"Now onto recent news, The Batman was spotted just hours ago stopping a hostage situation at the Wayne Industries building. It was said gunshots and explosions were heard from inside, but everyone in the building was able to make it outside, and only 5 employees were hurt. The Batman has not been seen since. Speaking of Gotham, what do you have to tell us about your stay there, Dan?"

"HAH! I wouldn't stay there again, John! The streets are dirty, and every time I went to sleep I swear I could hear gunshots right outside my hotel. The people there are horrible. Nearly got mugged twice. I'd have to say Gotham is corrupted, ugly, greedy, and dangerous. I wouldn't live there if my life depended on it. I'd lose it either way! Let's just say Gotham is–". CLICK.

Bruce turned off his radio and looked up. He looked across at the Gotham Skyline. If only Dan could see it from here. He could still hear cars driving, and sirens wailing. The icy and unforgiving winter wind was settling in. The gothic buildings towered high, and the old decrepit apartment buildings hung low and almost out of sight. Almost. Lights from strip clubs and restaurants brightened the city's darkness. Sure, things were twisted in Gotham, but wasn't that how life was. Gotham was life. Gotham could be easy for the average rich person, or extremely hard for the high population of the poor and homeless. She wasn't fair and she was brutal. But she would change, and Bruce would make sure he was the one to do it. However, Gotham was stubborn, and Bruce was assiduous. Neither would relent, and one would come out on top.

He heard someone arrive to his left, with a small thump as they landed on the roof top. They walked up to him.

"What are you doing up here?" Nightwing inquired. "Shouldn't you be patrolling?"

Gotham was corrupted.

"What are you staring at?" Nightwing voiced, a little concerned by Bruce's silence.

Gotham was greedy.

"Br-Batman?" Nightwing asked looking up at Bruce's face. "Are you ok?" Bruce nodded, and turned his head towards Dick. He smiled at his eldest son. It was a sad smile, a smile that made Bruce look far older than he actually was. Dick understood in that moment. Sometimes, even the Bats needed a time to take everything in and stop for a minute, so that they themselves wouldn't go crazy just like Gotham's inhabitants.

Gotham was dangerous. They waited in silence.

"She sure is magnificent, huh?" Nightwing's voice supplied.

Gotham was ugly.

"Yes, she's beautiful", Bruce replied

Gotham was beautiful.