Title: It's a Girl Thing

Pairing: (Fem)Italy/Germany

Italy makes a deal with England and has one week as a woman to win Germany's heart, but how will Germany react when Italy's week is up and he learns the truth? Can Germany learn to see past the gender of his true love?

Chapter 12 - Final Confessions

'It's strange how much I completely went out of my way to help someone who's supposed to be my enemy...' the Brit thought curiously, going to his kettle to make another cup of tea, yawning slightly. The sun was steadily settling over the horizon that afternoon, signalling the end of another day, and England was having mixed feelings about what he'd spent that day doing. 'I really hope he doesn't regret it, even though it won't be my fault, if he regrets it I'll still feel guilty...I'm sure he won't, he sounded certain, but even still...who would honestly want to switch genders permanently just to please someone? I mean if he wanted to be a girl for himself then sure but...it still doesn't seem right...'

England shook his head, going to the cupboard for some teabags, he couldn't think too deeply about it, Italy had made his decision and the Brit couldn't let himself get involved, he'd provided the Italian with the potion sure but now it was none of his business what happened. Just as he went to get the milk out the fridge his doorbell started chiming repeatedly, followed by the hammering of a fist at his door. England looked up curiously, hurrying to the door to cease the infernal racket, "Who on earth...?"

"You!" Germany growled, panting heavily, fist still clenched inside a dent in the door he'd now made.

"Germany?" England stared at him slightly bewildered, looking worriedly at the German's car that was parked barely a foot away from his doorstep, engine still running, "What are you doing here?"

"Where's Italy?" Germany demanded, slamming his hands down on the Brit's shoulders.

England shuddered slightly, "He's not here-"

"Has he been here already?"

"Well, yes-"

"GOTT VERDAMMT!" Germany bellowed, slamming a fist into the doorframe.

England jumped back slightly, eyes shifting nervously from the German to the door, "...you knew he was coming?"

Germany took a few breaths, calming himself, "Ja...he called Japan und told him what he was planning to do..." he bit his lip, pinching bridge of his nose stressfully, "Please...tell me he hasn't turned himself female..."

"I don't know...not the last I saw of him."

"But he has that gott verdammt potion right?" Germany growled, glaring at the Brit.

England nodded, taking another step back, "Yes, I gave it to him-but, but!" he held up his hands quickly when the German advanced on him, backing away rapidly into his house, "I-I told him to think about it, I gave it to him and told him to drink it only when he got home...and to think about it carefully before he did so."

Germany stopped in his tracks, blinking slowly for a few minutes, "I see...then there's still time."

England looked at him in confusion, "Germany, it's none of my business I know so forgive me for asking but...I thought you were in love with this girl version of Italy he became?"

Germany sighed, "Ja but...England it's not him, I mean...Italy he's..." he ran his hands down the front of his face, shaking his head.

England looked at him sadly, "You mean...now that you know Italy's Felicia you can't ever go back to feeling that way about her?"

"Ja, I mean nein, I mean...it's a little more complicated than that." he muttered, glancing at his watch, "Right...if I hurry I might be able to get to his house in time." Germany quickly slicked back the hair he'd messed out of place before sprinting out of the house and diving into his car, slamming his foot down on the gas as he sped away from the Brit's house.

England stood at the front door, blinking slowly, fuzzy brows furrowed in confusion, "...he could have just asked to use my phone..."


"Veneziano I'm really not okay with this."

"Romano it'll be fine...you'll get used to the new me."

"I don't want a little sister."

"Please Romano; I have to do this..."

"You're insane..." the Italian muttered, eyes never leaving the sparkling, pink liquid that sat on their kitchen table between them, shaking his head, "Honestly Veneziano do you really want to put yourself through that pain all over again?"

"Romano if I'm Felicia again then the pain goes away!" Italy insisted, hesitating slightly as he reached for the bottle.

Romano rolled his eyes, slapping his hand away, "Not yet...Veneziano I'm not going to force you not to do this but couldn't you at least think it through first?"

