Silent but Deadly

Summary: Random little story. Yaoi and Sexual activities are implied.(The word sex is used once!) YagyuuxNiou

A/N: It's not as funny as my other one but nonetheless please enjoy.

Disclaimer:I own nothing.


Yagyuu peered over the book he was reading." Yes?"

His little sister of eight stood in the doorway of his room, hand twirling a lock of her dark hair which was in two pigtails today.

"Niou-kun just called and he said to tell you that he wanted you to go over later so he could be the 'butcher' to your 'meat'." She replied, smiling at the thought of her favorite play buddy who was also her brother's best friend.

"Okay. Thank you." Yagyuu replied thankful that his sister was too young to understand what Niou had been talking about he returned his attention back to his book.

"…Can I ask you a question?"

Yagyuu nodded his head, eyes once again turning back to his sister who still stood in the doorway even after several minutes of silence.

"What was Niou-kun talking about when he said-"

Yagyuu had quickly gotten up and grabbed his cell phone, pushed past his sister who had her eyes closed with one arm going across her chest, the other resting atop the other arm hand held out. He began running down stairs in a most ungentlemanly manor.

"-he wanted you to go over later...oh he's gone." His sister finished as she opened her eyes, shrugging when she noticed her brother's absence. "Teenagers…" and shaking her head she closed her brother's door and headed to her own room.

Yagyuu was already half a block away when he opened his cell phone (The screen reading 21 missed calls.) went to his contacts and he pressed the call button.


"'Butcher to my meat'?"

"Well it was either that or I would've had to tell your little sister tat I wanted you to come over so we can have some super hot, super sweaty sex."

"…Next time just tell her you want to talk to me."

"I make no promises."

Hanging up Yagyuu resolved to never leave his cell phone on silent ever again.