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Chapter Twenty Three:


Kaito couldn't take the silence anymore.

"Hey…you okay?" Kaito asked a bit hesitantly.

Conan blinked at him, entirely confused. "Hmmm? Yeah...is there something wrong?"

"…huh? Weren't you upset about leaving?"

Conan tilted his head to the side. "Not really…I was a while ago but now I'm thinking about the plan…"

"Wait…so, you aren't upset at all?" So why was Kaito squirming in his seat for the last five minutes?

"Well, I wouldn't say I'm unaffected completely…but, this is what I wanted. It's a bit sadder than I thought it would be, but it's not like I'm not going to see them again. After we defeat them I'll be back…well, Kudou Shinichi would be back, but I'm sure the kids wouldn't mind too much." Conan chuckled.

Kaito grinned. "Yeah, and from the way they are just drawn to you, I'm sure they'll start following you around again soon enough."

Conan grimaced. "They didn't follow me so much as drag me along everywhere…"

Kaito laughed. "Poor, poor seventeen year old detective…being ordered around by mere seven year olds…"

Conan rolled his eyes, but didn't wipe the smile from his face.

Kaito smiled then started to remove the mask from his face and the clothing of Edogawa Fumiko, ignoring how the driver would glance back at him wondering what was going on.

"Whew~" Kaito breath a sigh of relieve as he shed the rest of his disguise. "Why did your mom have to choose such an uncomfortable disguise to wear?"

Conan shrugged. "How am I supposed to know? I can't ever understand her motives…"

They had arrived at Agasa's house soon after.

"Hello, Kudou-kun. And I'm guessing this is Kaitou KID." Ai greeted.

Kaito blinked. "You told her?"

"huh?" Conan looked from Ai to Kaito. "Wait, no I didn't…Haibara how did you…"

Ai just deadpanned. "It's pretty easy to figure out.

The two boys just stared at her. "It is?"

Ai dismissed the conversation and moved on. She held out clothes that were neatly folded and on top was a pill.

Conan immediately focused on the pill. "You sure this will work?"

Ai half-heartily glared. "You think I'm incapable?"

"What? Ah, no…That's not what I meant…" Conan just waved his arms at the pill as if that would make explaining easier. "Well, you just…there wasn't any sign of you being done…and now you are just saying it's the permanent antidote of a sudden…"

Ai shrugged. "I've been staying up late these past few days. I figured that you would need the pill now more than ever. And I just didn't inform you on the progress I was making. If I had, you surely would have bugged me."

Conan smiled, ignoring the last part-somewhere in the back of his mind he knew she was right. "Thanks, Haibara." The shrunken detective took the clothes and pill and entered the bathroom.

When Conan closed the door behind him, Ai turned to the magician. "You being KID isn't the only easy thing to notice."

Kaito blinked not sure what the girl meant, but not liking the tone she used. She was teasing him…he just knew it…but he wasn't sure what she could tease him about though…

"What are you-" Before Kaito could finish his sentence, an ear-splitting scream broke him off. Kaito gulped and turned wide-eyed at the bathroom door. He was about to see if the detective was okay, but Ai stopped him by grabbing his arm.

"Don't. He's fine…probably."

"Probably?" Kaito couldn't tear his gaze from the door; pained groans could still be heard.

Ai was looking at the door too, but with less worry. "There is a chance his will kill him…"

"What? And you let him take it? I thought you said you were sure it would work!"

"I'm sure it will work…but the process might kill him…and he knows the risk. I warned him time and time again just this morning…"

There was a dead silence when Ai was finished talking. The moans and grunts from the bathroom stopped and the two looked at the door, hoping that it all worked out.

…but, the silence dragged on and the door didn't open.

Ai's grip on Kaito's sleeve tightened and the magician was robotic as he took one step to the door, then another…and another…his hand was right above the knob at this point, but he wasn't sure if he truly wanted to open the door…

But, he somehow managed to open the door…

…and on the floor, laid Kudou Shinichi…

"Thank you." Satou took the cup of coffee that Ran held out to her and Takagi, who was next to her, echoed her thanks. They had been assigned to watch over the Mouris. It was supposed to be unnoticed, but the Detective Boys had seen them while they were leaving-they just stopped by to see how Ran was doing without Conan.

"So, what brings you here, Satou-keiji, Takagi-keiji?" Ran asked as she sat down on the opposite side, Sonoko was next to her. "It is about what Megure-keibu said when he called us, right? But what exactly is going on? Megure-keibu just said that we have to be careful and that people would come to keep watch on us from now on…But, why is this all happening?"

