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THIS WILL BE SHOUNEN-Ai! If you do not like boyXboy then OUT, OUT I SAY! I have nothing against the canon pairing-I quite like them, it's just that Ran and ghosts don't go well together (Ran is afraid of ghosts) [And to anyone who says detectives and ghosts don't go together-well you are not going to get a response...] So I decided to make this KaiShin. In that order. But don't expect much-I suck at writing romance. And I mean I REALLY REALLY suck at writing romance.

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A Detective and A Person

Kudou Shinichi's POV

"There is always only one truth."

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."

Two phrases I live by, two phrases I follow.

But, what if the impossible is merely the improbable?

When you grow up seeing the 'one truth' but others can't?

When you lie everyday to please the others around you; when you lie to protect their peace of mind?

What happens then?

Is it okay to lie for another's sanity?

But what happens to yours?

I'm a detective. They call me the 'current Holmes', 'the savoir of the police force' 'the great detective of the east'.

I'm a detective, who solves unsolvable crimes.

Who follows logic and reason.

Who laughs at the thought of the supernatural.

However, I am a person.

A person that sees ghosts.

Yes, I see ghosts; no I am not loosing my mind. At least, not yet.

I noticed when I was six, that I could see them, that I could hear them. And that I was the only one able to.

Only me.

At first I would try to ignore them, and it worked for the most part, they didn't try to bother me, and I didn't go near them.

But I couldn't do so for long. Someone was killed, and I thought I could ask the victim what had happened. So I tried, at age eight I started to ask them what happened. But it didn't work out. They were too confused to think about what happened, and couldn't speak. When they got their thoughts in order, most couldn't think of how they died or any reason for their deaths. Some would even accuse the wrong person.

But I still wanted to help them. So I did the best thing I could at that age, I dragged my dad to the crime scenes.

And as I grew up and developed a mind that could solve the cases on my own, I would simply follow the ghosts to the crime scenes.

It is tiring sometimes, always being surrounded by death, by murder. But I wouldn't stop, the gratitude on the victim's face, the grateful voice, a voice that would suddenly work after the murder is caught, thank me, it reminded me they needed me, and that I could help. And so I became a detective.

I've also been rumored to attract trouble, but no one could prove anything, and the rumor didn't bother me most times.

It became true in its own way. As I got used to seeing the ghosts, the ghosts would show up more regularly, as if they knew I could help them. And for the most part, I was happy to help. I am a detective after all.

Even after I became Conan the ghosts would appear and ask me to go solve their deaths. When I agreed they would make something happen to get me there, a flat tire, a broken engine, something to get me where I was supposed to be. Ghosts couldn't touch anything, but if their emotions are strong enough they could move things, and that was enough.

I don't know what is at the other side; all I do is help them get there. Ghosts can't go to…wherever if they still have unfinished business that can be solved. Like seeing their killers get justice.

Not all the ghosts I see are victims of murder though. Sometimes an accident occurs and they couldn't finish something, the ghosts would come to me then too for help. Weather it is leaving a last note to their loved one, or simply delivering an item to them, something to clear any misunderstandings that may have been left behind.

Usually the ghosts would all disappear soon after I meet them. But when I turned into Conan and taken in victims from the Black Organization the ghosts would have to stick around longer. After a while some of the ghosts would learn to speak again. Though they would usually stay close to their loved ones, but there are some who stay with me, or sometimes they would come back to me to get away from any pain or longing they might feel. The ghosts can't wander around freely; they have to be close to either a loved one or me, which certainly helps lessen chaos.

After a while I started to arrive before someone died. The ghosts that hung around me could feel something was about to happen and would try to get me there to stop it. I would be too late most of the time though, and instead I would have to solve the murder case.

Some of the ghosts became helpful; they would help with finding about the Black Organization. Three ghosts became particularly helpful for that.

Hondou Ethan, Miyano Akemi, and Kuroba Touichi.

Kuroba-san, or Touichi-san as he would insist I call him, was a surprise to find really. After a few battles against Kaitou KID, he appeared and asked for help to try to keep the current KID, his son, safe as possible then gave some information in return. As far as we can tell so far, both the people after Kaitou KID and the ones who turned me into Conan are working under the same boss so Touichi-san figured it would be best to combine information. So yes I do know who the current and past KID is, and their mission, I even have a few emergency numbers to call in case something happens to the current, but I haven't told Kuroba Kaito yet.

Kuroba-san and I just figured to tell him if the time comes.

All three prefer to hang around their own families, especially Hondou-san since his daughter is in the most danger constantly, so they would only drop by now and then. Though I've been seeing them all a lot lately. Hondou-san comes to report new information the most because of his location, he would also check up on me from time to time. I see Miyano Akemi, along with her parents, whenever I see Haibara. And Kuroba-san has gotten into the habit of dropping by just to tease or challenge me whenever he gets the chance.

There are many ghosts and more are appearing each day and I would be reminded once again that THEY have to get into jail. Not just for me, but for those would have not been able to pass on because of THEM as well.

My job is dangerous, that is well known. I have also gotten into more trouble then the average person probably had any right to, and with my luck I should have been dead a long time ago, but the ghosts would save me. A slight push during the right times were enough.

So if they would help me so much, help far as saving my life, why would I ever turn one of them away, when their own life was cut so short?

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