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25 Days of Christmas, or A Very Drarry Christmas
It's a Family Affair

The Malfoy-Potter home was in such a state of chaos that it would drive weaker men to insanity. Luckily, Harry and Draco were so used to the clamor that they were largely unfazed. The living room looked like it had undergone one of Ron Weasley's reckless searches when he had been a novice Auror. Mounds of wrapping paper littered the floor and streams of ribbon hung haphazardly from every available space. An ornament lay broken on the fireplace hearth, and the children had been instructed to stay away as Harry swept it up. Draco's head was covered in bows with the firm instruction that they could not be removed. Perhaps other parents would not have let the morning get so out of control, but they probably didn't have the assurance that a quick charm would clean everything up.

Lily had awoken in a pleasant mood, much to the delight of her fathers. She opened her gifts with a combination of hurried excitement and careful control unique to young girls in their transitional years. She expressed honest gratitude at every gift she opened, not yet too old to hug her fathers tightly. James on the other hand had torn through his presents like a tornado. He was responsible for the ribbon hanging from the mantle, the tree branches, the lamps, and the cat's tail. He seemed more excited by the shiny wrapping than the presents they actually contained. Any box with clothes had been promptly discarded so he could search for more attractive gifts. Terry—the aforementioned cat—was pouncing on the bows that had not made it into Draco's hair. She seemed unconcerned by the ribbon winding around her tail. Padfoot lay on the couch, his head on his big paw. He was used to Christmas morning by now and was honestly just happy that James had found something more interesting than sitting on him.

Harry walked over to the large dog and pet him lovingly while Draco tried to keep Terry from breaking even more ornaments. Lily had opened her last gift and was playing with her new collection of animated pets. Draco hadn't understood the point of them, but Harry had assured him that they were the hottest item for young girls that year. James was happily pounding on the toy drums he had received from Santa. Harry sent a glare in his husband's direction. He could have sworn they had decided not to give James any noise-making toys. Draco just shrugged and grinned. He liked to pretend to be a strict parent, but he honestly couldn't deny his children anything they wanted. Harry just sighed.

While the children were preoccupied by their new gifts, Draco walked over to his husband. Harry smiled. "You look ridiculous," he said.

"He looks pretty!" Lily argued as she tried to keep Terry from swatting at her toy pets.

"Yeah," Draco said with a chuckle. "I'm pretty."

Harry snorted. "I'll keep that in mind." Draco sat down on the other side of Padfoot, much to the large dog's chagrin. They both chuckled at his groan. Harry watched as Draco drew a small box from his pocket. It looked like a ring box, and Harry eyed it. "Are you proposing?" he asked jokingly.

Draco sighed. "Yes. I propose you shut your mouth and open your gift."

Harry chuckled. He opened the box to display a single gold band with two stones. He looked at Draco.

"Their Lily and James' birthstones," Draco explained.

"Thank you," Harry said breathlessly.

The moment was ruined when Terry decided it was a great time to jump on the couch—right on top of Padfoot's head. This spurred a playful chase throughout the living room. The scattered paper flew through the air as the animals bulldozed through it. James happily accompanied the chase with a nonsensical rhythm on his drums. Lily screeched and snatched her toys out of the way. Harry let his head fall against the back of the couch with a sigh. Draco closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose.

After a few minutes in which James and Lily joined the chase Draco looked at Harry. "Merry Christmas Harry," he said with a strained smile.

Harry grinned in return. "Merry Christmas Draco."

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