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The BioShip was fast but in Robin's opinion it was not fast enough as they flew for Star City. The team had been silent since they boarded and left the mountain, either it was from fear that they would not reach her in time or shock that Batman had actually allowed them to assist he wasn't sure. Wally sat beside Artemis, though he had denied a relationship between them Robin was well aware of his speedy friends feelings for the female archer. He wished them luck, they would need it with how stubborn the two of them were. Connor who sat at the consol in front of M'gann looked back every once in a while as if checking up on her. It was a weird pairing in Robin's mind, a martian and a half kryptonian but again he wished them both well. Then there was Kaldur, his arms were folded over his chest as he seemed to stare off into no were, his eyes directed at the floor.

The team had grown and despite the hardships they faced they still had to deal with the many angles of being teenagers. Heck a normal teenager worried about school, homework, what everyone else was wearing. As Robin thought on this he shook his head and almost snorted, boring. Though their current mission was not one he would ever label as fun, he never wanted to hang up his cape and mask again. This was the life he was born to lead, he was born to be a super hero.

"BioShip to Mountain", Robin was plucked from his train of thought as Kaldur spoke up beside him.

"We read you BioShip", Roy's voice filled the cockpit.

"We are past the half way point, how is Zatana holding up?".

"Still unattended we will update the moment we see that change", Kaldur nodded despite the fact that Roy could not see him and touched a few keys.

"Rodger, BioShip out", he looked to Robin and took a deep breath before looking to the others. "We need a strategy".

"Perhaps a distraction?", M'gann suggested but Wally shook his head and spoke up.

"We risk the Joker expecting that and killing Zatana before we even get close to her".

"Its not like we can just walk in there", Connor grumbled but Robin lifted his chin and looked to the others.

"That is exactly what we are going to do", the rest of the team all looked to him as if he had grown an additional head on his shoulders.

"That's suicide", Artemis shook her head.

"The Joker is doing this because he wants to hurt ME, if I give him opportunity to have me again he will release Zatana. If we use a distraction it has to be the right kind of distraction.", it was Wally's turn to disagree.

"And what if he manages to take you?".

"He wont, my distraction will be enough to give M'gann time to get Zatana away from the warehouse, Wally, you and Artemis can be on stand by to help her if she needs it. Connor and Kaldur can be my back up should I need it.", he looked to Kaldur and then fell silent remembering he was not the leader of this team. "Im sorry, I am speaking out of term", but Kaldur shook his head.

"No you are speaking as a leader", he smirked and Robin returned his smile.

"But one problem, Batman and Zatara?", Artemis added.

"They are at least fifteen to twenty minutes behind us, if we wait for them we risk the Joker going to town on Zatana", Robin turned in his seat as the com lit up, hitting the button he and the others looked to see Roy's face appear, Jade standing off to his side.

"Mountain to BioShip, we got movement".

"We hear you Roy what's going on?".

"Joker has shown his ugly face, he is having two goons move Zatana from the chair to a gurney", he spoke to them but his eyes were lifted to the right as he watched another screen. "They injected something into her arm, she isn't even fighting".

"One of his toxins", Robin growled.

"How much longer?", Connor looked to M'gann.

"We are coming over Star City now", she replied.

"Put us down in stealth as close to the warehouse as possible, Roy we are switching to mental connection our radios may not work here if he has a signal jammer", Kaldur spoke quickly and the others began to prepare for the landing.

'I will radio Batman and let him know you have arrived, be careful team', they all heard Roy in their minds and as the harbor came into view the BioShip began it's decent.


"How is our patient feeling today?", the Joker smiled as his goons adjusted the gurney so it was standing straight up, the restraints holding Zatana in place.

"You drugged me again", she whimpered as she tried to fight the restraints. She was panicked as her mind screamed for her to fight the bindings but her body hung limp.

"Yes, you see puppet I already made the mistake of allowing one little bird to get away, I will not be so careless this time.", he stepped out of the light and she lifted her head slowly to try and follow were he had gone.

"What happened to you? How did you go from prankster to torture lover?", she knew she had to keep him talking, distract him from his goal. She was certain her spell had worked, and if it had Robin was working hard at finding her.

"Don't know, don't care", he grumbled as he came back into the light pulling a cart that had a white towel draped over the top. "I enjoy laughter, but lately screaming has become so much more pleasant. Wouldn't you agree?", he smiled, his face twisting and making her shiver. A goon that had helped move her to the gurney came from the darkness and whispered something to the Joker who in turn shook his head and growled. "I don't care, leave now all of you! Daddy has work to do", the goon nodded and looked to Zatana one more time before walking into the darkness.

"When the Justice League catches you-".

"If they catch me", he interrupted and rubbed his hands together before his attention returned to the tray, she had to keep his attention.

"Batman will surely kill you for hurting Robin", she watched as he froze for a moment and then looked at her.

