Angry Bob was angry. "I am tired of getting killed." He said. He sat alone on his porch. While rocking back and forth in his rocking chair, a newspaper hit him in the head. "Darn that paperboy!" He mumbled. He picked the newspaper up and a flier instantly fell out. Angry Bob looked at the flier. It had a picture of a warm beach. Everyone looked happy. "I will go to the beach and earn the happiness I so rightfully deserve!" He thought. So he went to the airport. Angry Bob then bought a one way ticket to Florida. He then got on the giant airplane and relaxed. After he woke up from his slumber, he saw the airplane landing in Florida.

He checked into the five-star hotel resort. He then ran to the sandy beach where the hot girls were playing beach volleyball. Angry Bob ordered a cold soda with ice. He started to sip the beverage he had, when suddenly, a super model went up to him. "Excuse me. I am Joyce. I was playing volleyball with my friends. Now I am tired. Can I sit in your lap?" She asked. Angry Bob patted his lap.

He sipped the soda while holding the hot model in his lap. The happiness and love that was missing in his life all this time was now his. Later, Angry Bob and Joyce were making out in the public outdoor pool. That was when the clouds parted. The full moon shone on the couple as they kissed. Angry Bob felt fur against his lips. He opened his eyes and saw that Joyce had turned into a feral werewolf. He screamed real loud. Upon hearing this girly scream, the werewolf ripped Angry Bob to shreds. That morning, Phil the janitor had come across the remains of Angry Bob. Joyce came out of the ladies room and saw Phil. "Come here often?" she flirted.

Rat then turned to Goat who was reading over his great novel. "That has to be your worst story yet!" Goat said with a grim face "Dare I ask what this moral is?" Rat then turned toward Goat and said "Love hurts"

The next morning, Rat woke up to find his computer smashed up. On the screen, he found a yellow sticky note from Goat. On it, it read "Dear Rat, You have become such a disgrace as a writer. I have done this crime so others wouldn't have to suffer."