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Author's Note: Set when the team rescues Steve in Ki'ilua.

My Friends

I sit there in the truck and am surprised to see Danny coming inside and undoing my bonds. He helps me out and takes me away from the truck. Both Danny and Chin help me walk all the way towards the helicopter that is waiting for us.

I sit there in the helicopter taking a look around me as my team and the others sit around me. Here I was in a foreign county and they come and rescue me. I smile in surprise because they are there for me. I never dreamed that they would come after me. Joe, yes, but not the others. Not Danny, Kono, Chin and the others. I walk towards the helicopter with help and also am helped into the helo from my friends. I take the gun and sit on the floor and watch as it takes off.

I hear Joe behind me as he slaps the other guys hand and then turn towards Danny wanting to say Thank you, but he says "No don't you can thank me when we get back to Hawaii."

I then turn to Chin to say thank you to him too and he says. "You can thank me by being the best man at my wedding. I'm getting married."

I sit there hearing the talk back and forth about not marrying and just have a big smile on my face. Everything is going to be fine now and he's glad that he has friends like these.

The End