Title:Galactic Wishes

Mainpairing: Xander/Spike (pre-slash, slash), Kirk/Spock (pre-slash), possibly others

MYInspiration: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (all media forms), Angel the Series (all media forms), Star Trek (every generation), Star Trek 2009

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Author'sNote: AU, OOC in some characters, immediately following the episode where Spike comes fully back to his unlife life and mainly set in the "Abrams Universe", but likely excerpts from other generations will appear. This may only be a one shot or it may turn into something slightly epic. Time will tell, depending on what the must whispers in my ears.

Summary: A wish or two is normally harmless, but the crew of the USS Enterprise are shocked by the literal outcome of such wishes, especially in the presence of an unexplained space anomaly that they had yet to figure out or pull away from.

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(…Other Languages/Mind Speak/Alternate Speech Patterns like sign language…)


Chapter One


Bones looked down disconsolately at the two sleeping babies wrapped around each other. 'How did this happen,' he thought. 'One minute they were disagreeing on the bridge, as normal and suddenly...'

He sighed, it was claimed by those on the Bridge that Lt. Nyota Uhura had had enough and had said, "I wish you two babies would stop this bickering immediately..."

It was also claimed, by those same crew members, that following that statement a young sounding voice answered by saying, "Wish Granted!"

Two small babies were the result of a flash of light. They had been brought to McCoy for examination, but also for security reasons. Something was happening on the ship and it was something that had tingles of unease running up the Doctor's spine.

Lt. Hikaru Sulu took over, but he was soon receiving strange reports from different sections of the ship, along with a generalized announcement of "Wish Granted!" that had been broadcasted for everyone to hear.

The Lieutenant was quick to issue a ship-wide broadcast stating that, "Until further notice the utterance of generalized Wishes is prohibited. In fact this is the perfect time for a silent running drill. All communications will be non-verbal from here on until we have succeeded in pulling away from the anomaly that we are currently facing. Stations sound off."

"Engineering now running silent," Scotty voice in his throaty Scottish brogue.

"Medical now running silent," Doctor McCoy said with baby babble in the background.

So on for each section of the ship, until Sulu finished the order by staying, "The Command Bridge now running silent."

Silence was relative, but it was a command that the onboard ship's computer would monitor and send regular reports to the Bridge relating any who violated such an order.


Three days later they were still within the perimeter of the strange cloudy mass without successfully being released from its proximity. The crew still had a few incidences that occurred where talking was done, but all reports and disciplinary matters would be up to the Captain whenever he regained his natural age, at least the word Wish hadn't been uttered as no more unaccountable phenomena occurred.

The only thing was that one tiny baby half-Vulcan was currently causing the poor Doctor a near mental breakdown, which caused the poor man uttered something he knew he shouldn't have.

"Damnit Spock," he said to the baby that was nearly wrapped from head to toe in order to prevent skin-to-skin contact. The poor mite didn't like being held when what he received from most human contact was frustration and irritation.

It was frustrating in turn for the poor little thing because his mind was still at his actual age and he'd been unable to voice anything. It was only when the two babies cuddled that the little half-Vulcan could calm down in some way because the mind belonging to the man known as James Tiberius Kirk was fascinating. It was like a toy that the Vulcan had never had before.

Spock knew it was wrong to wrap his young mind in that of a human's, but his surprise knew no bounds when the mind he linked to was not entirely human. The mind accepted his curious probing and somehow knew that as an adult this would never have happened because Vulcan pride and culture prevented such a breach in courtesy and privacy.

A baby's mind was different and a Vulcan one would latch onto anything that provided comfort or a link to a feeling of security.

Baby Jim had a secret that was not commonly known to his crew or to Starfleet in general. His Doctor knew because he needed to know, but none of his crew had even cottoned on that he was an empath of some considerable ability. That was an asset that most of the Admiralty didn't know about with the exception of Pike and Archer. Those two knew and those two were ones that advised the young man to keep his secret. It would be advantageous for the young Captain and Kirk never once considered it bad advice.

He had been able to contain his ability for a long time even as a small child, but knowing his First Officer's issues of being too young now, he allowed the baby alien an access that normally would only have been opened family or for a future mate or spouse. He apologized to him for the depth of the connection in the only way he knew how. He helped him to shield away the emotions of others whenever they were in touching proximity.

