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*crawls in bed and hides under the covers*


Everything turned out great. The tour had been amazing. The rumors website did a rectification on the part they wrote on Logan after the picture of him and Tanya came out, Brooke and Logan got a restraining order against Tanya and the best of all, they came out stronger together.

"I loved being on tour, but I'm happy to be home!" Logan said as he crashed down on his couch.

"Me too." Brooke smiled as she plopped down next to Logan.

She laid her head on his chest as Logan wrapped his arm around her waist. They had just come home from the tour. Two days ago Big Time Rush played their last show of the tour in Orlando Florida.

"Three whole weeks of vacation before you guys start shooting season 3 of the show. What do you want to do?" Brooke smiled.

"Well, spend some time with your parents, spend some time with my parents and sister, pack our suitcases, spend some you and me alone time, relax..." Logan said smiling as he played with Brooke her fingers.

"Wait, what did you just say?" she asked shocked as her head shot up.

"Relax?" Logan asked as he tried to hold a straight face.

"No before that." Brooke said.

"Spend some you and me alone time?" Logan asked again.

"No, before that."

"Spend some time with your parents?" Logan asked again.

"After that."

"Spend some time with my parents and sister?" Logan smiled again.

"Logan!" Brooke whined as she playfully hit his chest.

"Oh, you mean pack our suitcases?" Logan asked as he flashed his big smile.

"Why do we need to pack our suitcases? We just got home." Brooke asked confused.

"Yeah, but I'm taking you somewhere, so we need to pack our suitcases for that." Logan grinned.

"Where are we going?" Brooke asked with wide eyes.

"Can't tell you." Logan grinned.

"Logan!" Brooke whined again.

"No, I can't tell you! It's a surprise!" Logan smiled.

"But if you won't tell me, how do I know what to pack?" Brooke asked.

"Good point. All I can tell you is that it will be warm there, so you know what to pack then." Logan smiled again.

"When are we leaving?"

"Wednesday." Logan smiled.

"When did you plan all of this?" Brooke asked as played with Logan's shirt.

"Before the tour started. I discussed it with your parents first and then told my parents. And then I told the guys and the girls." Logan answered as he flashed his big smile.

"So everyone knows, except for me?" Brooke asked with disbelief.

"Yep." Logan grinned.

"I'll just ask one of the others." Brooke said as she stuck out her tongue at Logan.

"Won't work, baby. They won't tell you anything." Logan said as he playfully poked Brooke her sides.

"Logan!" She whined again.

"Brooke!" Logan whined mimicking her previous action.

Brooke crossed her arms and sighed and pouted which made Logan laugh a little.

"Aww, come on, babe. Don't be like that. I want to tell you, but I can't. I want it to be a surprise. But you're going to love it! I promise!" Logan said as he rubbed Brooke her arm lovingly.

He moved his hand up under Brooke her chin and made her turn her face to look at him.

"Please?" he asked while batting his eyelashes.

Brooke tried to keep a straight face, but failed because a small smile started to appear on her lips.

"There's that gorgeous smile that I wanted to see from my girl." Logan smiled.

Logan leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on Brook her lips.

"I love you!" Logan smiled.

"I love you too, I guess." Brooke teased.

"You guess?" Logan asked raising his eyebrows.

"Maybe I shouldn't take you with me anymore." Logan teased back as he started tickling Brooke.

"L-l-ogan! P-p-lea-se!" Brooke tried to say in between laughing.

"Please what?" Logan grinned as he continued the tickle assault.

"P-p-lease s-s-stop!" Brooke managed to get out.

"Why?" Logan asked as he stopped for a second.

"C-c-cause y-you l-love m-me." Brooke stuttered as she was trying to catch her breath.

"Maybe." Logan teased.

"And because I love you." Brooke smiled.

"You do?" Logan smiled back.

Brooke moved her hand up and caressed Logan's cheek. She leaned forward and gave Logan a kiss filled with love.

"More than anything!"

Logan smiled back before moving forward to capture Brooke her lips with his own again.

