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Soul cracked one eye open blearily, his brain taking a few minutes to kickstart before he realised what day it was. The 25th of December, Christmas day, the first he would be spending with Kid as lovers.

Excited, he rolled over in bed to face the reaper, seeing as how he'd slept over, expecting a warm grin in return. However, that couldn't be further from what he found. Kid was gone, his side of the bed empty and the sheets sprawled out in an asymmetrical fashion. Soul stared in shock for a few moments before facing the harsh reality.

He couldn't have left…there's no way…we were so looking forward to this…

Tears welling up in his eyes, he shoved back the covers and climbed out of bed, headed for the front door to go look for the boy. He didn't care that he was wearing nothing but his boxers and that it was snowing outside, he just needed to find the reaper and get an explanation for his absence. As he stormed through the soundless halls, a sudden noise broke the silence.

"Mmph! Hmml! Hmml! Mmph mmph mm mph!"

Following the muffled cries, Soul was lead into the living room, finding a sight nothing could've prepared him for.

Kid, stark naked, wrists and ankles bound by twinkling fairy lights and mouth gagged by a strip of masking tape. Noticing Soul's entry, he met his gaze and stared into his eyes pleadingly, begging to be released.

Blood dripped from the weapon's nose, the sight of his lover in such a state so arousing that he froze on the spot as a familiar heat pooled into his groin. The shinigami glared and attempted to cover himself better, to no avail. A light blush dusted his cheeks and he looked away.

Soul walked over slowly and straddled his hips, grabbing his chin and turning him to face him. The scythe brushed his lips softly over his lover's, hands wandering down his bare form teasingly. As he reached Kid's arms, he noticed something tied around the fairy lights binding his wrists. A small, red gift tag that had "To Soul" printed upon it in deep black sharpie marker. The weapon flipped the tag around, and burst out laughing when he read the message.

To Soul,
Merry Christmas~! Dear Kiddo's on the naughty list this year, maybe you could teach him a lesson~?
From Liz & Patty x

Kid glared, reading it too. Those damn sisters! Not only had they broke into Soul's apartment, but they'd also kidnapped him from his bed and left him like this! Cussing under his breath, he vowed revenge upon them the second he got home. If Soul ever let him go, that is.

Once again Kid tried speaking, only to have it come out as nothing more than a muffled whimper. The albino cocked his head, before pinching one of the ends of the tape covering his mouth with a sly smirk. The reaper's golden eyes widened in fear and realisation of what he was about to do, but he didn't get a chance to protest before it was ripped roughly from his face. He cried out in pain.

"AGH! Dammit Soul, that fucking hurt!"
"Aw, I'm sorry babe~ Here, I can make it better~"

With that, he pulled Kid into a sweet kiss, being as gentle as he could on his stinging lips. Slightly reluctantly, Kid kissed back, moving in perfect sync with the pianist.

Slowly, Soul began to trail his hands down the meister's sides before getting to his lower back, tracing light circles on the area just above his butt. The teasing movements made Kid gasp softly in pleasure, unwillingly mewling to his lover's touch. Smirking at the reaction he got from him, Soul continued, only this time moving his hands down to his ass and edging closer and closer towards his entrance.

Kid realised where he was going and moaned into the kiss, pulling away to look Soul in the eyes.

"Let me...um...let me lube you up~"

Soul blushed, immediately understanding what he meant. He sat back, allowing Kid to grab the elastic of his boxers and pull them down slowly, exposing his throbbing erection to the cold air. The shinigami grasped the base, pumping it lightly while he licked the tip slowly. Soul moaned, knotting his fingers in Kid's hair to try and force him deeper onto it. The boy complied, and took the entire thing in his mouth, rubbing his tongue against it in all the right places. The scythe threw his head back in ecstasy, his lover's hot mouth around his dick driving him insane. He could feel a climax starting to build up within him, desperate for release.

No, I'm gonna cum in Kid, just not at this end~

Before the black-haired boy could go any further, Soul pulled him off his cock, grinning.

"I think that's me prepared...but what about you~?"

Not waiting for an answer, he pulled Kid into his lap and shoved two fingers into his entrance, earning a loud cry consisting of a mix between pain and pleasure. Soul thrust in and out a few times, pulling his uke closer to whisper hotly in his ear.

"Don't you just love that feeling Kid~? Don't you wish that were my dick, inside you right now, fucking you until you couldn't walk?"

Kid moaned, his eyes squeezed shut as Soul's skilled fingers invaded him, every inhibition within him being replaced by lust and need and wanting the scythe in every sense of the word.

"Please, please...f-fuck me..."
"Oh, I'm sorry, could you repeat that~? A little louder if you would, I couldn't hear you~"
"N-Ngh~ F-fuck me! Right now! I need you!"

Soul smirked, having earned the reaction he was looking for. In a flash, he had pulled his fingers out of the moaning boy and replaced them with his dick, the walls of Kid's tight entrance squeezing around him in such a way that he let out similar sounds of his own.

Gripping his uke's pale hips tight, he sheathed his length the entire way in before pulling out, and slamming back inside him again. Harder and faster he went, obliging to Kid's moaning cries. Precum slipped out of the tip of his dick, slicking the reaper up and making it yet more easy to thrust into him. He could feel the height of his climax approaching, and could tell Kid was close too.

The only sounds to be heard within the empty apartment were their fevered moans, and skin slapping against skin. Their bodies were coated in a fine sheen of sweat, the heat radiating from their flushed forms warming up the entire room and steaming up the windows. It only took a few more thrusts before-

"A-Aahh~~ KID~!"

Soul came hard within him, exhausted and panting, slamming back into him a couple more times to ride out his orgasm and bring Kid to his. Needless to say, it didn't take long before he gave one last loud moan and came messily over both their abdomens. Blushing, he rested his head against Soul's shoulder and left feather-light kisses along his collarbone as he attempted to regain his breath.

"Th-that was..."
"Amazing? I know, right~ Remind me to thank Liz and Patty the next time we see them~"

Kid's face turned a deep shade of red as Soul burst into laughter, which died down after he rested his eyes upon his exhausted lover.

"Hey, Kid..."
"I-I love you..."

The reaper smiled, and kissed his cheek softly.

"I love you too~"

Soul smiled in return.
"Merry Christmas, Kiddo~"