25 days of Christmas 3

First: One illogical travel

It was back. Quickly, effectively, the battle against the Decepticons had passed the year quickly. At least it felt like that for the saboteur. He had much anticipation of the following month, knowing the kind of fun he could create.

Stopping in front of a very certain door, he could just make out the muffled groan of annoyance from the other side, Jazz grinning widely. He kept completely still and waited for only a couple of minutes before the door opened, Prowl already walking with the intent of going and hide away in his office.

He only just managed to stop before bumping into Jazz. Said saboteur could clearly see how Prowl tried to stifle the second groan of the morning. He was trying to avoid and ignore that it was the first of December, how amusing.

"I would really appreciate it if you would stop doing that," he grumbled, moving past Jazz, who in response only snickered and followed. "There was a reason I gave you the door code."

Jazz smiled widely, opening his mouth to answer only to be interrupted as Prowl put up his hand to stop him.

"No. Just… quiet," the second in command grumbled, only taking his hands down when Jazz shrugged, staying silent.

The two walked down the hallway for a while, Prowl almost forgetting where he was actually going until they finally reached his office… where, if he was lucky, he would be left alone to work. However, there was one point he had to bring up.

"I'm guessing you're going to repeat your… Christmas chaos?" Prowl questioned with a slightly arched optic ridge, Jazz knowing he already knew the answer.

"Sure thing, Prowler. What's Christmas without a little fun?"

There was a twitch of the mech's doorwing, clearing suppressing his retort.

"If I was to agree to certain points of Christmas," Prowl had Jazz attention quickly, "would you prevent from turning the hallways' floors into an ice rink this year?"

It was a subtle request that could almost be seen as a desperate plea. Jazz laughed with amusement, dismissing that it hadn't even been him doing the ice-skating trick but rather a smug Sideswipe. "Fine, fine, no ice-skatin'," Jazz grinned. "Won't promise 'bout da snow, though," he smirked.

Prowl gave a huff in response. The snow had been popular amongst many of the Autobots, to a point where it was one of the things they seemed to look forward to. That and the Christmas tree. Meaning there was nothing the second in command could do. The majority ruled when it came to those kinds of things.

Waving dismissingly, Prowl indicated that he had to get to work and Jazz could go start his Christmas havoc. With a continued wide grin, the saboteur turned around to leave.



There was a wall that Jazz promptly collided with, moving back in shock and with a short splutter. Because there was a wall.

There wasn't supposed to be a wall there!

Not only that, but the walls were suddenly purple.

Jazz stared at the wall as he tried to figure out the puzzle of the appearing wall and change of color, but soon he heard a hitch behind him, followed by a frizzle and a clang as Prowl's processor gave up on finding reason in the current situation. Jazz agreed, it was illogical. Walls didn't just appear! Especially not the purple kind.

A/N: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! 25 days of Christmas is now back with another absurd and crazy adventure! I love doing these stories and now for third year in a row, I'll attempt my 25 chapter fanfiction!

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If you have read the two former '25 days of Christmas', you know Jazz and Prowl are together. They still are but I would like to mention that it isn't the main focus on the story. So sometimes it might just seem like there is nothing. This isn't heavy slash, sorry for those who like that.

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