(Okay hey guys…Yes I know, my fans want another chapter for my VA story..but sad to say..My house has TWO laptops, the one with my chapters are being fixed and I got bored so I decided to make another story on the best series ever created…)

Vlad awoke, fangs fully elongated, he stumbled down the stairs and grabbed two blood bags from the fridge and sank his fangs into the plastic, to hungry to warm it up. He drained both bags in three seconds flat and tossed them into the trashcan. He sighed remembering that tomorrow was his first say of Tenth grade. His attention was caught by Nelly's footsteps plopping down the stairs.

"Vlad? You sure are up early." Nelly's voice said, as she suddenly appeared in the kitchen, looking at vlad. Vlad shrugged as if it was nothing.

"Just couldn't sleep." He responded. It's wasn't a total lie. Vlad, in truth, could not sleep, it was the nightmares that had been keeping him up. It was a nightly occurrence but this was the first time Nelly seemed to notice. She raised an eyebrow at him, signaling that she knew he wasn't telling her everything. She always knew. Vlad shrugged it off and walked out of the kitchen into his living room. Plopping down in front of the T.V. and started playing on his Xbox when the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" Vlad called out to Nelly before rushing to get the door. Vlad wrapped his fingers around the door knob and twisted, yanking it open. Only to be greeted by Henry, who passed by with out a word and turned to Vlad his face serious and stone cold. Vlad's heart pounded against his chest, thinking of the possibilities of terrible events that were in store for him. Joss coming back, Something bad happening to Meredith. He swallowed hard and looked intently at Henry.

"What's wrong?" Vlad managed to croak out, never really seeing Henry so serious before in his life.

"Vlad…I can't-" His voice cut off, and vlad could see the pain in his eyes, what ever Henry was about to tell him clearly was causing him pain "-I can't be your drudge anymore…" Henry finally said, and sadness and shock shot through Vlad

"What? Why? What brought this on!" Vlad's voice cried out, frantic. He always worried that if Henry wasn't his drudge then Henry would dumped Vlad for the popular crowd, and now that was becoming a reality for Vlad. Henry stared at his feet as if they were the most interesting thing in the world. His head suddenly snapped up, angry tears in his eyes.

" I risked my life to save YOURS, I maybe be your best friend, but, Vlad you have a better chance at surviving in that supernatural world of yours than I do…" Henry's voice had risen an octave at which Vlad was sure all the neighbors could hear. Before vlad could defend him self, Henry shook his head and shoved past him, Opening his front door and walked out onto the street, slamming the door on his way out. Vlad just stood their, opened mouth, unable to understand what had just happened. Nelly came rushing through the door. Asking if everything was ok, Vlad just nodded and trudged up to his room, wondering how he was going to survive High School without Henry. Vlad reached over a flicked off his light. Not caring if the nightmares came that night, Vlad fell asleep, thinking about how much his life would suck without Henry.