So, this is a Christmas fic featuring Shadow. A chapter will be posted each day until Christmas. It'll be like one of those Christmas Calendars where you open a window each day and there's a chocolate behind it…if some of you still do it. I do it because of the chocolate. So shoot me. *dodges bullets* NOT LITERATELY!

Chapter One: Preparing for Christmas

Shadow the Hedgehog was the Ultimate Life-form. He was Project Shadow, created by Professor Gerald Robotnik. He had no master, and he worked for GUN, Guardian Units of the Nations, the secondary Military/Spy Network under the CIA. He could shoot Chaos Spears; perform Chaos Blast and Chaos Control and Chaos Snap. He had a Camelot counterpart, but not a Moebius or Arabian Night counterpart. But do to his time in status; he didn't know what Christmas was. Now that was a major problem.

A light blue feline with chocolate brown hair and hazel eyes found out about this. Mikaela, the leader of Team Shade, talked to her parents about it, and convinced them to invite Shadow over to help them decorate their house for Christmas. Shadow had no choice, Mikaela didn't give him one.

With the social status between them, it meant that they were barely 'friends'. They were more like 'business partners'. Shadow figured that Mikaela obviously told them about it, and he could just imagine the sceptical looks on their faces. He would be sceptical if his daughter walked up to him and told him that she was going to invite the hedgehog she had fought with for Christmas decorating on the first weekend of December.

Shadow walked up their driveway, but stopped when he noticed a Beagle on the deck. The dog looked at him and cocked his head a few times. Then it threw back its head and started howling. Someone opened the front door and looked out. It was Mikaela. She noticed Shadow and smiled. "Sorry about that Shadow," she said as he climbed the stairs to the front door. "Indiana must think you're a massive cat or something." Shadow cocked an eyebrow at that as she opened the screen door and moved out of the way to allow him to come inside.

Once he was in out of the cold, he noticed that Mikaela wasn't wearing her shoes in the house. He also noticed that nobody was wearing shoes in the house. So he reached down and took off his hover-skates.

Mikaela walked into the living room, but Shadow stood near the door and shut it. A rare awkward moment passed as Shadow found that he couldn't decide if he wanted to leave the mat.

"Come on, Shadow," Mikaela said from the living room. Shadow took a step off the mat and looked into the living room. He then slowly took a step into the living room, suddenly feeling unwelcome. When he got close enough to Mikaela, she grabbed his arm, and dragged him closer to her parents, who were sitting at the table. "Mom…Dad…" her parents turned to look at them. "…This is Shadow…the hedgehog I was talking about…"

Shadow glanced at Mikaela, realizing that she seemed awfully nervous around her parents. Shadow stepped forward shrugging Mikaela's hand off of him. "Hello," he said, keeping his cool and calm demeanor solid.

Mikaela's father stood up, towering over Shadow. Kris Cody reached out a hand and Shadow accepted it. They shook hands.

The decorating started with putting up the tree. Shadow helped Mikaela's father to open the first section of the tree. Then Kris lifted the second section of the tree, and the process repeated itself. And they did it again with the third section.

Shadow stepped back when Mikaela's brother came forward to decorate the tree. But Mikaela came up beside him and put an ornament in his hand. She then pushed him from behind right up to the tree. Shadow pinned his ears and growled, but hung the ornament anyway.

After the decorating, dinner rolled around. Shadow actually sat at the table and ate something, but there were a few glitches during the meal. Mikaela's parents told him about the true meaning of Christmas, but Shadow ended up blatantly telling them he didn't believe in such things. That earned a harsh slap from Mikaela because is saddened her brother more than it did her. She really didn't care if Shadow lived for the rest of the duration of Earth and burned in hell because he was so rude. But drew, her brother, almost worshiped Shadow since the day Sonic the Hedgehog was first sighted. Even though that wasn't really proper in a Christian household, what could you do? He was a nine year old with the mind of a six year old (metaphorically) due to his ADHD.

After dinner, Mikaela escorted Shadow to the door and opened it for him. Once he had his shoes on, she (almost) literally kicked Shadow out the doors. Then she leaned out the door and got dangerously close to his face with her own. "Listen up, Shadow," she hissed under her breath so only he could hear it. "You embarrassed me to the highest degree. Do you know how hard it is to get my parents to like Team Sonic?" Shadow watched as tears welled up in her eyes. "They allowed me to get the Sonic games, but now that they're real, I'm afraid they're going to deem my favourite characters unsuitable for my friends—that they would lead me astray. Now, you're a prime example. You were so rude at our kitchen table tonight. Mom and Dad want to raise Drew properly, not have a role model teach him how to be even ruder than he already is! Now you better think about what happened and come back and apologise!" She then jerked herself away and slammed the door in his face.

Shadow sighed and shut the screen door before walking down the steps. He walked to the end of their driveway, thinking, That girl had a lot of nerve to talk to me that way. Who does she think she is? She doesn't rule my life! I'm my own master! Nobody rules me! I'll choose my own path until the day I die! Shadow angrily kicked a piece of ice out of the way, but as he did so, he lost his footing and slipped. He fell to the ground and hit his head—hard.

The world was spinning when he heard someone whisper into his ear: "Shadow…you'll have to learn that you're not your own master. If you're not mine, you're someone else's…you're either a child of God or the child of Satan…"

"Who…? What…?" Shadow managed to say, dizzy and winded.

"It's time to take your test…"

Slowly, the stars in the night sky slowly faded from his view as he sank into darkness.