Spock's frustration was such that he had been irritating the Doctor simply because of his alien physiology. It was obvious to the half-Vulcan that his parents had not been completely forthcoming about the medical dangers he had faced as a babe.

Tears of frustration ran down McCoy's cheeks at his helplessness, he uttered and gently petted the baby Vulcan on his tummy, "I wish that some demon could be found to assist in taking care you... you... you cute little green demon-child hobgoblin you."

McCoy's words were not meant to be harsh in any fashion. He had grown fond of the pointy-eared alien and had grown to be somewhat friends with the young man stuck between two worlds, culture-wise. His comments about being a demon or hobgoblin only came out when he was frustrated beyond a certain point. However he blinked once he realized what he'd just voiced and immediately said, "Oh shit."

"Wish Granted!" That childlike voice said gleefully.

Another flash, only this time it was followed by an animalistic roar and the phrase of, "Where in the bloody hell am I?"

Doctor McCoy looked at the young man with the strange appearance. He was dressed in dark clothing, his face was distorted and he was bleeding from his nose. Ever the doctor he said, "You're bleeding, let me take care of that for you."

"Don't bother," Spike said, pawing the blood from his face and licking it from his fingers. He looked around and then heard the squall of infants crying. His sharps eyes focussed on the baby cot nearby and one look in it told him quite a bit about where he was. "Is that a Vulcan babe?"

"Yes," the Doctor said.

"Bloody hell," Spike whispered again. This time he looked around the room and noted all of the strange electronic equipment. His eyes widened and he stated, "I'm on the effin' Enterprise!"

"Yes," Doctor McCoy said with a yawn, too tired to try to figure out how this person knew where he was or note the surprise in the young man's tone. "I'm terribly sorry, but I haven't had any sleep since this happened to our Captain and First Officer."

Spike looked into the cot again was met with blue eyes too blue to be natural. He shielded his thoughts and emotions completely before taking hold of both the children in his arms. He settled them comfortably and was immediately rewarded by the two of them yawning cutely, turning their faces into his duster and falling immediately to sleep.

McCoy was astonished and awed. "I've been trying to get them to do that for at least three days."

"Your mind wasn't focussed on keeping most of your emotions or thoughts away," Spike said softly. "So why am I on the bloody Enterprise?"

"Um," McCoy said looking away. "I sort of wished for someone to help with Spock."

"Spock... damn," Spike looked back down at the Vulcan baby. "I bloody wish Harris was here, he'd love this shite."

"Wish granted!" The childlike voice said with laughter.

"Ah, hell," Spike said and was near blinded by a flash of light that followed the wish.

"What the..." A tall man, in mid-swing of a medieval axe, stumbled and then paused to take a breath. He looked around the room with his one good eye. He wanted to be excited to suddenly find himself in the medical bay of the USS Enterprise.

"Spike," he said looking confused about why he would be seeing his ex-roommate holding two bundles close to his chest.

"Yeah," Spike said looking at the man he once knew as boy. "You're looking fierce."

"I was in the middle of a battle," Xander said rubbing the irritated skin under his eye patch. "We were winning. I guess the girls will continue to kick their asses because I'm suddenly gone." He put the axe down one of the med-beds and asked the Doctor, "So what's really going on here Dr. McCoy?"

"How do you know my name," the man said with another yawn. His body was shutting down quickly, so Xander guided him to one of the bio-beds in the room.

"Sleep," Xander said. "We'll talk when you wake up. Who's in charge?"

"Lt. Sulu," McCoy said passing out from complete exhaustion.

Xander looked around against and then sat at the doctor's console.

He immediately thought of something. He typed in a couple of searches and found that the replicators in the medical unit could replicate human blood. He programmed a couple of pints to be produced and then fed them to Spike as the vampire couldn't put down the children. They immediately became agitated if they weren't in contact with the only person onboard the ship that could adequately shield their mind.

"Bloody little nuisances," Spike said, but didn't mean it. He was always a softy for the young, but not in the 'I'm-a-vampire-and-they-look-delicious' kind of way either.

"So how long have you been back," Xander asked wondering about the vampire that was supposed to have been a Champion at rest. "Did anyone know?"

"Nah," Spike said. "The ex-Watcher, whot's 'is name, Wesley...he might have contacted the council when I appeared in batvamp's office, but nothing came of it, 'm guessing."

Xander sighed and then looked around for a place to clean up. He made sure that the items that Dr. McCoy had been using to feed the children were clean and ready for use when kids woke up. He also double checked for diapers, just in case.