"I love you so much!" Logan whispered.

Brooke smiled and gave him another kiss.

"You need to pack for a warm place and for 10 days. And you need your passport. That's all I'm telling you." Logan smiled before giving her another kiss.


Later that day they went shopping for some last minute items they needed. Brooke bought 2 cute new bikini's she would take with her. She bought them when Logan in another store. Logan bought some swim shorts. They both got some new clothes as well. In the evening they had dinner with Brooke her parents at her parent's house.

They next day Logan and Brooke relaxed a bit during the day and packed their suitcases and in the evening they had dinner with Logan's parents and sister. Brooke tried several times to find out where Logan was taking her, but no one would tell her. It frustrated her, much to Logan's amusement.


The next morning they would fly to their destination. Logan's parents and sister and Brooke her parents dropped them off at the airport. Logan and Brooke said their goodbyes and made their way through security. They had to wait a little before they could get on the plane.

"Flight TN407 to Papeete, Tahiti is now boarding." they heard over the speakers.

Logan got up from his seat and held his hand out for Brooke who looked at him shocked.

"We're going to Tahiti?" Brooke asked shocked.

"Yes we are." Logan smiled.

"A-a-are y-y-you s-serious? We're really going to T-Tahiti?" Brooke stuttered.

"Yes, sweetheart, we are. We are going to Bora Bora for 10 days." Logan smiled.

"Oh my god! I can't believe it!" Brooke squealed as she hugged Logan tightly.

"I love you so much!" she whispered in his ear.

"I love you to, babe!" Logan whispered back.

"Last call for flight TN407 to Papeete, Tahiti." they heard.

"Come on." Logan smiled as he grabbed Brooke her hand.

They quickly went on board and got to their seats. Brooke got the seat by the window.

"You can go to sleep if you want. It's going to be an 8 hour flight and then we need to get on another plane for about 30 minutes that takes us from Papeete to a small island next to Bora Bora which is the Bora Bora airport and then we take a ferry to the island itself." Logan smiled.

"I can't believe we're going to Tahiti!" Brooke said still shocked.

"In about 9 hours you will." Logan smiled as he placed a soft kiss on her lips.

A little while later the plane took off. And not much later Brooke was asleep. Her head was lying on Logan's shoulder. Logan fell asleep as well and rested his head against Brooke her head.

"Baby, wake up." Logan whispered a few hours later.

Brooke started stirring.

"Are we there yet?" Brooke yawned.

"Almost. But I thought you might wanted to see the view." Logan smiled as he pointed out the window.

The view was amazing. Not long after they landed in Papeete. They didn't have to wait long to get on the other plane that took them to the Bora Bora airport. That flight took about 30 minutes. The ride on the ferry didn't take long either. Brooke was amazed by everything she saw. And so was Logan. Seeing it all online was one thing, seeing it with your own eyes was a whole different experience. They took a short ride with a cab to a luxurious resort near the beach. Logan booked a luxurious cabin that was literally 5 steps away from the beach. They had their privacy and the beach right outside the cabin.

"Baby, this is amazing!" Brooke said in shock as she looked around.

"I know!" Logan smiled.

"Oh my god, can we live here?" Brooke asked in shock as she explored the cabin.

Logan started laughing and put their suitcases down. He went to look for Brooke and found her out on the patio. He walked up to her and wrapped his around her waist and leaned his chin on her shoulder.

"It's beautiful here!" Brooke whispered.

"Yeah it is!" Logan smiled as he wrapped his arms tighter around Brooke.

"But not as beautiful as you!" he whispered in her ear which made her blush.

"I'm loving it here already!" Brooke smiled as she turned around and faced Logan.

"Want to unpack and explore the island a little bit? Or we could just hang on the beach." Logan smiled.

"Explore the island after we unpack." Brooke smiled as she dragged Logan back inside.

After they were done unpacking they changed went out and explored the island a little bit. After a few hours they went back to their cabin, changed clothes and went out to dinner in a nice restaurant which was followed by a nice romantic walk on the beach. Logan and Brooke were exhausted when they came back and headed straight to bed.


