Chapter 9. Enjoy. No new case… yet. But there is some other stuff that is going on. Enjoy! Shorter chapter, but it introduces a few things that will come up in the next chapter. This chapter focuses on JJ and Henry, mostly.

JJ gagged again, closing her eyes with a groan. It was the third time she had thrown up in nearly an hour. Spencer had went to work already; the only reason she was home was because Henry's school had a day off. Now she was grateful for that, otherwise this would be happening at the office.

"Mommy, what's wrong?" Henry frowned at her from the doorway, his forehead wrinkled in concern.

"Mommy doesn't feel good," she said, forcing a smile. "Why don't you go watch cartoons?"

"I help," He padded into the bathroom, stretching up to grab the rag off the sink before handing it to her.

"Thanks buddy," she wiped her mouth before sitting back on her heels.

"What hurts?" He asked her the same question she had asked him before when he was sick.

"Just my tummy."

"Kay," he nodded before lying a hand on her forehead, looking very serious. It made JJ laugh and she wrapped him in a hug, kissing his forehead.

"I'll be fine dork. I love you."

"Love you too," he giggled, hugging her back. "Will you watch cartoons with me?"

"Sure, just give me a minute." She popped him on the butt as he ran off, earning another round of giggles. JJ laughed before cleaning herself up, then headed downstairs.

Henry moved over so she could sit down, then crawled into her lap, leaning against the arm of the chair. She patted his back, pulling a blanket over both of them. She was tired of the chilly weather and the snow.

"So what are we watching?" She rubbed his back absently, half lost in thought.

"Tom and Jerry!"

"Is Hank watching to?" She asked with a smile. The dog was following every move the cartoon cat made.

"Uh huh," Henry giggled before peering up at her, his blue eyes shining.

"What?" She smiled, kissing his nose.

"I dunno." He giggled, snuggling against her side.

Hank let out a yawn before stretching and leaping onto the couch. He curled up next to JJ, lying his head on her knee. JJ scratched between his ears, his tail thumping the couch. Henry eventually drifted off in her arms; he had woken up early for no apparent reason and JJ knew he was tired.

She sighed, looking at the dog. "When should I tell everyone big guy?" Hank just thumped his tail and she smiled. "Right, Mr. I can't talk. Are you a good boy?" She laughed when he rolled over and she scratched his belly. But her question still remained unanswered. How and when was she going to tell everybody?
. . . . . .

"So pretty boy, glad to be back at work?" Morgan asked with a grin, flicking another paper wad his way. They now littered the floor around Spencer, looking like snow.

"Yeah, I am," he chuckled. "Not like I missed you guys or anything," he teased.

"Well, I for one missed you," Emily laughed.

"So did I. I can't slip extra files onto Em's stack. She hits."

"That's right," she smiled.

"Where's Jayje at?" Garcia asked, scanning the agents.

"At home with Henry. He had a day off."

"Ah, I might stop by and say hello then."

"I'll go with you," Emily grabbed her jacket.

"Behave yourselves," Garcia winked at Morgan.

"Fat chance."



JJ groaned as she heard knocking at the door. She peeled her eyes open as Hank began to bark, back ridged as he stood by the door. Henry sat up, rubbing his eyes with a yawn. "Mommy, who is it?"

"I'm not sure," She yawned herself as he crawled off her lap. She stretched before walking towards the door, Henry on her heels. She unlocked the dead bolt before cracking the door.

"Hello sunshine," Garcia grinned.

"Did we wake you up?" Emily snickered. Her hair was standing up everywhere.

"Yeah, you did. But it's fine," She said before Garcia could start apologizing. She let them in before shutting the door, locking it back.

"Hey there Henry," Emily smiled, ruffling the boys hair.

"Emmy." He giggled when she kissed his cheek.

"Look at you! I swear you grow an inch a day!" Garcia gushed over the boy.

"Aunt Penny," He giggled. "I'm not an inch worm."

"I know that goober. Guess what I got you?"

"A gift?" He grinned. His Godmother more than spoiled him.

"Exactly!" She handed him a stuffed dinosaur. He had quite the collection going between Spencer and Garcia. The stuffed dinos lined the shelves in his room, but there was only one he slept with; The one Spencer had given him for his second birthday.

"Thank you," he kissed her cheek before running towards his room to add it to the others.

"What brings you to my door step?" JJ asked with a smile, flopping back onto the couch.

"A boring day at work. We heard you were alone with Henry, so we decided to drop by. Besides, the guys had a conference with some younger agents."

"Ah," JJ laughed before leaning forward, closing her eyes as another wave of nausea hit. She lurched a bit but swallowed the bile back down.

"Jayje, you ok?" Emily frowned, pushing the trash can to her.

JJ threw up, again, in front of her friends. She was sure she threw her insides up that time; it left her feeling empty and hurting inside. Garcia frowned, grabbing a wet rag and handing it to her. Emily patted her back, shooting Garcia a concerned look.

"I'll be fine," she sighed, leaning back. "I've already thrown up a few times this morning."

