25 Days of Christmas 3


"A'right," Jazz huffed, swiveling around on his chair. "Sumone's gotta important notification so ya'll better listen up!" he said, pointing at you.

The serious expression was split with a wide grin. "Or I'll 'ave ta send Prowler after ya 'n' he ain't in the mood."

A/N: See, it's part fanfic so I can't get reported or something for posting notification. Yeah, I dunno.

Anyways! First off…

I'm so sorry. SOOO SORRY. I left the story at chapter three. I didn't have time to write while in American college and after Christmas I started working, studying and taking side courses in math.

I want to pick it up again, I really do, so I'm gonna despite being in university now. Hopefully I should still have the mental capacity to keep it up.

I'm not good at this site and I'm not sure if I can update the chapters and keep the followers to the story. SO EVERYONE OF YOU AWESOME FOLLOWERS, look at my profile, I'm making up a new story for 25 Days of Christmas 3.

I rewrote the first three chapters in any case.

Also, the first 25 Days of Christmas story is going tumblr under the name 25-tf-christmas-days, if anyone wants to know.

Happy first of December!