"I have fratello." Italy said, moving his hand to take the bottle again, "...I want to do this."

Romano glared at him, moving the potion from his reach, "Veneziano you haven't even considered this at all have you?" he said, glaring at his brother, "All you're thinking about is that damn German bastard! For God sake just take a minute to think about actually being a girl for the rest of your life!"

Italy bit his lip, running a hand through the back of his hair, "It's not that bad...it was fun being a girl, I liked all the pretty dresses."

Romano rolled his eyes, "Sì you say it was fun, but that was just one week! Think permanently, anyone could swap genders for a little while and deal with it, but for the rest of your life would be impossible to adjust to!"

Italy looked at him sadly, holding out his hand, "Fratello please...I want to do this, I know you don't understand...but Germany is worth any kind of adjustments I'd have to make...please Romano."

Romano looked at him for a few moments, sighing softly, "Fine." he muttered, tossing his brother the potion, the Italian caught it, clutching it close to his chest as Romano got to his feet, "Do whatever you want, but just promise me you won't regret this afterwards."

"Sì...sì grazie." Italy said softly, watching as his brother silently left. The Italian sighed, fiddling with the bottle in his hands, tapping his foot nervously on the kitchen floor. Even though he was certain of this, he couldn't help the slight anxieties he was feeling as he slowly got to his feet, following Romano out into the living room but instead he went upstairs to his room, potion in hand, trying to ignore his brother's disapproving glare on his back.

Italy softly shut his bedroom door behind him, slumping heavily against it as he clung to the bottle, heart hammering nervously in his chest. The Italian took a few deep breaths, pressing the potion into his chest as he held onto his with both hands, drumming his fingers hesitantly against it. 'This is for Germany...this is for Germany...this is for Germany...' he kept telling himself, but every time he glanced down at the sparkling pink in his hands he felt his stomach do a summersault at the thought of actually going through with it...the Italian felt sick.

He couldn't understand why he was having such a problem with it! He loved Germany...and this was what the German wanted right? To have Felicia back...even though he knew who she really was...did that matter? Would Germany be able to over look that?

Italy sighed, slowly stepping over to his bedroom mirror, gazing at the reflection staring back at him. He could see his body physically shaking, the absolute terror in his eyes...Romano was right, the life adjustments were astronomical, while it was true he'd had fun being a girl he couldn't deny the obvious downsides; the raging uncontrollable hormones, the ease at which he was upset, his vulnerability and even greater weakness...a week had been fine, enjoyable even, but could he really handle it for the rest of his life? He hadn't had the full experience of being female, he was sure there would definitely be other problems that would flare up which he hadn't come across yet.

The more and more he thought about it (taking Germany out of the equation that is) it started to seem like a really bad idea. Italy knew he was quite an effeminate boy anyway, he wasn't exactly manly, but actually being female for the rest of his life was certainly a daunting prospect.

Italy sighed, fingering the bottle uneasily in his hands, letting his eyes drift closed for a moment, Italy always felt he could concentrate better when there were no other distractions around him...no longer able to see his male face staring at him in the mirror, pleading with him.

Italy swallowed heavily, listening to the drumming of his heart beating furiously in his ears as he dithered with the prospects of this life changing decision, all the downsides of being female, all the adjustments and sacrifices he'd have to make...then his thought pattern changed...and the main reason for his confliction was suddenly all he could think about, 'Felicia, I know we haven't known each other very long but...I just, I've never felt so strongly about anyone as I do about you right now...' the German's voice rang throughout his mind, setting his heart alight, 'Felicia, I really couldn't imagine myself with anyone other than you, you complete me so well...' that soft, beautiful, almost bashful voice that spoke to him, the German's warm, caring hands gently cradling his own as he was pulled close against him, that adoring, almost worship-like way those dazzling blue eyes gazed at him...

The Italian's eyes shot open. In that instant, Italy knew what he needed to do, damn the consequences, to hell with the adjustments and life changing prospects...

Germany was worth it.