The next morning they woke up pretty early.

"Good morning beautiful." Logan smiled as he opened his eyes and saw Brooke looking at him.

"Good morning, baby." Brooke smiled back as she caressed Logan's cheek.

"How about we go out to have breakfast after we take a shower and then spend our day on the beach?" Logan asked.

"Sounds like a great idea."

Logan got out of bed and took a quick shower. After he was done it was Brooke her turn. After they both had a shower they headed towards the main building of the resort and had breakfast there. After breakfast they went back to their cabin to grab their things for the beach. After walking on the beach for a while Logan spotted something.

"Come on, babe." Logan smiled as he grabbed Brooke her hand and dragged her with him.

"I'm not gonna do that. I'll just stay in the boat." Brooke said a bit scared.

"I've always wanted to go parasailing! And I would love to do it together with you!" Logan said all excited as he looked at Brooke with puppy dog eyes.

Five minutes later both of them were strapped in.

"I don't know why I let you talk me into this!" Brooke sighed.

"Cause you love me." Logan smiled as he grabbed her hand for reassurance.

"That I do." Brooke smiled.

They were let in the air. Brooke kept eyes closed, but Logan softly squeezed her hand for reassurance so she would open her eyes. As she did she was blown away by the sight. After the parasailing Logan and Brooke went snorkeling. They both had an amazing time. Later in the day they were walking hand in hand along the beach with their feet in the ocean. Brooke tried to softly push Logan further into the water. She had to hold back her laughter. Logan noticed what she was trying to do. He walked over to the water more pulling Brooke with him. Brooke started giggling and jumped on his back.

"I don't want to get wet."

"Okay, okay." Logan laughed as he walked out of the water and put Brooke back on the ground.

Just as she wanted to walk again she was lifted off her feet all of a sudden. Logan had grabbed her and was carrying her bridal style and walked deeper into the water.

"Logan, don't! Put me down!" Brooke squealed.

Logan was just laughing.

"Logan! Put me down!" Brooke squealed as she kicked her legs.

"Okay." Logan said simply as he dropped himself into the water taking Brooke with him in the process.

They immediately started splashing water at each other. Brooke jumped onto Logan trying to push him under the water without much success. Logan decided it was enough. In one swift move he had Brooke dangling over his shoulder like she was a ragdoll and walked onto the beach.

"Logan Philip Mitchell, you put me down! This instant!" Brooke yelled as she playfully smacked Logan's butt.

Logan mimicked her actions earning a squeal from Brooke.

"Put me down! Please?" Brooke tried again.

Logan had reached their towels by that time. He carefully laid Brooke down on her towel as he hovered over her. Water dripping from his hair down his face.

"You're lucky you're so cute!" Brooke smiled as she caressed Logan's cheek.

Logan leaned forward and captured Brooke her lips with his own. Brooke placed her hands around Logan's neck and pulled him in closer, deepening the kiss. The kiss went on for a while until they both needed air. Logan laid down next to Brooke on his own towel. They let their clothes dry a bit in the sun.

"It's absolutely amazing here, but what is the occasion that are we here for actually?" Brooke asked as she turned her head to look at Logan.

Logan got up and leaned on his elbow.

"Well it's our 6 month anniversary and after everything that happened I just wanted to do something special. Just for the two of us and spend some alone time away from everything." Logan answered softly.

"I don't even have anything for you." Brooke answered softly as a tear made its way down her cheek.

"Baby, I have you! And that is all I want! I love you so much!" Logan smiled before leaning over and giving Brooke a passionate kiss. The kiss felt different. Not in a bad way, but both couldn't figure out what it was.

"I love you too!" Brooke smiled.

After some time their clothes had dried and they went back to their cabin where Logan ordered some room service. Even though they had a private cabin, they could still get room service. After dinner Brooke went to lie down on the couch and watched some tv.

"I'm gonna take a quick shower." Logan whispered as he placed a kiss on Brooke her cheek.

