." Thalia asked.

She sighed. Count on Thalia to pick it up. "It was nothing. And it's too hard to explain." Artemis said, trying to avoid telling them what happened. "And you wouldn't like to know, it was very, um, brutal, the face off. Very."

Unfortunately, that sparked their interest. Especially Phoebe's. A daughter of Ares, while extremely loyal, still had some characteristics of an Ares child.

"Please, my lady, can you show us? Please?" Phoebe asked. The other Huntresses quickly added in. After several minutes, Artemis relented.

"Ok, ok, fine, but don't tell me I didn't warn you." Artemis warned. The hunters nodded. She pointed her hand at the fire, and it turned into a silvery mist. Pictures formed and the hunters leaned forward eagerly. Artemis watched their faces closely and was quite unsurprised when their expressions turned to shock and horror at how ruthless Percy was. Even Phoebe seemed horrified. When the vision finally ended, the hunters looked at each other with sick expressions.

"I did warn you, you know." Artemis said calmly.

"But…but my lady, he killed a women!" One of her hunters exclaimed.

Artemis shrugged. "I'm forced to admit that Amphitrite deserved it. And Percy was very merciful, he did not put Amphitrite through the torture he did to Triton. And he offered her a chance to back out. So it's her fault she's dead for now." Artemis said.

"And yet, I regret it." A voice behind her spoke. She flinched and turned around to find Perseus standing-no, towering – over her, holding a big plate of food that smelled absolutely delicious. Her stomach instantly growled and she felt angry at Percy for bringing the food here.

He saw her look and grinned. "Hungry?" He asked teasingly.

She was almost salivating. "Yes. And dead thirsty too." Artemis grumbled, eyeing him with pure jealousy. Then he surprised her by putting the plate of food on her lap and handing her a rolled up napkin with a knife, fork and spoon wrapped in it.

"Thought so. Hope you like the food by the way, it's my first time trying something different with it." He said.

She looked at him in surprise. "You made this for me?" She asked dumbly.

"Yes. Of course. Who else?" Percy asked as if that were the most obvious thing in the world.

That was very kind of you. Artemis thought, but on the outside she merely muttered "Nothing" and attacked her food savagely. It tasted great. She had never known he could cook so well!

"Whoa there, m'lady, slow down, or you'll choke. Water?" He asked.

"Yes please." She mumbled around a mouthful of food.

Percy laughed and stretched out his hand. A ball of water formed and hardened into a goblet filled with clear liquid. She eyed it suspiciously.

Percy saw her look. "I swear on the Styx that this is the clearest and purest water you can get anywhere on this planet." Thunder boomed and after a few moments, seeing nothing happened, she picked it out of his hand and downed the entire goblet.

"Surprising. Fresher than the water Poseidon gives us." Artemis commented.

"Why, thank you m'lady, this must be a breakthrough! My Lady complimenting a man!" Percy joked.

She gave him a death glare before whipping her hand around and smashing into the side of his knees causing him to crash to the ground. The hunters laughed.

He groaned as he got up. "Ow. Not even Thalia could do that" He said as he stumbled over and sat on her bench. Instantly, all the hunters raised their bows and pointed them at him. His eyes widened in realization and he quickly leapt backwards, looking wary.

"Um, what'd I do?" Percy asked in his usual manner.

Thalia rolled her eyes. "Gods, you are still the same old Seaweed Brain. It's because you're not supposed to sit next to Artemis since you're a man." Thalia quickly explained, struggling to hold back a smile. "By the way, I love your shirt." She said, walking forward to give him a hug.

"Oh." He blushed, "Sorry m'lady, forgive me." He said to Artemis. To Thalia, he said, "Humph, that shirt was Aphrodite's. She gave me her "blessing". I think it's a curse." Thalia laughed.

Artemis smiled. "It's alright. Don't worry about the hunters, they won't shoot you as long as you follow some ground rules."

"And what are these ground rules?" Percy asked warily.

"Well, for starters, you do whatever I say, whenever I say it. You must treat the huntresses with respect, don't hit on them, don't talk back, listen to me when I'm speaking, work when you're instructed, and stay in your limits." Artemis rattled off with a flourish, popping a spoonful of mashed potatoes in her mouth.

"You make it sound like you hired me as a valet…" Percy grumbled.

"Not exactly. Slave is more like it" Artemis said with a devious smirk. Percy returned it with a scowl.

"I knew it! This is going to be my own personal Underworld!" Percy exclaimed. "Besides, aren't I supposed to be a Guardian, not a busboy?"

