Chapter 1: Some Missing Moments with Jack

Nellie Bly's screams pulled Phineas through the dark, foggy streets of London. Finally he could see her attacker from behind and increased his speed. He leaped onto a crate and launched himself at the man. They hit the pavement, holding tightly to each other. Drake was as strong as ever, an equal match of strength and skill. As he slammed Phineas against the wall of the alley, their eyes met, and Phineas could feel Drake's hot breath on his cheek "So help me, Bogg," the dark man grunted just loud enough for Phineas to hear "... if it's the last thing I do... I'll get you."

Then they were scuffling again. Drake heaved a barrel and Phineas ducked as he continued to wheeze. "I swear it," he whispered between clenched teeth, in a voice dripping with hatred. As he stood up, he reached for the silver omni and continued in a louder voice, "oh no Bogg, it's not that easy." Then he pushed the button and disappeared.

Phineas straightened up and relaxed, still breathing hard as the constable ran into the narrow alley. "Hold it there, that's quite enough, Mr. Bogg," he said in an authoritative voice. "Thought you'd come back and finish Nellie off, did you?"

"Bogg!" Jeff's worried voice filled the alley as he ran up.

Phineas glanced at him and nodded, the sign they used to let each other know they were all right.

All was quiet for a moment, and then Dr. Doyle began to explain what had happened.


As they walked back to Doyle's apartment, Jeffrey noticed his friend seemed distracted.

"You okay Bogg?' he finally asked, but there was no answer.

"Hey, earth to Bogg!" he said more loudly, "what's wrong?"

Phineas glanced down at him, not acknowledging the humor, "just thinking."

Jeff stopped at the bottom of the steps and put his hand on his partner's arm, "something's not right," he whispered.

Phineas looked down at him and sighed. "He seemed different."

"Who? Drake?"


"Different how?"

Phineas shrugged, he didn't want to scare Jeffrey, but on the other hand, if Drake was on some kind of vendetta against him, Jeff should know, for his own safety. "He said he's gonna get me, if it's the last thing he does."


"That's just words, Bogg."

"I don't think so. It seemed like..." here he paused, "he didn't seem right."

Jeff stared at him and there was another silence, this one very uncomfortable.

"He's always been crazy," Jeff offered finally.

"This was different. I almost think..." he left the thought unfinished.

"Think what?"

"You might be safer at headquarters, without me." It was hard to say, but Bogg couldn't shake the bad feeling he'd had since Drake's raspy voice had reached his ears in the alley.

"No way Bogg, no way!" was Jeff's immediate response. "Who's gonna watch your back if I'm not there?"

"I'm worried about you, not my back."

Jeff searched his brain frantically for an argument against this idea. He found one quickly. "He hates me too. He might come after me if I'm alone at headquarters." He paused, waiting for Bogg's response.

Phineas looked up at the full moon above them and sighed, then brought his gaze back to meet Jeffrey's. "All right, you're right, we stay together, it's the only way."

Jeff smiled, then gave him a hug.

Footsteps on the street interrupted them as Nellie and Doyle approached.

"I hope you'll come in," Doyle said.

"Why don't you take Jeffrey upstairs," Nellie said forcefully to Doyle. "I'd like to speak with Mr. Bogg alone."

Jeff and Doyle climbed the steps as Nellie prepared to interrogate Phineas about Drake's disappearance and the real function of his omni.