Slowly, with trembling hands, the Italian carefully uncorked the bottle, a heavy pink mist rose from the top, and an all too familiar scent of roses and strawberries immersed him, much stronger and much more potent than the last time. Italy dropped the cork to his carpet; it bounced once and disappeared underneath his bed, forgotten. His heart going a mile a minute, body trembling uncontrollably as his shaking hand lifted the bottle up to his lips...his mind had gone blank; all he could hear was the pounding of his heart, and the knowledge that he was making the right decision.


'Gott verdammt! Why do all these houses look the same?' Germany thought, looking around furiously at all the identical houses lined up together in the city of Rome, looking everywhere for Italy's house. He'd only ever been there once; Italy was always over at the German's, never the other way around. 'Dear gott...he might have already done it! What if I'm too late? What if-' Germany was broken out of his train of thought when his eyes came to a halt at the exact house he was looking for. He slammed his foot down on the gas pedal and sped up the front drive, knocking over and smashing several Grecian statues of Gods that sat in the Italian's garden, screeching to a halt up against his front door.

"Italy!" Germany yelled, jumping from the car he practically threw himself into the front door, hammering and pounding at it with his fists, "Italy! For gott sake don't do it! Italy!"

"What the crapola?" Romano open the door, glaring at the German irritably, "Hey would you mind knocking any louder?"

"Out of mein way!" Germany snarled, shoving the Italian to one side he forced his way inside, eyes darting around the room, "Where's Italy?"

Romano glared at the German, "He's upstairs probably in his room, what are you-"

Germany almost tripped over his own feet in his haste to race up the stairs, clinging to the banister he bounded onto the landing, heart racing in his chest as he scanned around for the Italian's room. The German's breath suddenly caught in his throat at the sound of a cork being released from a bottle. "Italy..." he breathed, tearing down the landing to the Italian's bedroom door, bursting into the door, "ITALY!"

Italy jumped violently, the bottle slipping from his fingers but he managed to grab hold of it before he dropped it, "G-Germany?" he stuttered, staring at him in shock as the Germany ran towards him and took a rough grasp of his wrist, yanking the potion from his hand. "What are you doing? Germany!"

"I'm stopping you from doing something stupid." Germany growled, holding the bottle out of the Italian's reach.

"What? Germany give it back!" Italy lunged forwards but was easily held back by the German's other hand.

Germany held the Italian at arms length, shot a nasty glare at the bottle into his hand before he hurled it at the wall, smashing it into a thousand pieces, showering the Italian's carpet with pink.

Italy stopped struggling, staring opened mouthed at the shattered remains of hope, "G-Germany..." he watched as the liquid slowly sunk into his carpet, turning his sad eyes on the German, "...why would you...do that?"

Germany sighed irritably, gently letting go of him, "Italy...I just stopped you from making a huge mistake."

"But...I was going to be Felicia again, it was for you..." Italy said softly, eyes welling up.

Germany shook his head, grabbing Italy's wrist again as he tried to go to the smashed bottle, "Italy, how could you even consider permanently changing yourself into a girl? Had you even thought this through?"

"You sound like Romano..." Italy mumbled softly, gazing forlorn at the shattered glass.

Germany sighed, gently tilting the Italian's head to look at him, "Well for once I agree with him...Italy, was the only reason you were going to do this for me?"

Italy nodded slowly, "...sì."

Germany shook his head, swallowing slightly as he softly let his thumb trail across the Italian's cheek, "Italy...I'm not worth anything close to that..."

Italy sniffled slightly, shaking his head, "Germany, how can you not see how amazing you are?" he bit his lip, tears hazing his vision, "...you're perfect, you're so-so sweet and caring to me, you make me feel safe..." Italy reached up, dabbing at the tears steadily making their way down his face, letting his eyes drift back to the broken glass, "...Germany, I would have done anything to be yours..."