Satou set the cup down and sighed. "I'm afraid I can't tell you that…even if I wanted to."

"Eh? You mean you don't know yourself?" Sonoko was sure she would find out what was happening…why do the police officers not even know?

Satou shook her head. "No matter how many times we asked, Megure-keibu would just dismiss us."

"You aren't lying, are you?" Sonoko looked at the officers in suspicion.

"I wish we were." Satou groaned. "It bugs me! What could possibly be going on?"

"Ma, Satou-san, I'm sure Megure-keibu has his reasons…" Takagi tried to calm his partner down.

"Like what? He is being so secretive about this one!" Satou was sure the inspector has a valid reason, but she was frustrated by not knowing what that reason could be.

…but, it wasn't like she was just going to accept this as it was. She'll find out whether Megure told them willingly or not.

"What is the big deal!" Nakamori yelled through the phone. "Megure, tell me who told you to watch us!"

"Now, Nakamori…I said I can't…" Megure sighed. He should have expected this call from the short tempered inspector.

Nakamori's office door opened, but he glared at the officer who quickly retreated, closing the door. Lowering his voice, he asked, "Was it that Hakuba brat?" From what Aoko had told him, the detective brat and that magician brat probably got caught up in some trouble. Megure was more likely to listen to Hakuba than Kaito…though to listen to a teen at all…

"Huh? Ah, no. It wasn't Hakuba Saguru. But I can't say anything more than that…why bring him up anyways?"

Nakamori growled. "Never mind. I'll find out what is going on, Megure, count on it." He hung up the phone, cutting off what Megure was about to say.

He wasn't stupid. He was an inspector after all.

Something was up. Saguru and Kaito had left at the same time, telling Aoko to be careful, and now Megure has officers watching over them?

Yeah, something was up.

Kaito sighed as he placed Shinichi onto the couch.

Shinichi was alive-just unconscious.

Ai had given Shinichi a check up, and from what she could tell, everything was going to be okay. The cure was working and Shinichi should be fine…

With another sigh, Kaito sat down on the couch and placed Shinichi's head on his lap. Kaito brushed the detective's bangs to the side, and then leaned down to kiss his forehead.

"I don't know what you see in him…" Ai said, smirking at the magician.

Kaito straightened up and wouldn't meet Ai's eyes. "I don't know what you mean…"

"I told you, it's easy to figure out. That guy," She waved at Shinichi. "is just too dense."

Kaito winced. Was it really that easy to notice?

"Yes, it is easy to see. Anyone would have noticed." Ai deadpanned.

"I didn't even say anything!" Kaito protested.

"You didn't have to-it was written all over your face." Ai shrugged.

Kaito cringed. He pride himself on his poker face, there was no way that it was that easy to read him…he hoped. "Maybe it's just you…" He mumbled and looked down at Shinichi.

Ai shrugged again. "Well, looks like he isn't the only dense one around here…"

Deciding to ignore the small scientist-who wasn't making any sense to him and was only embarrassing him, Kaito went back to playing with Shinichi's hair and tracing the detective's features with his fingers, tenderly brushing his hand across Shinichi's cheek.

Ai smiled fondly and left the room; though Kaito didn't notice, having forgotten all about her already. He was too busy memorizing the face of his loved one.

Kaito wondered when he had fallen in love with the blue-eyed detective.

Memories flashed through his mind, of the first time they met-at the clock tower no less-the thrill of the chase, the excitement on almost being cornered…their second meeting on the rooftop when Shinichi was Conan…and so many more meetings…each time Kaito grew more and more fond of the detective.

Kaito scowled and shook his head to get rid of the flashbacks and then lightly glared to his right. "Thanks, but I didn't really need an answer, dad."

Touichi, who had just shown up, chuckled and Kaito's face softened, he couldn't hear it, but it almost felt like he could. The mood lifted and Kaito felt like laughing along. It was familiar to him. While Kaito was young, he could still remember that whenever his father laughed, it felt like the whole world would laugh along.

Touichi moved closer to Kaito and Shinichi and hovered beside them.

Kaito felt relaxation spreading through him and he welcomed it. His shoulders loosened, he didn't even notice he was still tense. "Thanks."

Touichi nodded and smiled as he watched Kaito as the teen returned his attention to Shinichi.

Shinichi groaned and slowly opened his eyes. "Kai…to?"

"Hey, how are you feeling?" Kaito asked as he helped the detective sit upright.

