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"Okay. I'm gonna do this one last time, got it?"
"Yea, yea…sure…"
"Good. Repeat after me. Je."
"You got it! Now, try saying it on your own, faster~"
"Jay mapple Soul."

Kid smacked his hand to his forehead, and rubbed his temples in exasperation.
"Barely even close, Soul…"

The reaper had offered to give the scythe private one-on-one French lessons, after their teacher had informed him that he was failing, miserably. They'd been at it like this for the past two hours, and, due to Soul's lack of interest, he was unable to even announce his name. For the last ten minutes he'd buried his nose in one of the French dictionaries Kid had on hand to assist them, looking up dirty words and giggling at their translations. The shinigami snatched it out of his hands grumpily.

"Focus, Soul! Seriously, you're never going to pass like this!"

His lover groaned, and sunk in his seat.
"Gaaaaah…you sound like Maka…"
"And she's right! Come on, sit up, I'm gonna make you study even if it kills me! Don't you know any French at all?"

The scythe blushed heavily, and looked away in embarrassment.
"I know…one…sentence…but I think I'd rather tell it you later…"

Kid cocked an eyebrow, but didn't press the matter. He took out his notes, and cleared his throat.
"Okay. Now, just repeat after me…"

"Have you finished?"
"Yup~" the white-haired boy replied, grinning. "Read it and weep, babe~"

He handed over his sheet, dotted with ink splotches and scribbles where he had gone wrong and corrected himself. Slap bang in the middle of the page was a paragraph that he had just spent the past half hour or so on, with Kid occasionally hovering over his shoulder to check his progress.

Salut! Je m'appelle Soul. J'ai quinze ans, et mon anniversaire c'est le quatorze mai. J'habite a Death City, Nevada. J'ai un frere, Wes, mais pas de sœurs.

Kid nodded in approval.
"Good, good…although you need to put the accents on some of these, this is really good! I think you'd pass~"

The scythe grinned, and hooked his arms around Kid's waist. The reaper continued to examine the paragraph, looking for ways in which Soul could improve.

"Hmm…you know, you could conclude it better. You left it a bit open…"
"Oh, did I~? Silly me~"

The pianist took back the blotchy paper and set about finishing off the essay. Kid watched curiously, his golden eyes scanning the paper in a futile attempt to see what his boyfriend was writing. However, Soul was on the defensive, and used his arm to block his words.

Finally, after what felt like hours, he handed the paper back, his signature smirk etched across his face. As Kid read what he'd wrote, he felt his heart speed up and a light blush spread across his pale features.

"D-do you…do you mean it…?"
"Of course I do…I just couldn't think of a way to tell you…like I said, it's the only French I know, I just figured it was kind of corny…sorr-"

The albino was silenced by his lover wrapping his arms around his neck and pulling him into a sweet kiss. Although startled at first, he soon shut his eyes and wrapped his arms around Kid's thin waist to pull him closer.

In their passion, neither of them noticed the paper flutter out of Soul's hands and land silently on the floor, the pianist's proud words in his messy black scrawl facing upwards for the whole world to see.

Je suis en amour avec la Death The Kid.

Reluctantly breaking the kiss for air, the reaper rested his head against his boyfriend's shoulder and buried his face in the crook of his neck. The two relaxed in the blissful silence, only the sound of their racing heartbeats audible.


Kid smiled, and held him closer.

"Je t'aime trop~"

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