Germany stared at him, heart thudding heavily as a scarlet blushed glazed his cheeks, "Italy..." he gently tilted the Italian's head back to face him, "Even if that were true...what you were about to do is nothing short of insanity." he said softly, slowly tracing his thumb along the Italian's jaw line.

Italy bit his lip, gazing up at the German, shivering slightly under his soft touch, "...you make me that way." he murmured softly, letting his tears fall freely down his face, raining down over the German's hand that was still dwarfing his cheek, "...I'm sorry Germany...I-I should have realised you wouldn't want to be with Felicia again, not now you know she's me."

Germany shook his head, still gently trailing his thumb along the Italian's cheek, "Italy are you really so blind, I don't want Felicia."

Italy nodded, biting down hard on his bottom lip to stop it from trembling as tears dripped onto the carpet, "Sì-Sì...I'm sorry Germany, I-I've ruined everything...I know you don't feel the same way!" he cried, sniffling slightly, scrubbing a hand across his eyes as he took a few deep breaths, attempting to calm down, turning away from the German, "It's okay...I-I'll move back here with Romano, you won't have to see me again-"

"Italy you're wrong!" Germany interrupted, tilting his chin back to face him, "Italy, look at me please..."

Italy shook his head, clenching his eyes shut yet tears still managed to leak out, raining down his already damp cheeks, "...I-I'm sorry G-Germany..."

Germany looked at the Italian sadly, shaking his head, "Italy..." he took hold of the Italian's shoulders, gently turning him around so he was facing Italy from behind, then he delved into his pocket for something, gently clasping it around the boy's neck.

Italy slowly opened his eyes, eyes drifting down to the silver chain now around his neck, yin and yang charm hanging from the centre, "...Germany?" Italy turned himself back round, gently holding onto the charm in one hand, "...you fixed it."

Germany nodded slowly, "Ja...I fixed it for you."

Italy stared at him, blinking slowly, having trouble processing the information, "...why?"

Germany reached up to gently grasp the Italian's cheek again, hand trembling slightly as he stroked his thumb along his jaw line, a heavy blush glazing his face, "...because I gave it to you Italy, und it still symbolises exactly what it did that day I gave it to you..."

"...it does?"

"Ja..." Germany said softly, finding himself stepping closer to the Italian, "...Italy, you've always been the...the yang to mein yin, or yin to mein yang, whichever...you're everything I'm not, you're playful und fun, sweet und kind...cheerful und adorable..." he gently tilted the Italian's chin up further towards him, "...I just, I was just so certain that mein true love had to be female...that I completely over looked the...the soul mate I'd already found..."

Italy stared at the German in shock, heartbeat quickening in his chest, "...Germany...what are you saying?"

"I-I'm saying..." Germany sighed slightly, blush burning his cheeks as he gazed into those loving, all too familiar amber eyes, "That I'm an idioten...forcing you to invent a new persona, become female for a week just so that I could realise something I should have realised a long time ago."

Italy bit his lip, reaching a hand up to cover the one still gently caressing his cheek, "...what's that?"

Germany grumbled slightly, looking away in embarrassment, "...you really want me to spell it out for you don't you?"

Italy nodded, smiling slightly, "Sì."

Germany sighed, gently brushing back the Italian's fringe before slipping his hand across the back of his neck, Italy shivered, leaning into that touch, "Italy..." the German slipped his other arm around his waist, drawing him closer, gazing deeply into those amber orbs, "...I love you."

"Germany..." the Italian only had time to breath out the German's name before he was swept up into a deep, loving kiss. Germany held the boy close, softly brushing his fingers into his hair as their lips moulded perfectly together, arm held securely against his waist, protectively. Italy was completely still for a few moments, mind unable to process what had just happened, when it finally did the Italian reached up, bunching his fists into the German's shirt, sighing in bliss against his lips, tears continued to rain down his face, combining with the tears that ran down the German's own. Italy could feel his heart swelling in his chest, it felt so real, so true, so much more loving and deep than any of the times he'd kissed Germany before...Germany was with him, him not Felicia, he was kissing Italy, and he wanted him as badly as the Italian wanted Germany.