"Oh really?" Garcia said giddily.

"Is that a fact?" Emily propped her hand on her hip, grinning impishly. "Care to share anything?"

"No," She smirked. "I don't want to share anything."

"It's a secret," Henry appeared behind her with a giggle.

"That's right," JJ smiled, pulling the boy into her lap. "Only my best buddy can know."

"Yay," He grinned at her.

"Jay, that's not fair," Garcia pouted.

"Can I tell them?" Henry whispered loudly, earning a laugh from Emily.

"Hmm… I guess." JJ smiled, ruffling his hair. She had told the boy two days ago, but only him. She had no idea how to tell Spencer.

"I'm gonna be a big brother!" He beamed at them.

"I knew it!" Emily laughed, hugging her friend. Garcia squealed, squeezing her as well.

"Can't breathe," JJ teased with a smile, happy someone else finally knew.

"I'm so happy for you!" Garcia squealed again.

"Congrats," Emily grinned. "Our little family isn't so little anymore," She mused.

"FREEZE!" Garcia held up her hands like she was stopping traffic. Henry giggled, giving his mother a goofy grin.

"What?" JJ raised an eyebrow.

"Does Reid know?" Emily asked the question.

"Uh, not yet."


"Yeah. I wasn't sure how to tell him. But I am tonight."

"We are going out to celebrate!"

"I quit drinking," JJ frowned.

"No, we are going to the smoothie shop!"



"Hello?" Spencer called entering the dark house.

"Hey," JJ whispered from the couch, grinning. Henry was curled up against her side, sound asleep.

"Poor little guy. I heard he had a big day." He smiled, kicking his shoes off and pulling off his sweater.

"We went to the mall, walked around for hours. How'd the meeting go?"

"Eh," he frowned, taking off his belt, hanging it in the closet next to his jacket. "Morgan nearly got into a fight with a younger agent."

"Uh oh. Why?" JJ frowned but was amused with the show before her. He was always so tidy. He tucked his shoes in the closet before sitting down beside her with a yawn.

"He was bath mouthing me and Hotch."

"Big brother to the rescue huh?" She smiled, reaching over to kiss him.

"Mhm," He mumbled against her lips. "I heard you were sick."

"I'm going to kill them," JJ frowned.

"Why?" he chuckled, wrapping his arm around her waist, planting a kiss to her neck.

"Uh," She bit her lip, looking away.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Spencer frowned.

"I, uh. We need to talk."




"I'm pregnant."



"How am I supposed to go to sleep with you bugging me?" JJ asked with a grin as Spencer kissed her neck, his hands trailing down her sides.

"You aren't," he chuckled, kissing her just behind the ear. She shivered, pulling him into another kiss.

He had been thrilled about the baby and his mood was contagious. It was nearly ten before they finally got Henry settled down and ready to go back to sleep. Now JJ laid on top of him, fighting the urge to make it a long night; they both had work in the morning.

"We have work tomorrow," She reminded him with a sigh.

"I know," He grinned before rolling over, letting her fall to the bed. He wrapped an arm around her waist, lying his head beside hers. "I love you."

"I love you too Spence," She smiled, snuggling closer to him.


"Night," she said with a yawn, closing her eyes.

She was almost asleep when Henry padded into the room, stuffed dino in hand. His lower lip quivered and JJ sighed. The little boy had been having nightmares a few times a week . At first they had been every night, but they were becoming less frequent. She pulled the covers back, letting him crawl in next to her. She pressed a kiss to his head, holding his hand.

"Have another dream?" She asked softly. He nodded, his blue eyes full of unshed tears. "I'm sorry baby," she hugged him close. JJ hated not being able to do anything for him. "I love you. You know that right?"

He nodded, burying his face against JJ's chest as tears soaked into her shirt. She stroked his back, thankful Spencer was already asleep so he wouldn't see her own tears. Henry whimpered once, but other than that didn't make any other sound as his shoulders shook.

As soon as he stopped shaking, JJ titled his chin up, using her thumbs to wipe the few remaining tears off his face before giving him a kiss. "Feeling any better?"

"I love you mommy," was his only answer as he yawned, giving her a small grin.

"I love you too," she ruffled his hair with a smile. "And I always will."

"Can I sleep with you?" The question surprised JJ. Usually he went back to his room after he settled down. "Please?"

"I don't think it'd hurt anything." She moved her own pillow over so he could have some more room, tucking the blanket around him. She felt Spencer shift, his hand spreading out over her side. She smiled, making sure the little boy was comfortable. "Night buddy."

"Night mommy," he grinned at her before closing his eyes.

JJ let out a content sigh, looking at her little family. They were all she could ever ask for, a more. She smiled before closing her own eyes, drifting off with the sweet image in mind.

Wanted a tamer chapter after the last few. They had been serious. I needed a way to introduce JJ's pregnancy, and I thought her and Henry should have a few moments. So I hope you enjoyed it. Chapter 10 coming tomorrow.