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A/N: I was so happy when I got the reviews for 'Fireworks' that I decided it cannot wait! I need to write another Phineas & Ferb story now! And so, I decided to start a short fanfic with my OC, Samantha. I know people gave me a few suggestions for names, but this name...it means a lot to me. It was the name my baby sister was going to have, but sadly, she cannot be with us today. Right, so enough with me telling my life story and being a Debbie Downer! Here is chapter 1 of 'Secrets'!

Chapter 1

"You get back here this instant young lady! Oh, err...Agent P, I...erm...didn't see you there!" Major Monogram stared into the lens of the video camera; indeed only now noticing that the secret agent was awaiting his orders with a tired expression on his face.

"Ahem...anyway, sorry for calling you here on such short notice, and in the middle of the night as well, but we have some important news-" Monogram paused; his eyes focusing on something in the background.

"Samantha; put those down now!" Monogram yelled, his expression becoming angered, his form turning rigid. Agent P stared amusingly at the screen; yawning a little as he did so. Perhaps he should come back later when the Major was more well-prepared...

"Alright! Jeez!" Perry's eyes widened as he heard what was clearly a female's voice in the background, and no sooner than he heard it, a young girl of around 13 was in front of the camera.

To say that she was pretty was an understatement. She looked like some sort of model that Perry had once seen in one of the stray magazines that Candace left littered about her room. She certainly had the legs for the job anyway. Her hair was a fiery red; too red to be natural, yet it was very similar to Phineas' own hair colour, which made Perry smirk. Her eyes contrasted deeply with her bright hair; for what met Perry's gaze was not vibrant colour, but a soft brown shade that held a cool calm edge that he liked immediately. She was dressed in a long-sleeved grey shirt, and what looked like a pair of black skinnies which clung to her legs, making her form look even thinner. She looked very nice, in Perry's standards, anyway.

"Dad...do you train the animals to be perverts? This little guy is eying me up pretty good." When a familiar accent hit him, Perry couldn't help but blush. Who knew that Monogram had a daughter? And a British one at that...

"Samantha, that's extremely rude. Agent P is one of our best agents. Trained him myself," Monogram bragged, and Perry couldn't help but roll his eyes. He had trained nearly all of the agents, not just him.

"Yeah, yeah; so you keep telling me. So anyway...what's happening? Are you shooting me over there, or what? Is he coming here?" Samantha's eyes drifted to meet her father's, and he sighed.

"Will you just...wait in the car? I'm taking you home," Monogram muttered, and Samantha gasped.

"Wha-No! You dragged me all the way from England just so I could meet this little guy, and now you're telling me to just go?" Perry winced at the harshness in her tone. She was not a happy girl.

"Look, sweetie. I'm not saying you have to go back. We'll just...continue this conversation tomorrow, okay?"

"No! Not okay! You dragged both me and Agent P outta our beds; so explain. Now," Samantha crossed her arms over her chest, indicating that she wasn't going anywhere. Perry glanced at the Major through the screen; a confused expression fluttering on his face. What was all of this about? And why was it so important?

"...Fine...as you both know, staff has been getting...limited here at the O.W.C.A. in recent months, and the stress it has been putting on other agents is...well, how can I put it? It's making them...less able to complete the missions they're assigned. That's why I'm starting a new program!" Monogram explained, and Samantha sighed and rolled her eyes.

"And? What does that have to do with me?"

"Samantha...you and Agent P are going to team up."


Agent P winced as Samantha's shrill voice pierced his eardrums.

"Dad, you can't be serious! I barely know the little guy! How are we supposed to co-operate with each other?"

"I know this sounds far-fetched, But we really have no other choice. Agent P here can only do so much; juggling a life as a secret agent while still hiding the secret from his host family is no easy task. Which is why we've assigned you to help him," Monogram explained calmly.

"And how can I possibly help? You know I can't fight-"

"No, Samantha. You can fight. It's just that you won't fight," Monogram countered, and Samantha pouted, and turned away from her father.

"Unnecessary violence is bad. Trust me," She muttered, and Agent P couldn't help but smirk at her foolishness. Even if she looked mature, she certainly wasn't acting it.

"It may be bad, but it has helped Agent P out many a time. Right, Agent P?" Monogram asked, turning towards the platypus, a pleading look on his face. Perry sighed, and nodded slightly. He had to admit, it had gotten him out of tight spots before.

"But that's beside the point. It's not like I was going to ship you straight up to Doofenshmirtz. You're my daughter; I won't put you in that kind of danger." Monogram paused, watching his daughter's facial expression carefully.

"No…instead, I need you to get up…close and personal with Agent P's host family."

"…'close and personal'? That doesn't sound good," Samantha murmured, her grumpy mood seeming to vanish as she contemplated the thought.

"…What do you mean by 'close and personal'?" she asked finally, and Monogram chuckled.

"Exactly what I said. I need you to create close bonds with the Flynn Fletcher family. The closer you are to the family, the easier it will be for Agent P to get out on his missions. That's why you need to build up a good relationship with the family. Especially Agent P's real owners; the two young boys. Their names are Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher. Step-brothers…" Monogram announced, and Agent P couldn't help but roll his eyes when he saw the sheet of paper that he was reading the info from.

"Step-brothers, huh? Sounds familiar…" Samantha murmured, eying her father accusingly.

"Now Samantha. Not now please-"

"Y'know. I really hope that this…Phineas and Ferb have a better sibling relationship that me and my step-brother…it'd be sad to know that their family have screwed their lives up for them as well…" Samantha muttered, walking out of range of the video camera. Monogram stared at her, a saddened look on his face. Both had seemed to forget that Agent P was still online and listening in to their conversation.

"Samantha…will you except the mission?" Monogram's voice broke the deathly silence, and a small sigh was heard.

"…Yeah. I have no choice, do I?" Samantha's tone had changed drastically, and it was now as if she had drained out all emotion in her body.

"…Good. I'll begin making the preparations immediately," Monogram's tone had also changed; it was a lot harsher than before, which Perry didn't like.

"Oh, and Samantha? You might want to ring your mother back in England. Let her know that you'll be staying longer."

It wasn't a request; it was an order. Perry could tell by just the voice that he wasn't taking no for an answer.

"…Yes, Dad…" Samantha answered, her footsteps echoing throughout the room as she walked out. A slam of a door was heard faintly in the background, and then Monogram was addressing Agent P.

"Just…get some sleep. I'll fill you in on the details later," Monogram muttered, and without another word, he switched off the video camera. As the screen went black, Perry sighed in both frustration and relief. He wasn't that impressed that he had a team-mate now, but he guessed that it would be more convenient. He could slip away more easily when Samantha was covering his back. But…it was also a pain. Just how could he work with someone he knew absolutely nothing about?

A/N: Annnd scene! Whew! This took a while to write! What with the exam stress and my counselling and the utter confusion as to where this story is actually going to go. But hey; I got there in the end! So, stay tuned for Chapter 2 of 'Secrets'!