When the German finally pulled back he released a breath he hadn't realised he was holding, gazing into Italy's sweet face as he continued to hold him close. Italy beamed, slipping his hands up around the German's neck, not being able to help the slight giggles that escaped him, Germany blushed, chuckling slightly himself, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly, "W-Well...urm..."

Italy smiled, pressing a soft kiss to the tip of his nose, "Hey Germany..."


Italy beamed, throwing himself into the German's arms, cuddling him close, "I love you too!"

Germany grinned, "Ja...I know you do Italy."


"Alright we're here, don't be too long okay?" Germany said, pulling up outside the Italian's house, shaking his head slightly, he found it quite hard to believe only three weeks had passed since he and Italy had last been here.

Italy smiled, hopping out of the car, "Won't be a sec!" he called, waving to his boyfriend as he skipped up to the front door, letting himself inside, "Oh hi Romano!"

Romano looked up briefly, "What are you doing back here?"

"I just came to get some things; me and Germany are going on holiday for a few days! It's going to be so much fun!" Italy grinned, racing upstairs to gather the rest of the belongings he'd need for their trip before hauling the case downstairs.

Romano rolled his eyes, watching him, "Don't you spend enough time with that bastard whilst living with him?"

Italy shook his head, "Nope! There can never be enough time for my Germany..."

Romano pulled a disgusted face, pretending to vomit, "Spare me, please." Italy smiled, waving to his brother before making for the door again, "Hang on." Romano called, reaching onto the mass of papers scattered about the coffee table, "At least dispose of this would you? It's been sitting around for about a month." he tossed the Italian an unopened letter.

"Ve?" Italy caught it, looking at it curiously, it was the letter Germany had sent him whilst he thought the Italian was ill, that week he was Felicia. It really didn't matter now, but Italy opened it up anyway.

Dear Italy,

I'm just writing to say that I'm very sorry to hear about your current condition, whilst I am not fully aware of what the condition of your health is, I hope by all means that it is not serious and that soon you will be back to your happy go-lucky self. As I'm sure you're aware your friend Felicia is here in your absence however I'm sure she will not be able to replace the sunny optimism you bring to each and every training session and light up my day in that cheerful way you do. If I'm perfectly honest with you, I don't really want you leaving my side, I feel as if you should still be here, with me taking care of you, but I hope you get better soon and you can soon return.

Missing you, Germany.

Italy stared at the letter in his hands, a smile slowly fixing itself to his face. He raced back out the front door, letter in hand, skipping happily over to the German who was leaning casually against his car door, waiting for him.

"Where are your things?"

"Germany!" Italy beamed, throwing himself into the German's arms, laughing slightly, nuzzling his head into the German's chest.

Germany smirked slightly, looking down at the Italian in slight confusion, "Ja? What is it?"

Italy looked up, grinning, pressing a soft kiss to the German's lips, "You love me..."

"Ja..." Germany said slowly, still looking confused, not sure whether to laugh or not, "You know I do..."

"Sì...but you loved me as a boy, before you met Felicia." Italy said, holding up the letter.

Germany looked even more confused, quickly scanning through the letter, "...it doesn't say I love you in here..."

"Sì but you were worried about me!" Italy said, giggling slightly, "You wanted me back..."

Germany read it again, more carefully this time, blushing slightly, "Ahh..." he laughed slightly, shoving the letter into his pocket, "W-Well that urm...ja I guess I missed you..."

Italy beamed, cuddling the German close, "You really should have told me Germany."

"Ja I know...before any of that Felicia nonsense occurred.

Italy nodded, giggling, "Sì, but I did like wearing the dresses!"

Germany smirked slightly, I quite liked seeing you in them Italy."

"Ve..." Italy smiled, lacing their fingers together, "...you do prefer me as a boy though, don't you Germany?"

Germany nodded, softly pecking his lips, "I wouldn't have you any other way Italy."

"Ti amo, Germany."

"Ich liebe dich, Italy."

~The End~

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