As Logan walked into the bathroom and saw the huge bathtub he got an idea. He filled up the tub with hot water and put lots of bubbles in it. He then got some candles and placed them all around the bathtub and lit them. He walked back out and saw Brooke asleep on the couch. He kneeled down next to her and stroked her cheek.

"Baby, wake up." he whispered.

"You're done already?" Brooke asked softly as she opened her eyes.

"No, but I need to show you something. Come on." Logan smiled as he took Brooke her hand.

He led them to the bathroom and opened the door. The lights were out but the room was softly lit by the candles.

"What is all this?" Brooke asked surprised.

"You seemed a bit sore from today, so I thought you could use a nice bubble bath." Logan smiled.

"I thought you wanted to take a shower." Brooke asked.

"I'll wait till you're done. Go enjoy your bath." Logan smiled.

He kissed Brooke her cheek and left the room. Brooke got undressed and stepped into the bathtub. The warm water felt amazing. She pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around her legs. She laid her head on her knees and closed her eyes for a minute. A little while later she heard a soft knock on the door.

"Come in." she called softly.

The door opened and Logan poked his head inside with his hand covering his eyes.

"Do you need anything?" he asked softly.

"You can look." Brooke chuckled.

Logan spread his fingers to look. He removed his hand and walked into the room. He crouched down next to the bathtub.

"Enjoying your bath?" he asked as he moved a strand of hair behind Brooke her ear with his hand.

"Yes." Brooke smiled.

"Do you need anything?"

"No, I'm good." Brooke smiled as she looked at Logan, still with her head laying on her knees.

Logan leaned forward and gave Brooke a soft kiss.

"I'll leave you alone. Enjoy the rest of your bath." Logan smiled softly.

"Don't go." Brooke softly said which made Logan stop from getting up.

"Will you join me?" she whispered as she looked at Logan and blushed a little.

"Really?" Logan asked surprised.

"Yes." Brooke smiled still blushing.

She scooted forward to make some room for Logan.

"I'd like that." Logan smiled as he got up.

He grabbed a few extra towels and placed them next to the bathtub. He quickly got undressed and stepped in the bathtub and sat down behind Brooke. He leaned forward and placed some soft kisses on Brooke her back and shoulder blades sending shivers down her spine. Brooke was still sitting in the same position as before. When Logan reached her neck, she started giggling a little. Logan backed away and moved his hands lightly up her back to her shoulders, making Brooke shiver. He softly started massaging her shoulders and neck, earning a soft moan from Brooke.

"That feels amazing." Brooke said softly, clearly enjoying it, which made Logan smile.

After the massage Logan grabbed the loofah, dipped it in the water and softly washed Brooke her back and shoulders. After he was done Brooke leaned back against Logan's chest and relaxed. They stayed that way for a while.

"This is nice." she sighed contently.

"Yes it is." Logan smiled before placing a few soft kisses on her neck.

Brooke turned her head and Logan captured her lips with his. Brooke reached for Logan's hand and intertwined their fingers. She led Logan's hand under the water to her stomach. She repeated the same actions with his other hand. The kiss grew more passionate. Logan trailed his index finger across Brooke her stomach and around her bellybutton and moved his hand to her breast and softly massaged it. He gave the other breast the same treatment as he moved his kisses from Brooke her lips to her jaw and neck and up to her ear. As he started nibbling on her earlobe he received a soft moan from Brooke. Brooke arched her back and shifted a little, which caused some much wanted friction for Logan. He couldn't help but let out a small moan. Most of the bubbles had disappeared now and the water temperature had gone down.

"Want to get out of the tub?" Logan asked in a husky voice.

Brooke nodded and got out of the tub. Logan helped her and got out himself. They grabbed the towels and dried themselves off and helped each other with their backs. Brooke wrapped a towel around her body and Logan wrapped one around his waist. He moved forward and kissed Brooke passionately. She moved her hands around his neck and Logan picked her up bridal style and carried her out to the bedroom. He softly laid her down on the bed and climbed on the bed himself. He hovered over her as he captured her lips again for another passionate kiss. He moved his kisses to her jaw and down to her neck where he started nipping and sucking on her pulse point. Brooke gasped and grabbed the back of Logan's head and twisted her hands in his hair. Logan moved his kisses to her ear and softly pulled on her earlobe with his teeth.