"Please the Bat is a big softy, besides the brat is still alive no harm no fowl", he grabbed the white towel and removed it and Zatana felt her stomach turn. On the tray were an array of knives, scalpels, needles, and other items that looked unpleasant.

"You don't want to do this", she whimpered and quickly regretted it as he smiled once again.

"Oh yes I do puppet, now you may want to stay still this will only hurt…a lot", he laughed as he picked up a knife and started towards her.

"No plea-".

"Knock knock, hope Im not interrupting", the Joker froze and turned around, Zatana watched as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a remote. Hitting a button she gasped as the warehouse lit up a bit more from a few over head lights that flickered slightly.

"Is that you little bird? So you have come to take away my toy?", she watched as Robin stepped from the shadows.

"No I came to take her place", he slowly removed his utility belt and dropped it on the ground beside him.

"Now why would you think I am interested in you anymore?", the Joker moved a few steps from Zatana and she almost cried in joy but stopped as she felt something brush her restrained wrist.

'Don't move, if he looks over here he will see', she heard M'gann's voice in her head and she nodded slowly. The restraint on her left hand released and she tensed at the sight of blood that escaped from cuts on her wrists. Remaining silent as M'gann worked she turned her eyes back to the Joker and Robin as they talked.

"And you will surrender your self, if I let her go?", the Joker tossed his knife in the air and caught it skillfully.

"That's the deal", Robin nodded as he approached very slowly, his attention fully on his target. The Joker watched him and then that sickening smile crawled over his twisted features.

"No deal little bird", he turned before Robin could reach him and threw the knife he held in his hand at the gurney that held Zatana.

"No!", Robin lurched forward but stopped when he saw that the knife had embedded in an empty space. The Joker seemed to straighten and released an angered yell before turning back to face Robin who seemed just as surprised.

"You little brat!", he came at Robin quickly but never made it to him as a black shadow landed just behind the boy.

"Touch him again Joker and I will end you", Robin turned to see Batman as he straightened. Looking past his mentor he saw Zatara holding his daughter safely in his arms, the team beside and behind him.

"Oh well if it isn't daddy bats, come to rescue his boy. To bad you couldn't do that the first time, may have saved him from all that scarring", the Joker chuckled and before Robin could grab him Batman had launched forward and grabbed the laughing lunatic by the throat. It happened so quick and Robin had never seen Batman lose control of his emotions like that.

"Team outside, see to Zatana!", Robin yelled before moving towards his mentor who was now choking the life out of the Joker. Moving carefully towards them Robin was slow he knew the extent of Bruce's temper and how not to trigger it further.

"You seem upset Bats", the Joker gasped, still smiling.

"And you are going to seem very dead", he growled back and tightened his hold. He almost lashed out when he felt Robin's hand fall on his shoulder.

"You don't want to do this", he whispered.

"Oh yes he does, look at him Batman, see what I did to him. Feel that anger?", he laughed as best he could.

"Remember what you taught me about revenge, when my family was murdered? Killing him wont undo what was done!", he tightened his hold on his father's shoulder, he had to reach him. Even though Bruce was a defender he would never kill, it was just part of his code.

"Oh come now don't listen to the boy, feel that anger, kill me!", the Joker screeched but Batman threw him backwards causing him to collide with the tray of knives. Taking a few shuddering and deep breaths he turned to look at his son who was watching him carefully.

"Forgive me", he said softly and Robin nodded before looking at the Joker.

"Your under arrest for kidnapping, two attempted murders, and if it was legal pissing me off", the Joker scrambled to get back to his feet as Robin approached him. "And I promise your prison stay will not be pleasant".



Jade grabbed a fresh towel and wiped her face before draping the towel over her shoulders and looking to Artemis. Her sister finished up her run on the treadmill and shut it off with a huff before looking back at her. They had spent a lot of time with each other over the past month and had rebuilt the relationship that had been damaged in the past.

"So you have a date tonight?", Jade raised an eye brow with a smirk and watched as Artemis blushed.

"Yeah, yeah we do", she stepped down and headed for the locker room, Jade following. "How are you and Roy doing?", she tossed a look over her shoulder.

"Good, well despite his ill mood from losing his pent house apartment", she laughed lightly.

"Real estate doesn't really matter as long as you are there with me", both girls stopped outside the locker room as they now noticed Roy's presence. Artemis smiled and looked between the two before continuing on.

"Ill just go shower, lots to do before tonight", Roy didn't even look away from Jade as he nodded.

"I want details", Jade replied before walking to Roy, her sister leaving. "As long as I am there?", she repeated as she came to stand inches from him.

"That's what I said", he almost seemed to growl the words, knowing she would taunt him, Jade smiled and purred softly before placing her hands on his chest.

"So your saying you want to keep me around?", she tilted her head and played innocent as Roy placed his hands on her hips.

"I need you around", his voice became thick and Jade bit her bottom lip before taking a slow breath.

"And I need you", they shared a passionate kiss, each confessing their feelings with actions instead of words. Between the two of them it was the only way they could express them selves and it worked perfectly.


