Hey guys! So, you may know me from my Hetalia fic, '333 Ways to Get Kicked Out of the UN' however I've also written 'Christmas Carols with the FMA Cast'. My goal this year is to have a hetalia christmas parody fic and not only have them written, but I'll have a new one up per day. Think of it as an advent calendar of sorts~ Anyways, here is the first one! I hope you enjoy~


Song: Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Singer: Narrator


You better go run

He 'kols' all the time

Look out or Belarus will kill you with knives.

Mother Russia's coming to town


He'll jump out of planes

He'll claim all your gains

America taunts and calls him names,

Mother Russia's coming to town


He'll keep the Baltics trembling,

To keep them all in line,

His sisters tend to freak him out

And they make him run and hide


You better just flee

He's cute but scary

He's big but that's just an opinion from me,

Mother Russia's coming to town


He sees you when you're sleeping,

He knows when you're awake,

He'll beat you with an icy pipe

If you try to get away


You'd best not insult

This bear of a guy

He's creepy but sweet when he really tries,

Mother Russia's coming to town