Chapter One

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[doo-plis-i-tee, dyoo-]

noun, plural du·plic·i·ties for 2, 3.

1.deceitfulness in speech or conduct, as by speaking or actingin two different ways to different people concerning thesame matter; doubledealing. Synonyms: deceit, deception,dissimulation, fraud, guile, hypocrisy, trickery.

2. an act or instance of such deceitfulness.

3.Law. the act or fact of including two or more offenses in onecount, or charge, as part of an

indictment, thus violating therequirement that each count contain only a single offense.

4. the state or quality of having two elements or parts; being twofold or double.

The car pulls up to the house pausing at the gates whilst my driver punches in the security code which allows us access. I put my head back against the headrest taking a deep breath, I just hope that she will be asleep, that way I can slide into bed next to her and get some rest. I have had a long hard day at work and the last thing I need is her trying to be romantic with me, trying to seduce me when in actuality, she makes my skin crawl. This is the woman that I married because I loved her, I saw myself spending the rest of my life with her, until the blinders fell from my eyes and I saw her for what she really was. I don't really know if she loved me or my money, but everything she said to me until that point felt like a lie. Subconsciously I find myself playing with my wedding ring. I am turning it around on my finger, wishing that I could take it off forever and be free from her, from this marriage.

Maria and I married just over a year ago in a small private ceremony on a beach in Barbados. Our families were not happy so we had to go through the whole public performance of a blessing, where the great and the good from the family were invited, and of course hundreds of people that neither of us actually knew and didn't really care to. We were young, crazy and very much in love, or should that be lust? Oh how things can change so quickly! I just wish I had listened to those around me who had warned me to be careful, and not let my heart and dick rule my head. It never entered my love and lust filled brain to go for a pre-nuptial agreement, but my legal team and father saw several shades of red upon that discovery, and pulled me into rounds of meetings explaining my precarious position if she decided to file for divorce. I remember laughing in their faces at the word divorce. We loved each other, nothing else mattered to me and I thought to her too. We discussed it jokingly, and she reluctantly agreed to do whatever made my family happy. If I knew then what I knew now, alarm bells would have rung long and loud for me.

The agreement is iron clad, my legal team saw to that. They are some of the best at what they do, otherwise I wouldn't employ them. What they and I didn't realize was that this effectively placed me into a pair of golden handcuffs, tying me to Maria for at least three years. At the time I thought that I would never, ever want to be away from her, and now I cannot bear to spend a moment more than necessary with her. She makes my skin crawl when she touches me; it is hard not to flinch. The only time I put on a happy facade is when we are at public functions and charity gala dinners which I hate, but she adores. Being in the spotlight makes her happy, she loves people fawning over her telling her how beautiful she looks. Me, I prefer to fade into the background. I feel as if I am merely another accessory for her to show off. The only other time we put on the show is when we spend time with our respective families. They cannot know the truth of how much of a sham our marriage truly has become.

Maria took my breath away when I first met her, long brunette locks, eyes that sparkled with excitement and a body that was made for sin. She quickly became everything to me. I thought that she was what I needed, what I wanted in my life and I found myself falling for her before I could catch my breath. But love and lust, as I now know, are two very different things. Now I see her as being more like a praying mantis, trapping a suitable mate, before they fuck and then she devoures him, except I am still waiting to be devoured; I know that part is coming it is purely a matter of time.

I still remember the first night that I saw her; it was at one of those boring stuffy charity dinners that my father always insisted on attending. He prided himself in making charitable donations whilst writing off money against taxes his speciality. The night was predictable, a fancy dinner that I didn't want to eat, drinks flowing which I was happy to consume just to get through the night and a date that was boring me. I had been dating Kim for a couple of months, she was nice enough but she didn't hold my interest on any level other than a purely sexual one. She was damn hot between the sheets, against the wall, on my desk and just about anywhere else I could think of to fuck her, but she was vapid. I needed more from a relationship than just sex, no matter how hot or frequent it was. I needed to be careful as she worked in the office and office affairs were always prone to become messy, especially when they ended.

