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The world isn't how it used to be. It isn't filled with normal people, smiling, chatting, going on holiday and having fun.


It's filled with flesh hungry, dead monsters roaming the Earth in search for a human to munch on. The only thing that keeps people going are memory's and living friends and family. Daryl is all I have left. I don't know what I'd do without Daryl, or anybody in our group, to be honest. I love them all. Some more than others.

When Carl got shot, my heart broke. He's such a kind boy, my heart froze and stopped beating just thinking of the world without him. If I feel like that about a little boy I've only just met, what will I feel like if Daryl died? Of course, that's impossible. He's strong - he's a fighter, he won't give up without a fight.

At the CDC, when we were in the presence of Death, and it was certain that we were going to die, Daryl didn't give up. He attempted to smash through the doors with an axe, which obviously wasn't going to work, but his determination made me want to go on living - just for him and our new found family. He doesn't have the same feelings as I do, but it doesn't bother me. He says some sweet things, but he doesn't love me like I love him.

"Who's going out today?" Rick Grimes inturupted my train of thought, plotting today's Sophia search.
"I'll go by myself. I'm best that way." I looked at Daryl who was looking around on the floor, which he did quite often.
"I'll go with you," I offered. It was probably going to be a waste of time, but I get bored here on the Greene farm, so going out looking for a dead girl is better than sitting around bored.
"Brett, I'm good. Hershel said I can use his horse," He took his cross bow off of the car and put it on his shoulder. "I'll cover this ground." He pointed at an area on the map and walked off toward the stables. He always walked with swag, it was quite funny actually.

I chased after him, leaving Rick, Shane and the others.
"Daryl!" I called.
He turned to face me, then started walking again.
I had to chase him all the way to the stables where he stopped to collect one of the horses. "Well?" I crossed my arms over my chest and tapped my foot. I knew he was lying about the horse, I just wanted to know why.
"If someone was gon' search for Merle, I'd want them to. So, I'm gon' search for Sophia for Carol."
I shook my head and smirked. "You're sweet."
He pulled a face and got himself on the horse. "Don't be stupid." He then rode out of the stable and away to search for Sophia, like the hero he is.

I walked back to the others, thinking nothing but wanting to go after Daryl. Of course, he wouldn't be very happy if I did. He'd probably just turn me away and send me back.
I arrived back at the group discussion just as they were making the final arrangements. I looked over at the house where Carol was sitting on the steps, recieving comfort from Lori. Her eyes were puffy from crying every night and day. She said it was the not knowing that was killing her; if someone could find that little girl dead or alive, she'd get better.
"I wanna go," I snapped, thinking of Carol and Sophia.
"You should stay here on look out with Andrea," Shane ordered. He's one of the people that I'm not too keen on. He seems sly, sleazy and cruel - especially leaving Otis behind.
"Fine," I snapped again, before storming off.

They can go be the heroes, as always, and I'll stay behind and look out for walkers that won't ever turn up on this farm.

I climbed up to the top of the RV with Andrea, we have never really got on before, but we manage to put our differences aside well. The cool breeze sent a chill down my spine, the smell of the stables came rushing toward me and littered my nose. I smiled at Andrea and took a seat next to her, picking up a gun as I did.
"Hey," she said.
"You still mad at Dale?" Ever since the CDC, her and Dale haven't spoken much, and when they did she was being nasty and blaming him for making her live in this cruel world.
"Oh, yeah." She shook her head like she was ashamed in her behaviour.
"Y'know he was just looking out for you?"
"I know, but he made a choice for me that I didn't want." She lifted the binoculars to her eyes, obviously not wanting to speak.

It was about five minutes until Rick and Shane left to search for Sophia. The silence between me and Andrea wasn't exactly awkward, but it was irratating.
"You don't mind if I go speak to someone do you?" I asked, noticing Glen's expression. He was staring into space with worry in his eyes. We hardly ever speak, but he never looks like this.
"Go ahead," she smiled.

I climbed off of the RV and sat opposite Glen. He looked at me strangely and I grinned at him.
"Are you really that shocked that I'm speaking to you?" I laughed.
"Not shocked, just, I don't know," he murrmered.
"What's wrong? You look distant."
"Do I?" He stared at the house where Carol and Maggie were sitting - Lori must have left to tend to Carl.
"You got a thing for Maggie?" I joked. I stopped laughing when I noticed his serious look. "You got a thing for Maggie," I gawped. "Maggie?" I glared at him in disbelief.
He stood up and walked in the opposite direction of the house, ignoring my calls.

I stalked him past the gate and into the fields where he planted himself. I sat next to him, putting his hand on his shoulder. He glanced at it, but then ignored it.
"What's the deal with you and Daryl?" His question caught me by suprise, I thought he was going to tell me about Maggie, or tell me to go away.
"Me and Daryl?"
"Yeah. You seem more interested in him than he is in you." He looked at me, raising an eyebrow.
"It's hard for him to show emotion. I don't mind too much, 'cause when we're alone sometimes, he does say some sweet stuff," I paused, thinking of everything sweet he's ever said. Then I remembered that he'd shoot me if he knew I told anybody. "Don't tell anyone I told you that. Especially Daryl," I laughed.
He laughed too, but it sounded fake. His mind was still miles away.

"So, how about Maggie? What's gon' on between you two?" I interigated.
He looked at me, then smiled at the floor. "Don't judge me, but we could've died at anytime."
I sniggered a little bit, only because Glen doesn't seem like the type to do stuff like that. He laughed a little, too. I could tell that he wanted to be alone, he's just too polite to say so. I patted him on the back as I got up and went back to the RV.

Sometimes it feels like the farm is too safe. So safe, it feels eerie. I was probably just being silly, but it just seems odd that no walkers have ventured onto the farm.

I climbed back up on top of the RV to join Andrea on the look out for walkers. We sat up there for quite a while before Rick and Shane returned - without Sophia.
"Nothing?" I called.
Rick shook his head, but Shane stormed off with a face like thunder. I rolled my eyes and shook my head. It was another twenty minutes before anybody spoke again, and it wasn't exactly something I wanted to hear.

"You know 'bout Daryl?" Rick asked, storming toward me.
"What 'bout Daryl?" I asked, shaking my head, not knowing what he was talking about.
"The horse. He took the horse without Hershel knowing. You know about this?" He snapped, fiercely.
I stuttered a bit, before finally finding the words to say. "It was too-"

"Walker! Walker!" Andrea screamed, panick all over her face. She dropped the binoculars as Glen, Shane and Rick ran down to forest edge, guns in hand.
"Don't do anything!" Rick yelled to us as he ran.
Andrea laughed and shrugged her shoulders. She layed on her front and started to aim her gun.
"What're you doing?" I screeched.
"Being the hero," she smirked.
I snatched the binoculars from the floor and peeked through them. Why weren't they shooting? If it's a walker, they should shoot it. I tried to focus my attention to the walker and... My heart plumeted to the bottom of my stomach. I felt sick and a lump appeared in my throat. I didn't even think - I just jumped off the RV and ran. I sprinted as fast as I could to the 'walker', screaming his name.

"Daryl!" I panted.


Daryl fell to the floor with a thud. My jaw dropped to the floor and my heart shattered into a million peices.