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So, this is my Christmas themed story, all little one-shots with my fave HP pairings. You can request ones you want to see and the one-shot prompt will be based what I get in my Peppa Pig Advent Calender. So, today, I got a Christmas Tree, henceforth, this one-shot. I decided to do a couple I know how to write about. Dramione.

Day One: Christmas Tree.

Why can't we use magic, 'Mione?" Draco whined to his girlfriend of three years.

"I tell you this every Christmas," She replied with a sigh, "Even without the physical magic we have, if we put the tree up the Muggle way - it's more magical. Especially too me."

The blonde rolled his smouldering grey eyes. "Will you help me then?" He demanded. The brunette just raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow at him.

"Excuse me?" She questioned, "I'm going to start making tea for when our parents show up later. The tree is all your doing. Make it stand, unlike last year." And with that, she left they comfy, warm living room and into the much cooler kitchen.

Draco, settled with the task at hand, trying not to think of last year. It was one accidental electricity mix up. What resulted in Hermione's Aunt Meredith getting shocked on the actual day when she touched one of the baubles on the tree, only wanting to compliment it.

He went out the front door of his and Hermione's suburban house into the snow, which was stewing up to be a storm, and grabbed the heavy tree. Why his girlfriend wanted a real tree this year was unknown to him.

He dragged, pushed, hauled and rolled the festive decoration into their formerly spotless living room, now sprinkled with trails of soil.

"Draco? What's all that commotion?" Hermione shouted to him.

"Nothing hon!" He yelled back, struggling to stand the tree.

Hermione, who undoubtedly didn't believe her boyfriend, went back into the living room just as Draco let go of the tree's plant-pot which made the giant plant sway for a few moments before settling on falling.

On instinct, Draco shoved his girlfriend out of the way, narrowly missing the wooden stump as he rolled onto her, looking scarred for life.

"Look, Dray, honey. Go get your wand and you can use magic this year." She reasoned, giving him a quick peck on the lips before shoving him off her.

"Thanks, darling." He mocked, standing up and brushing himself down. Hermione rolled her eyes, standing up just as the doorbell then on, Draco knew just how long Christmas would be for him.

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