Kim sat next to me, hanging onto every word that my father uttered during the meal, she and I blissfully unaware of the fact that there was a new conquest on the horizon for me; there were always many of those. I have a 'type' according to my brother Jasper, who has watched the woman come and go over the last few years. He tells me that I like my woman a certain height, build and look, but he also tells me that I have not found the right one just yet. I love my brother with all my heart, but I hated the way that he psychoanalyzes me like I am one of his patients. I often tell him he needs to leave his therapist's hat in the office and butt out of my life, but I don't think he ever will. He gets too much enjoyment from telling me what I am feeling and thinking.

Staring around the room, bored, I see all the normal faces and smile and nod as they acknowledge me, and then I saw her at the far side of the large ballroom. She was truly stunning. As I watched her across the crowded room I felt an all too familiar stirring in my pants. I was mesmerized by her. She hasn't seen me watching her, or at least I hope she hadn't. She was standing there chatting with a group I recognized, which included a business contact of my father's, when she threw her head back to laugh at Aro's joke while placing her hand on his arm. He responded, placing his arm around her slender waist. I felt a jolt of jealously course through me, taking everything that I had not to storm over there and demand that he take his filthy hands off her. I would of course cite the fact that his wife would not approve of his shameless flirtation with a much younger woman. I watched the scene play out with interest, and I smiled when she politely freed herself from his hold.

"Edward, darling. I want to dance. Please?"

Kim whined in my ear breaking my concentration from the vision that had captured my attention so fully for the last few minutes. I didn't want to move from my perfect viewpoint, but I knew that being on the dance floor meant that I could be closer to her and, that was all that I wanted. l stood, holding my hand out like the perfect gentleman I was raised to be and she placed her hand in mine as we made our way to the center of the dance floor. I took her in my arms and whirled her around the floor, all the while never taking my attention off my mystery woman. I heard her laughter tinkle as we sweep past, and I wished that she were here with me. Anger built as I saw her being lead onto the dance floor, whether it was by choice was debatable as Aro does not normally take no for an answer. He moved her around the floor and she seemed quite capable of keeping his hands where they needed to be, but I was ready to step in if he crossed the line. Why did I feel so strongly about her? I didn't even know her name.

She swept around the floor with him before Aro brought her close to speak to me.

"Ah Edward, how nice to see you here. Such a surprise, Kimberley my darling you look stunning as always."

He leered at Kim, as he had always been a lecherous man and even then, with an angel in his arms, he was still leering after my date. I nodded curtly and then answered him,

"Aro, a pleasure as always. Who is your companion this evening? Is Didyme not able to join you?"

His face blanched at the mention of his wife's name, that was a low blow even for me but I didn't care, I wanted to know more about her. Suddenly he turned to me, a crocodile smile on his face as he said,

"Maria, this is Edward Cullen, the most eligible bachelor here this evening, and Edward, this beautiful creature is Maria."

She held out her hand to me saying. "Pleasure to meet you Edward."

I surprised her when I did not shake it as she would expect, but instead I took it in my hand and brought it to my lips, never once loosing eye contact with her as I placed a soft but gentle kiss on it. Saying in an equally soft and gentle voice.

"The pleasure believe me, is all mine Maria."

I felt her react to my lips brushing slowing across her soft skin, her breath caught and her eyes sparkled. All too soon the moment was broken as Aro interrupted us.

"Edward, would you mind if I showed your beautiful date here how a true gentleman will treat her on the dance floor?"

I looked to Kim and she smiled back at me nodding slightly, of course she was taken in by Aro's smooth charm, women usually are. So I held out my hand to Maria and we began to move around the floor together. The second I placed my hand on her I felt a stirring within me, and from the look on her face, she felt it to. I wanted to flee back to my seat when the band changed tempo and move to a slow number which led itself to close, slow dancing with your partner. Would I be able to control myself or would my desire control me?