"Logaaan." Brooke moaned.

"What is it, baby girl?" Logan whispered with a husky voice in her ear.

Brooke arched her back making her hips cause some friction for Logan. He hissed in return. He moved his kisses down her neck over her collarbone and down her chest until he reached the towel. He leaned up and removed the towel. He looked at Brooke with lust filled eyes which made her blush.

"You're absolutely gorgeous!" Logan smiled before leaning down and capturing her lips with his again.

He moved his kisses down her jaw and neck and towards her breasts. He started kissing one as he started massaging the other and switched the treatment. He then placed kisses on her stomach and around her bellybutton until he reached her core and made the trail back up using his tongue. He moved his hand down between Brooke her legs and started working on the little bud with the million nerve endings, causing Brooke to let out a strangled moan and arching her back. Brooke moved her knee up and brushed over the towel around Logan's waist, causing some friction for him. She could feel him getting more and more aroused by the second. Logan leaned in for another passionate kiss. He let his tongue roll over her bottom lip to ask for access which Brooke gave him right away. Brooke reached down and removed Logan's towel. After throwing it on the floor she reached down for his manhood and started stroking it, earning a strangled moan from Logan. He placed his head in the crook of her neck and started sucking on her pulse point again.

"Logaaaan, please!" she moaned.

Logan reached down and lined his member in front of Brooke.

"Are you ready?" he asked softly.

Brooke nodded in return. He softly entered her as he left soft kisses all over her neck. Brooke dug her nails in Logan's back. She closed her eyes, threw her head back and winced a little. Logan stopped and waited until Brooke was ready. He kept distracting her with soft kisses along her jaw, chin and neck. Brooke moved her hips letting him know she was ready. As Logan started moving slowly Brooke kept her eyes closed. She started moaning and wrapped her legs around him.

"Look at me." Logan whispered.

Brooke opened her eyes and looked into Logan eyes which were filled with nothing but love.

"Hi." she whispered.

"Hi. You okay?" Logan smiled.

"Yes." Brooke answered.

This wasn't enough for Logan, so he moved his hips a little and hit the right spot causing Brooke to gasp for air, arch her back and let out a strangled moan.

"There we go." Logan grinned.

"D-do that again!" Brooke moaned.

Logan smiled and granted her request by repeating the same moves over and over making Brooke see stars.

"Logaaaaan, I'm g-gonna..." she moaned.

"Let it go, baby girl." Logan smiled and whispered in her ear with a husky voice as he placed kisses all over her neck.

He led let his hand trail between their bodies and let his finger work like crazy on the little bud with the million nerve endings again. This helped Brooke over the edge. She came moaning out Logan's name as she arched her back more and bit Logan's shoulder. This was too much for Logan. He came groaning out Brooke her name repeatedly and softly biting her shoulder. After riding out their orgasms together Logan collapsed on the bed next to her.

"That was amazing!" Brooke panted.

"Yeah it definitely was!" Logan said out of breath.

Brooke leaned over towards Logan and placed some soft kisses on Logan's chest and made her way up his neck and jaw until she reached his lips. Logan caressed Brooke her cheek and gave her a passionate kiss that nearly took her breath away.

"I love you so much!" she whispered.

"I love you too!" Logan whispered back.

Brooke gave him another breathtaking kiss. She cuddled up closer to Logan and laid her head on his chest. Logan wrapped his arm around Brooke and used his other hand to throw a blanket over them. He placed a kiss on the top of her head while Brooke was drawing hearts with her index finger on his chest. Logan took her hand and played with her fingers and intertwined them before they both drifted off to sleep.

They knew they would be together forever from now on. Starting with 8 more romantic days on Bora Bora.


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