"Hhmm…dizzy." Shinichi groaned and rubbed his temples.

"Here." Ai entered the room and handed Shinichi a cup of water. "Drink."

"Thanks." Shinichi took the glass gratefully and did as he was told. "What time is it?"

"Almost six in the afternoon. You were asleep for about three hours." Ai took the now empty cup and went back to the kitchen. "You should be fine, but I want to run through a quick check up before you leave…oh, but, you two have visitors…I'll be downstairs with Hakase setting up for your check up. I'll come get you later." AI left with a lazy wave.

"Huh?" Shinichi blinked.

"Who?" Kaito didn't notice anyone coming inside…

"Shin-chan~!" Shinichi suddenly found himself in the tight embraces.

"M-Mom?" Shinichi exclaimed.

"I need a hug from my son too!" Chikage said and proceeded to hug Kaito.

Yuusaku entered behind them, obviously amused from his smile.

"Shin-chan, you never tell us anything!" Yukiko scolded lightly. "How come we have to find everything out from Touichi-sensei?"

"Umm…well…" Shinichi struggled to get out of Yukiko's hold. He managed to succeed at the same time Kaito was able to and the two teens ended up standing side by side and watched their mothers warily, who were both sitting on the couch.

Then, what Yukiko said finally clicked. "Wait, what?" They shouted together.

"Touichi-sensei came by to tell us all about you two and what situation you were in! I can't believe you didn't tell us!" Yukiko glared a bit. "Something so dangerous…"

"Wait…" Shinichi ignored the complaint. "You said…you heard from…"

"Sorry, Shinichi-kun. But, they do have the right to know. Besides…I didn't expect them to really fly over here as soon as I told them…" Touichi laughed and sat besides his wife.

"Well, how can you not expect us to fly over here?" Yukiko defended herself. "We were worried!"

"Wait…" Shinichi said for the third time. "You…mom…you…you can see Touichi-san?"

"Of course! I allowed you to stay here after turned into Conan-kun because Touichi-sensei promised to look after you."

"But…I thought…" Shinichi turned to his father, who was making his way to sit on the couch as well. "Can you see him too?"

Yuusaku shook his head and suppressed a laugh. "No, but, I can sense him, much like how Kaito-kun can."

"M-Mom? What about you?" Kaito asked.

Chikage shook her head. "I'm afraid I can't. The only reason I know about this was because Yukiko-chan told me about it all."

"But…I thought…" Shinichi was still having trouble with the new knowledge of his parents knowing about ghosts. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Well, that's what you get for not tell us anything. If you had just asked us about ghosts then we would have told you." Yukiko frowned. "You are the one who keeps everything to yourself."

"So…all this time you two knew?"

Yukiko and Yuusaku laughed. "Well of course!" Yukiko said.

"You think I didn't notice you talking to yourself while you were dragging me to crime scenes?" Yuusaku chuckled some more.

"Maybe next time you'll think about telling us things." Yukiko smirked.

Shinichi just groaned.

All this time he was trying to keep a secret that was already known...Why did it always seem like his parents always knew everything before him?

"Oh, you wouldn't believe how cute Shin-chan was when he was younger!" Yukiko suddenly gushed. "At first I thought he was playing with imaginary friends but then I noticed that there were little ghosts around the house! It's sad to think those poor little children died so soon…but, Shin-chan helped them cross all by himself! He was so cute going around whenever he wasn't around Ran-chan and doing little things for the little ghosts!"

Shinichi groaned. "Mom…"

He remembered that…there were little kids that died for one reason or another. All he did was play with them and show them around the neighborhood…but, he supposed that is really all children want; to have a good time with a friend.

He remembered being really sad when they left, but he figured that they were supposed to leave, and they all seemed happy when they said goodbye, and he still had Ran so he wasn't too upset.

"You should have seen the sad look on Shin-chan's face too! It was so adorable! But, like the good child he is he didn't shed a single tear, being strong and said goodbye with a smile!"

Shinichi blushed. "Mom…"

"Oh, but I sort of wished he did cry. That way I could have babied him and praised him for doing such a good thing!" Yukiko squealed.

Yuusaku, Touichi, Chikage, and Kaito were all laughing at Shinichi's expense.

"Mom!" Shinichi groaned, covering his eyes with a hand.

"Aww, what a good boy." Kaito teased and patted Shinichi's head, laughing all the while.

Shinichi slapped Kaito's hand away. "What kind of mother wants their child to cry anyways?" Shinichi grumbled.

The other four just continued to laugh.

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