"Whot about you?" Spike said looking at the one-eyed man that seemed to going through a lot of the cupboards and fiddling with the electronics that could only have come from some dream fantasy from the boy's teenager times. "Whot have you been doin' for the Council?"

"I was hunting a mid-sized nest of 'Rrr !Tiks !Raz'," Xander said, naming the demon with the correct clicks of his tongue. "It was supposed to be an ideal training test for the girls, but something went wrong with the spell that one of the girls' was using and we had to fight four Andronacks too. I was on a down swing at one of them when I was flashed away, but I had enough time to see that all of the demons had been taken care of. So how did I get here?"

"Double U - word," Spike said.

Xander's eye widened. That was a horrible word to use in the presence of demons, but this was the Enterprise. The world of Star Trek should never have to worry about the W-word. "Something's wrong if the Double U - word is working in this Universe, Dimension or whatever."

One of the little ones looked over at the human that was speaking and blinked. Spock was curious about the eye-patch and waved one of his bundled arms in the direction of the talking man.

"Oh wow," Xander said walking up to the tiny Vulcan. "Geez, he must be sweltering in there. Come here little guy let's get you fed and dressed right."

(...This human smells interesting...) Spock thought to his Captain, looking at the blue eyes looking back at him. (...He's not projecting much. I can only read happiness at being here and excitement for some reason...)

Spike followed Xander into the Doctor's quarters that were linked to the Medical Bay for ease of access. It was an anomaly in itself, but the changes on this Enterprise were different from the first run of the show. The vampire was only comfortable following the human because the human was comfortable with the environment.

Xander found the bathing room and shook his head. There were two small basins that had been brought in, but never used. "Let's give them real baths and then we can figure out how we got here."

"I called for you," Spike with a little flush. "Used the bloody word too, din't I."

Xander laughed and said, "I kind of figured that one out. There's no way that anyone from this place could actively call me here. What do you think brought you here?"

"Don't rightly know, but I showed up all 'grr' like 'Bit says," Spike said. "I'd just walked into the door jam at Wolfram & Hart, vamped from the unexpectedness of it and then flash I'm here."

"How could you walk into a door jam," Xander asked looking at him incredulously. "You're one of the more graceful vampires I know?" He paused and said, "Demon not vampire. Someone asked for a demon for some reason then, that could only explain why you arrived the way you did."

Spike placed an utterly naked baby Kirk into slightly warm bath with bubbles. "Probably," he agreed. "Was a ghost for the past few months, so I could walk through walls and floors, but was limited to L.A."

Xander did the same with an utterly baffled Spock, who still couldn't get a read on the human other than gentle caring, for which he was eternally grateful. The water of his basin was much warmer to his sensitive skin and he sighed when he felt the heat.

(...What are vampires?...) Spock said looking at Kirk getting washed by gentle hands of a blonde young man who apparently fit the definition of 'Demon' from Doctor McCoy's wish. His Captain was revelling in the feeling of finally being clean. The Vulcan could only feel the same sort of relief as he was finally getting a wash that took away the griminess he felt from the past three days. The diaper thing had been horrible to think about needing, but thankfully the Doctor had known what he was doing in that respect.

(...It's a mythological creature...) Kirk said with. (...It's actually a creature of Human imagination from the past. A creature that only lives at night, drinks human blood and can be destroyed with the coming dawn, holy church relics from Earth and possibly a few other things too. There have been many stories about vampires and they take on many biological forms or configurations. However it is commonly believed that it was a medical issue that the primitives of Earth had no knowledge about that originated the tales of nightly blood drinkers...)

(...Fascinating...) Spock thought. (...Are there records?...)

(...I'm sure that some of the old literatures are still available for the PADD...) Kirk said as he was being dried, diapered and dressed in a cute little Starfleet outfit with baby feet to cover the child's toes and keep them warm.

'He's not getting any hard soled booties,' Spike thought, having seen many sit-coms of men having their jewels crushed by enthusiastic baby stomping.

Spock was getting the same treatment from the one-eyed man and suddenly he was curious again. (...Does he need such a peripherally limiting device?...)

The baby alien pointed at the eye-patch and said, "Ah!"

Xander was dressing the little Vulcan. When the tyke made a questioning noise and pointed at his eye-patch, his dark eye narrowed and then flashed a little green. He looked up and shook his head. "Only Vengeance...," he looked back down and then pointed to his eye-patch, saying, "What... this?"

