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Shadow recognised the figure walking down main-street. He skated after him, calling his name.

Lou stopped and turned to look at Shadow. "Well, old friend, I thought we wouldn't meet again until the time was right. Why are you here?" Lou asked.

Shadow stopped in front of him. "I still want to know what species you are," he said stubbornly.

Lou smiled at him. It was a knowing smile. People of Earth had the right…

He turned and started walking away. But then he stopped and looked over his shoulder at Shadow. "I am what you call a Lucario," he said with a smile before disappearing into thin air.

Shadow was left standing there, trying to figure out was a Lucario was.

Okay, so this wasn't a Sonic the Hedgehog/Pokemon crossover, it was a Sonic the Hedgehog/Bible crossover. And I thank you guys for reading this story, all the reviews meant a lot to me. I never thought I would get this many reviews, and I never knew it would touch so many people.

I will be doing a Easter one. It'll probably be called "The True Meaning of Easter, (insert name here)". I don't know who will be the main character of it, though. Shadow has been on a life-changing adventure already, but who else needs it? That's a question for you, readers!

And check out my story "Mobian Trib Force: Taken" for more Christian action. I haven't been able to update it for a while due to school and such. But I promise you it shall be updated, because when I know there's readers out there, I get a lot more inspiration. And it's the beginning of a series that are based on the "Left Behind Kids" Series and the events in it run alongside the series.

See you later, Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and Tah tah for now. I'm glad you loved this story!