We glided around the dance floor together, I had never been so glad that my mom had taught me these social skills. Swaying, our bodies close together I could not help but inhale her scent. Close up she was even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, all thoughts of Kim left me. Maria intrigued me; I wanted to know her, hell I wanted to see her naked and writhing beneath me whilst I fucked her all night long. Then she suddenly broke our embrace and left me standing there slightly shell shocked by her sudden departure. I watched as she floated across the room, stopping only to glance over her shoulder towards where she had left me standing and she cocked her eyebrow at me before she jerked her chin indicating that I should follow her. I glanced around to see if anyone was paying attention, when I determined that they weren't I casually followed her out of the room.

Once out in the foyer I could not see where she had gone. Glancing around I noticed that the door to the restrooms was slowly closing and I managed a slow smile as I worked out where she was leading me and I gladly followed. Inside the restroom I found her as she stood at the mirror checking her appearance. , When she saw me, a coy smile played across her lips as she watched me approach, never taking my eyes off her, all be it through the mirror.

Standing behind her my hands found their way onto her hips and her smile grew wider as she feigned surprise. I placed soft, tender kisses on her bare shoulder, pushing her hair out of the way to allow me unimpeded access to it. She sighed deeply; leaning back into my chest, her head falling to the side exposing more of her neck of which I took full advantage of before she turned around to face me fully. The look that passed between us removed any need for words as she reached around my neck pulling me down to meet her slightly. Our lips met for the first time and we started out teasing each other with soft, feather like kisses before passion and lust took over for both of us and the kisses deepened and grew in their intensity. I grabbed at her and pushed her against the wall, grinding my growing erection into her. I knew that she could feel it as she gasped when it brushed against her. She assumed control, pushing me away from her and against the other wall; the air leaving my lungs took away my ability to speak. She ran her hands down my chest before she spoke in almost a whisper.

"See you soon."

Taking a step back she adjusted my tie, palmed my face, placed a chaste kiss on my lips before she turned and left me standing there staring blindly after her, wondering what just happened. I knew that I was being left there, filled with lust, and a raging hard on that needed to be taken care of. I adjusted myself before I made my way back to the ballroom to find that Maria was not there. Not that I expected her to be. Kim stood with my father, talking to some of his business contacts, and so I slid up behind her, put my arm around her waist, pulled her to me while I placed a kiss on her forehead before I whispered seductively in her ear.

"C'mon baby, let's get out of here and you can show me how much you have enjoyed this evening."

She nodded and giggled, I knew that she would not object to giving me a blow job in the limo on the way back to my apartment. She was always very accommodating, which was something that I needed from all the women that I dated, Kim was no different. It was the one thing that they all had in common, the procession of women that had shared my bed, but never really captured my heart. Yeah they had all attracted me in their own way, but thinking about what Jasper had commented about my 'type', maybe he is right. They all had traits in common, they all looked very similar and I had no interest in blondes at all, the slender brunettes had always been my thing.

As I was reaching into my pocket, while I prepared to tip the doorman as he signalled my driver, I felt something in my pocket that was not there earlier. I discreetly pulled it out and grinned to myself as I realized what it is. My liaison from the rest room had left me her number and two important words; call me! That was something that I intended to do, I needed a new challenge, and there really was nothing like the thrill of the chase to turn me on and keep me interested.

We climbed into the back of the limo and once we set off I slumped down in my seat slightly before she assumed her position on her knees between my legs. She noticed my arousal, and assumed that it was for her and she whispered in a low voice,

"Ooh baby, someone is eager tonight."

I said nothing else as her lips made contact with my cock and she bobbed up and down its length. I threw my head back closing my eyes tight, as I enjoyed the sensations that she made me feel, although it was not her that I wished had her lips wrapped around my cock bringing me such pleasure, it was Maria I wanted. And what Edward Cullen wants, Edward Cullen gets.

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