A New Member Of The Family 2

Hey guys sorry I put off on this story for so long I have been really packed down with hw

And personal stuff. I honestly felt like not writing another story to this but I promised I would so before you read this I would advise you to read the first story

"A New Member Of The Family". Also so sorry again because I said I couldn't write this without my trusty laptop, And I finally got it out of the shop yesterday. so here it is.

This is a sample of the story, so it will be short. I want to see if anyone still reads this.

Chapter 1.

The next thing Derek found himself lying in the master bedroom with a bandage on his head, he lifts his head slightly before a throbbing pain suddenly coming from his head has him gasp in pain, just then Odette comes in the room to comfort him.

"Derek you shouldn't be moving too much, you'll hurt yourself!"

"Odette this is going to sound incredibly stupid but, what happened to my head?" Derek ask curiously trying to remember what had happened last.

"Well", Odette said blushing a little. "It happened when I told you I was pregnant remember?", "Right when I told you there were triplets." she said giggling slightly.

"Oh god I remember now!, I fainted." Derek said remembering the surprise and overwhelming feeling that had caught him off guard that day chuckling a little. "This is really happening?, we're really going to have three little ones on the way?"

"Absolutely, well that's what the doctor had told me, why do you think I asked if you wanted kids?" Odette said nudging his arm jokingly.

"I don't know I just thought you felt I wasn't around much so you felt an urge to suddenly have a baby and frankly I didn't think I was up for it, but I do love you Odette I really need you to know that."

"Oh Derek I've always known that and I love you too, I just thought you'd turn out to be a really great father, which I'm sure you will."

"Oh Odette I'm so sorry I do want these babies and I want you too, placing his arm around her comforting her. just promise me you'll take it easy for next months, okay?" Derek said worried for his wife and his children.

"Okay, BUT only if you stay home from work the last two moths of the pregnancy."

"Odette you know I can't just abandon my work I'm the king now I have to make sure that everything is alright in this kingdom, Odette please understand I'm also doing this for us."

"Derek I thought being pregnant would also bring us closer you know how we used to be?, Derek ever since your mother stepped down for the kingdom and you were announced king we haven't had anytime to ourselves I'm actually surprised we were able to make these." Odette said holding her stomach tears welding in her eyes.