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"Do you want to get together tomorrow?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, that sounds good. I don't have to work", Feliciano smiled. Oh God, how am I going to survive this, thought the Italian.

"Where do want to go?"

"Oh, um… How about the park, I'll pack a lunch, and we can see a movie after."

"Yeah, sounds good, do you want to meet around twelve? The place is closed on Sundays anyways."

"O-okay, see you tomorrow Ludi!"

"See you..."

Feliciano hung up quickly and squealed with joy as plans began to form in his head.

11:55 am

Ludwig stood beneath the warm sun in the park as he waited for his friend to show up, looking at his watch again and sighing, "Calm down Ludwig it's not even twelve yet."

12:02 pm

Feliciano saw Ludwig as he came to the park, standing by the water fountain, looking very worried for some reason. He was dressed casually in a graphic tee and a pair of shorts but he still had his hair slicked back, but the redhead found it charming and smiled. He quickly walked up to Ludwig with the picnic basket in tow. The German's eyes found him and he smiled in relief, "I was afraid you weren't coming."

The shorter giggled, "It's only two minutes past twelve, Ludi, calm down. I would never ditch out on you!"

Both of them blushed at what he just said, but it made Ludwig happy, so Feliciano was glad at that. The blonde smiled pleasantly, "Why don't we eat?"

"Sure I'm starved!" Feliciano nearly shouted as he bounced up and down.

8:27 pm

Ludwig and Feliciano walked out of the movie theater together, the shorter animatedly talking about the film they had seen and the other just nodding his head, listening intently. The sun was setting in the west, casting a brilliant red over everything around them, which the Italian was quick to point out. The other looked kind of bothered at it, glancing at the small figure of Feliciano.

"Why don't I give you a ride home?" Ludwig offered.

"Are you sure?" Asked Feliciano cluelessly.

"Yeah, it's your place is on the way anyway", Ludwig lied, and the Italian knew he was, but he just played along as he understood the other's reasoning.

"Okay! Thank you", He smiled with radiance and let Ludwig lead him to his car.

8:48 pm

Ludwig pulled up to the front of Feliciano's house and looked over at him, "here you are."

Feliciano wiggled in his seat, looking as if he had something to say, "Thanks, Ludi, um..."

He looked over at him, "What is it?"

With a quick motion, Feliciano stumbled over the console and pressed his lips quickly against Ludwig's before pulling back and saying, "You know how I told you about how I left my old job?"

Ludwig remembered it clearly, the other's hesitancy and then the worry and sadness in his eyes. Swallowing with a dry throat, he nodded, too shocked by the kiss to say anything. He still felt the warmth from it.

"That guy, the one who stalked me, what he figured out was", Feliciano paused and took a deep breath, "I'm gay, Ludi. I hope we can still be friends."

Ludwig was baffled, how can we still be friends after you kissed me like that? Anyway I don't care about that. He then realized that he was only thinking the words, but instead of repeating them, he pulled Feliciano back over the console and kissed him strait on the lips, with no hesitation. He could feel the other smile beneath it and opened his mouth to allow his tongue in with a sensuous moan.

8:53 pm

Ludwig had somehow gotten them upstairs and landed Feliciano on the bed with him on top. He straddled Feli's legs as he unbuttoned the smaller's shirt clumsily, and once it was gone he ran his hands up and down the warm exposed chest, rubbing dusty pink nipples every few strokes. All the redhead could do was wiggle and groan under the light touches.

Neither of them wanted to bother with the foreplay so Ludwig quickly spread thin creamy legs and poked a finger into Feliciano's tight heat, adding a second finger and scissoring. Soon he added a third and did the same thing before bulling them out and replacing it with his very hard cock. Slowly, he pushed in causing Feliciano to groan from the anticipation of it all. When he was completely sheathed in the Italian he forced himself to be still as the other adjusted to the feeling of being so filled. Feliciano only took a few seconds before he eagerly rocked his hips into Ludwig who was quick to react.

He pulled out almost all the way before giving a quick thrust, angling down. He hit the other's prostate dead on making Feliciano scream from the intense pleasure. He raked his nails down the Ludwig's back urging him to go faster and faster, letting out little screams with each thrust. Pressure was building up in the pit of his stomach which intensified when Ludwig began to stoke his cock. It only took a few stokes before Feliciano was sent over the edge screaming, "Ludwig!"

The German followed close behind, and in the afterglow they both lay panting and sweating with the heavy blanket of sleepiness covering them. Ludwig grabbed he sheet and wiped them both off before throwing it aside and curling his arm protectively around Feliciano.

7:20 am

Ludwig had gotten the best night of sleep in a long time beside Feliciano, when he was interrupted by the realization of time. Forgetting about the man beside him he tried to dart out of the bed, only succeeding in pulling Feliciano along with him and knocking them both to the ground.

The Italian cried out and landed with a swoosh of air coming from his lungs, as soon as he regained his breath though he was thrown into a laughing fit.

Ludwig smiled at the sight of his friend, his lover, laughing so hard, "I love you so much Feliciano."


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