Artemis smirked. "Well, first of all, if you want to be part of the hunt, you gotta know how to hunt, and how to shoot. Second, they say stress kills right? Well, you can protect me from the stress by doing all the hard work." Artemis said, smirking triumphantly.

"As you wish, my lady" Percy grumbled, crossing his chest with his right hand clenched in a fist.

"Why do you do that anyway? The cross your chest with a clenched fist thing." Artemis asked.

Percy looked surprised. "You wanted something different than the normal bow. I've decided to use this mark of respect and obedience exclusively with you."

"Oh. That's nice, thank you." Artemis said.

Percy merely bowed his head. "Now, where's the map I told you to draw?" Artemis asked.

"Right here, my lady." Percy replied, reaching behind his back and taking out a long roll of thick paper.

Artemis quickly balanced the plate on her knees and studied the map, seriously impressed at how detailed and precise it was. "Impressive" she muttered under her breath. The instant she said it, she winced. She hoped Perseus didn't hear it. Unfortunately, he did.

"Beg your pardon, my lady, what did you say?" Percy asked with an expression that obviously meant he heard it.

"Don't rub it in, boy!" Artemis snapped. "Alright, off you go, you have some free time before you have to sleep and start working."

Percy bowed and got ready to leave but was stopped by Thalia.

"Hey, hold on a second, Percy, when in Hades did you learn how to cook? And second, you said you regretted making Amphitrite fade, if only for a little bit. Why?" Thalia asked.

"Answer to your first question is for me to know, and you to find out." Percy grinned. "Second answer to your second question. Well, she was a woman after all, and that went against everything my m-mom taught me. Sure, she was cruel and mean, but… I don't know. It just makes me feel bad for some reason…Unlike with Triton, where I actually enjoyed killing him." Percy said sadly.

"I'm sorry about your mom, Percy. She was a great women. I loved her. I'm sure she and Paul got into Elysium." Thalia said in a comforting tone.

"Thanks. I just wish I had time to say good bye to them one last time…" Percy whispered. The hunters looked uncomfortable, since they were used to arrogant men or just plain idiotic men, not sad, heartbroken men.

"Message for Perseus Jackson. Lady Artemis, do I have permission to broadcast this in your camp?"

Artemis's eyes narrowed. "Iris. Well, depends on who it is, of course." She said, motioning for the hunters to hide.

"It's from Nico Di Angelo, coming from the Underworld."

Artemis looked at Percy, who nodded with a pained expression. "Yes, you have my permission."

The air in front of Percy shimmered, and Nico's face appeared.

"Percy! You alright? Are you hurt?" Nico asked frantically.

"No, I'm alright. Emotionally hurt, yes, but physically, no. Where are my parents? Elysium or Asphodel?" Percy asked.

Nico looked shocked. "How did you know?"

"Chiron told me. Apparently, he kept an eye on my mom's apartment, and rushed over when he heard there was an explosion. He told me they were dead." Percy replied in a monotone.

"Oh ok. Sorry for telling you so late, I just got them out of Asphodel-"

"WHAT? They weren't let into Elysium at once?" Percy growled, eyes smoldering.

Nico flinched. "Um, no, Minos ruled against Jefferson and Washington. I just forced Minos to let them into Elysium."

"Minos." Percy growled. The ground at his feet began smoking. "Well, at least in the end, they're in Elysium. Thank you Nico."

"You're welcome Percy. And I'm sorry about their death, I really liked your mom. And your step dad was a surprisingly good fighter."

Percy nodded dumbly. "See you later Nico, and take care of Mrs. O'Leary."

"Will do. Bye bro." Nico said, cutting off the connection with a wave of his hand.

Percy covered his face with his hands, taking a shuddering breath.

"They're in Elysium now, so you don't have to worry about them anymore, Perseus." Artemis said soothingly.

Percy nodded. "Just angry at Minos." He commented. "I'm alright now."

"Good. Now, I suggest we all get a good rest. Percy, you're tent is there, and inside, you'll find a complete list of what you're supposed to do." Artemis said, smirking as she pointed to a tent that was behind Artemis's.

Percy did the special bow, and walked off towards his tent. As he walked off, Artemis just couldn't help but smile.

"My Lady, what are you smiling about?" Phoebe asked her.

Artemis just grinned wider. "I just can't wait to see how well Perseus will be doing after I'm done with him." She said.

The other hunters and Artemis all shared evil smiles. This is going to be very, very fun. Artemis thought. Very fun.

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