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She woke up, groaning in displeasure. Today would be her first day at her new school. She jumped out of bed and rushed to get ready careful not to wake up her father as she made herself a bowl of cereal. The girl sighed and sat down, happy to see she still had a little bit more time before the bus came to pick her up. She was nervous, feeling as if she had swallowed her own stomach. She didn't really understand why she felt so nervous, she moved around a lot, she knew what would happen. She would meet a few people we liked but they would just fade away, just like all the "homes" she lived in. Nothing had been quite right since her mom died. Her mom.

This new subject sent her body trembling, her mom had died six months ago but it still hurt, like a scab that had been pick so many times it was impossible for it not to leave a gapping scar. No, she told herself, she was NOT going to cry right before school started. She righted herself and picked her backpack from off the floor, walking towards the front door.

Obviously she had arrived just in time, the bus had just pulled up at her stop as she rushed to get there. The girl sighed in relief as she climbed aboard the bus, shuffling various papers she needed for school transfer into her binder, careful not to forget to hand then to the grey, old receptionist at the front desk in the office.

A raging headache made itself known, pushing against her head and the noise the kids around her made wasn't helping. She couldn't believe she felt so stressed already and it was only her first day of school. She could only imagine how bad it would be with all the work she'd have to make up. She had arrived at Bathory High three weeks after school had started. Anyone would understand her coming in second semester or so but, really, like you couldn't just show up a a few weeks earlier? Freak…That's all she heard pumping through her already throbbing head. It was as if she could just read peoples thoughts. She saw people were beginning to notice her, her dark clothes, large hair, and her…dreary look. Well, in her defense the dreary look part wasn't really her fault.

Normally her dad's job didn't call for such quick transportation but I guess this time was an acceptation. And as usual her dad promised her they'd stay, and, she guessed, just like all the other times, he'd break that promised.

The girl was only aware they had arrived at school when students had began filing off the bus, shuffling to go talk to their friends. Another area of student-ism she lacked in, social skills. She never understood why kids loved to stay up all night and talk on their fancy smart phones with their BFFs. Then again, she never really had a "BFF". Why would she need one if she just moved around every time she started to feel comfortable and the slightest bit at home? Exactly.

She sighed and tramped off the bus, looking around wildly for the entrance to anywhere near the front office. The girl took a quick guess and walked to where she assumed was the front of the building. She smiled to her self at her small achievement as she arrived at her destination.

She moved towards the door, her hands reaching for the handle when a raven haired boy about her age slammed head on into her, knocking the girl flat on her "dairy-air" and papers went flying. The kid muttered a few foul words and bent down to pick up the papers and help her up.

"I'm so sorry.." The raven-hair kid mumbled, grabbing her hand and jerking her up. The girl shook her head, sighing.

"No, no,no it's okay… I should of known better than to think today might actually be a good day for me.." She replied, grabbing the handful of papers he handed out to her as well. He smirked at her snarky tone.

"Bad day?" He asked, tilting his head to the side, analyzing her. Probably staring at her chest, she thought. She scoffed, rolling her eyes.

"More like bad life…" She grunted picking up a book she had neglected to pick up.

"Ah, sucks…" He sighed, running a hand through his hair. He stuck said hand out, waiting for her to shake it. "I'm Vlad by the way.." The girl smiled and took his hand, giving it a good shake.


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