Ok so this is an AU, also I couldn't find Romano's human name (Does he even have one). I decided that his name was human enough so I just used that.


Ludwig stood in his office staring out over at the partiers, successfully ignoring his brother. He was currently being yelled at for working too much, but he really didn't care. He built this club from the ground up, from when it was nothing but an abandoned warehouse, hence the name "Warehouse Monochrome".

"Bruder, you have to sleep sometime! And an old office couch is not the place to do it!"

"I'm fine Gil. If I'm tired I'll go home and sleep. After all, I do have managers if I need to, so I obviously want to be here", He contradicted without missing a beat.

Gilbert cried out his frustration, "Fine!" he went to leave, but turned around with a worried looked, "Just don't overwork yourself, okay?"

"Fine", Ludwig nodded and listened to his brother leave.

On the dance floor. . .

Feliciano danced carelessly, laughing, as he watched his brother make stiff movements attempting to dance. Romano was currently being hit on by another man. Feliciano just smiled and shook his head. He lightly bumped into other bodies, but not hard enough to cause any trouble.

He watched as a drunk Romano was led out of the club with the man from earlier, leaving Feliciano alone. Nobody paid him much attention other than him being someone to dance with. He just decided to dance and put all of his thoughts out of his head. An albino man was making his way through the crowd pushing people aside.

The man crashed right through Feliciano, who was knocked roughly into a burly man. He sent the man stumbling forward, and the albino continued to walk. The Italian fell, landing on his shoulder. He sat up, while the big man straightened up and turned to tower over the small man. Feliciano looked up as a shadow fell over him. He let out a squeak and jumped up, "I'm so sorry!"

Everyone around them seemed to inch away but did not stop what they were doing. The giant growled, "Watch where yer goin shorty! Do ya need to be taught a lesson?"

The redhead became frantic, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!"

"Ya should be more careful" the man smirked and grabbed Feliciano by the hair, "It doesn't matter if ya didn't mean ta cause ya still did it."

Feliciano tried to hold back tears from his hair being pulled at. Even more pain came from where his curl was being pulled. The large man nearly lifted the Italian off of the floor and flung him against a table. He cried out, and the glasses on the table broke against his skin.

In the office…

Ludwig jumped up when he heard the crash from the dance floor. He called security than rushed down the stairs expecting two drunk men duking it out over a minor argument, but what he saw instead kind of shocked him.

A small man was lying in the remains of a table. Cuts littered over his skin where glass had broken against it. He seemed dazed as he let out a small moan. A gigantic man stood over him, face red, and breathing heavy. Several security officials jumped on to the man wrestling him to the ground. Infuriated the man shouted, "It's that little bastards fault! I didn't start anything!" He was pulled away, and, when they eventually got him to the door, he was thrown out.

The German leaned over the small man and lightly shook his shoulders, "Hey!" The redhead was unresponsive. With ease, Ludwig lifted the unconscious man and carried him up to his office.


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