Disclaimer: After 25 of these, it's getting pretty hard to think of a funny, original Disclaimer...

Hello guys! Sorry for the delay, I hope everyone had a fab New Year. Speaking of New Year...wanna read my Drarry one-shot "New Years Kiss"? It's half-Drarry really but, still, could you? It'd mean a lot to me.

Anyway, this is not a certain shipping or character or even like the Christmas Eve Spectacular, this is Panda's thinking of Christmas ideas...

PS - Written in 1st Person

Day 25: Panda's Christmas Thinking

I sat there, with notepad and pen in hand, thinking I need some new fanfic ideas!

My reviewers had been PM-ing me, asking me if I was ever updating "Tinsel" again. I would, if I had a Day 25 idea.

Which I didn't.

I "hmmed" and "mmmed" and occasionally BBMed AvalancheApple or lessthanthreeredvines. But, they were no use, just sent me pictures of Drapple or Criss Colfer/Klaine.

Which (I had to admit) I didn't mind.

But, I really needed a new idea.

Dramione, perhaps? Nah, I have already used that.

Harmonie? Nope, hate that pairing.

If only I didn't lose that damn Peppa Pig calendar!

Giving up, I threw my stuff on the floor and crawled into my bed, thinking and slowly drifting off.

When I awoke, I had realised of the strange dream I had! All the characters were involved, even Voldemort!

Little dark for Christmas and I wasn't doing a parody fiction though so, that idea was screwed.

5 hours later

"I got it!" I exclaimed to myself, staring at myself in the mirror. "Drapple!"

So, I immediately got out my little Netbook and began typing.

Draco was sad at Christmas, he had no-one who loved him. Not his mother, father or anyone! He was bought gifts from his mother and father, of course, but that was purely buying his affection. They didn't actually care for the Slytherin.

There was one who he lived dearly, one who he had trust his life with…

the green apple he had charmed to never go out of date. But, the thing was, he didn't know if the apple loved him back as it was an apple – it couldn't speak.

I stopped after that sentence, reading it in disgust.

"That is the worst Drapple fiction ever!" I said, deleting the document without saving it. "Pathetic."

So, I BBMed Apple and asked her what her 2 favourite characters were.

"Fred or George and Ginny." Was her reply.

"I meant romantically." I replied with a glare face. She didn't reply. So, I sat there and thought and couldn't think anymore. All my ideas were used up. There was nothing more I could do.

Then, I got the cheesiest idea ever, the only thing I could do, really.

I decided to write the last chapter about me thinking about what to write about the last chapter. And it turned out worse than I expected.

Oh well, Merry Christmas Everyone!

I didn't really delete that Drapple fic, it's just on my old laptop.

Sorry it was crap, but I wanted to show you guys it's tough for me thinking of pairings/ideas. I hope you all had a very merry Christmas, I know I did.

Luff ya guyz,

- Festive Panda x