"Ah," Spock said pointing at it again, hoping that this human would understand that he was truly asking a question.

"Oh, it's truly a need thing. It keeps the empty socket clean and clear of any flying debris or dust. I need it because it also depends on where I happen to end up when I travel. You're older than you physically seem, correct?"

Spock's eyes widened in shock at the explanation that he was receiving, but he only nodded his head, movements like that he had firmly under control. He had more questions, questions that made him a great Science Officer, but since he couldn't vocalize them he pouted.

"Look we'll figure this out once the good Doctor's up from his very much needed nap," Xander said finishing the dressing of the little Vulcan in baby Starfleet footie suit too. Only this one was three times warmer than the one that Kirk had been placed in. "How about something to eat... if I can figure out how to actually use the replicator here for food..."

"'M sorry Harris," Spike said as Xander fiddled with the touch screen of the food replicator.

"What for," Xander said. "I think this is kinda cool. It's kind of like a vacation at a Trekkie Con. Andrew will totally be jealous about this."

"Whot if we can't get back," Spike voiced his concern.

"Then we'll 'Boldly Go Where No Hellmouth Scooby Has Gone Before,'" Xander said quoting part of a conversation they had just before taking down the First (...i...). "I think we'll be able to get some goodies from the Head Honcho, but first we need to figure out just what is going on before calling who we both know," he looked at Spike, who only nodded. "We'll have call."

Baby plates were available in the replicator so Xander made sure that one was completely vegetarian for the little Vulcan. He also made sure that there were two small half bottles of formula just in case the mashed food was really bad and the little ones didn't care for them.

"So why'd you explain your missing eye to the kid," Spike said watching Xander juggle the child and food for the two of them.

"He wanted to know," Xander said. The vampire was surprised when the tiny dark head looked at him and nodded. "They can't speak, but I suspect that they're both only de-aged in body, not mind, right Captain?"

The blonde, blue-eyed tyke was wide-eyed when he nodded. (...How does he know who's who?...)

(...He's uncommonly insightful...) Spock told his Captain. (...He did mention Dimensions and Alternate Universes, which is what woke me from our nap. Those concepts are not unknown to us. Perhaps they know something of us because they're from someplace else...) His mental conversation was halted when he was presented with a spoonful of mash. Even as a tiny little baby, he was able to quirk his eyebrow in the form of a traditional Spock question.

"It's just mashed veggies," Xander said. "In fact it's from your personal Vulcan selections, only presented in a mash format so you can gum on it. There's more wheat and oat grains added to it because your body needs it now, but it should be nothing that your body hasn't had before."

(...At least it's not the milk and mash that the Bones had been trying to feed you...) Kirk said to him. (...I bet he didn't even realize that he'd be trying to feed you meat...)

(...I know that he wasn't thinking about that, the Doctor was only thinking about the ease of feeding the two of us...) Spock said. He took the small mouthful and thoughtfully mashed it in his mouth. (...This is better...)

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" A voice said from the doorway to the Medical Bay. The Doctor looked rumpled from his impromptu nap on one of the bio-beds. He watched as the baby Vulcan ate what was given to him by the one-eyed man.

"Feeding him," Xander said. "He was very hungry."

"He reacted badly to what I had been giving him," the Doctor said.

"That's because you were probably feeding the both of them the same thing," Spike said spooning up different coloured mash for the baby Captain. Xander looked at the vampire. "After living with you, I know that Vulcans are vegetarians."

The Doctor had the sense to look sheepish and said, "Damn I'd forgotten about that."

"I guess that's understandable," Xander said. "Why don't you go shower and change? Then you can take us to the Bridge to see what's going on outside this ship."

"How do you..." The man stopped and then said, "You know what? Never mind that. I'll take your advice and we can discuss just what it is you think you can do here." He left the room.

Xander looked at Spike with a positively toothy grin. "I think we can do a lot," he said. He toned his grin down a bit when the vampire had a strangely shocked expression on his face. "First we'll need to plan for a few eventualities in relation to the two of us."

"Ah," Spock voiced.

"Well I guess the four of us can come up with something," Spike said when the Captain had made his own noise about being included in the decision making.

"I think that first we'll have to tell them a bit about our background and history," Xander said. He received a nod from two baby heads.



(...i...) Quote is made up. All I can say about that is 'It could've happened'.