"So how are you doing?", Wally asked Dick as they walked down the hall towards the kitchen.

"Better, much better. Bruce is even beginning to relax again.", he smiled to his best friend before heading for the fridge. Wally settled for taking a seat at the counter relaxing completely with a slightly concerned look.

"Has she spoken to you?", Robin grabbed a can of soda and slowly closed the fridge door before turning around.

"Im giving her space, if I hadn't taken interest in her then she would have never been taken by the Joker.", he popped the top on his can and took a swig.

"Im sorry man", Dick shrugged and came to sit beside his friend.

"Bruce used to tell me that relationships held great risks, and now I see exactly what he meant. I miss Zatana but I will wait until she is ready, plus Im pretty sure her dad doesn't want me anywhere near her", he sighed and watched as Wally snagged his soda and took a sip from it.

"She will come back, sooner then you think", Wally had a huge grin as he looked past Dick who raised an eye brow, but before he could ask Wally was gone in a flash.

"Rude man really rude", he grumbled and looked at his now empty hand before getting up to retrieve another soda.

"You look well Dick", her voice was so soft that he almost hadn't heard her speak. Turning slowly to the main entrance of the kitchen Dick felt his knees wobble slightly, it was Zatana. The soda now long forgotten he walked to her and reached out a hand but stopped his fingers inches from her cheek. Thinking for a moment he lowered his chin and let his hand fall to his side. He had no right to touch her, not after what she had been through because of him.

"Don't….please don't do that", her words made him raise his head in confusion. As he looked at her he noted how tears threatened to fall from her blue eyes.

"Don't do what Zatana?", he took a step closer to her.

"Don't blame your self, don't beat your self up.", nodding slowly he lifted his hand once more and placed it on her cheek gently as a single tear fell.

"I miss you", her eyes widened at his reveal of how he had been feeling since that fateful night.

"I miss you too", her reply was met with a smirk as Dick lowered his hand and took hers. She watched him as he lifted her hand and gently kissed a scar on her wrist, it was evidence left behind. Her skin was forever marked like his own, they were two victims of the same villain. But over the past month, regardless of being protected by her father relentlessly Zatana had never felt as safe as she did now. With Dick she felt like a rare jewel that he would never allow to be taken or tarnished.

"How long do you have?", she almost jumped as he brought her from her thoughts.

"A few hours at least, as long as my double holds up", she smirked and Dick chuckled before lacing his fingers with hers, leaning forward he pressed his lips to hers and Zatana leaned into him. As the kiss broke they both smiled and turned to head down the hall.

"Then lets enjoy time while we have it", she nodded and rested her head on his shoulder. Time while they had it…..in their line of work and in the future to come that time was either a full hour glass or cracked, threatening to break but there was one thing Zatana knew. She wanted to be at his side and take that future head on with him.


Batman stood at the main consol watching as Dick and Zatana left the kitchen and he couldn't help but smirk. His son had grown since the horrible encounter with the Joker, a feet some wouldn't be able to do. As he turned off the screen he straightened his spine and tilted his head slightly.

"Man your good, and I didn't even make a sound that time", he turned to see Barry, the elder speedster was leaning against the door jamb with a bag of chips in his hand. If you asked Bruce he probably wouldn't be able to think of a time when he didn't see Barry with food.

"Your visiting Wally?", the speedster appeared at his side and hit a few buttons on the main computer. A screen popped up showing Wally walking down a hall talking to Roy and Jade.

"Came to check up on him and an old friend. I heard the examiner at Arkham found a tumor in the Joker's head?", Bruce nodded.

"It was causing pressure on his brain which resulted in loss of remorse and compassion, lucky him they were able to remove it. But that will not forgo his sentence, if it were up to me he would be in a body bag not a cell.", Flash rubbed the back of his neck and nodded slowly as he took a deep breath.

"So you still benching your self?", he looked to Bruce with concern.

"Remaining at the mountain for the time being is not 'benching' myself", he didn't believe that for a minute and he could tell neither did Barry. "I lost control of my emotions and let them cloud my actions, a mistake I do not plan to allow happen again.".

"Permission to speak freely?", he almost rolled his eyes at his friend.

"Your actually asking permission?".

"He is your son Bruce, I would be concerned if you didn't try to shove Joker in a tin can and put him six feet. Dick will be alright and in time you will to man", he placed a hand on the Bat's shoulder and smiled when he turned his attention to him.

"Speaking of sons I heard yours has a date tonight", he needed to change the subject, because he refused to admit that Flash was right.

"Yeah, they grow up so fast", Bruce did roll his eyes this time as Barry clasped his hands together and smiled like an idiot. Looking to the screen that had changed to the main hall he watched as all the teens seemed to come together. He watched as Wally and Dick wrestled lightly, Zatana joined the girls and the other boys seemed to join in on the tussle.

"Yeah….they really do", he smiled and shut down the consol completely, his son was growing up and no matter what no one would interfere with that again.


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