My life wasn't mine anymore. Not since I came to this insufferable town called Forks. I wasn't even here an hour before my life was damned. Who knew Charlie was neighbors with a complete psycho? Maybe if I had some kind of warning I wouldn't be laying here scared in a place that was supposed to be my safe haven. I heard the familiar noises coming from the window. The lock was broken giving anyone the opportunity to break into my quaint little house.

You would have to be completely crazy to break into the chief of police's house, but that never stopped him. Nothing ever did. I listened to the window creak open, and the chilled wind slipped in the room along with the devil himself. His footsteps were soft enough not to wake Charlie, but loud enough to send my pulse racing. Each step he took was deliberate and deafening; I tried not to imagine his menacing strut as he walked closer toward me.

I close my eyes and pray that the nightmare that my life had become would end. How did my life change so drastically? It wasn't supposed be like this. I thought I would be able to have a fresh start by moving in with Charlie. To finally change my perspective on life and to break out of the shell I had been hiding in. That is until I met the one person who wouldn't give me the chance to do just that.

I felt his fingertips brush against my exposed shoulder, kissing it lightly where the straps of my tank top were sliding down. He swept my hair back gently away from my face, running his long fingers through the mass of curls that coiled at my waist. My breathing picked up when I felt the bed shift underneath me. He climbed into my bed un-tucking the covers.

He gradually enveloped me in his arms, burying his face in my hair. "I'm sorry it took me so long, love, but I promise never to leave you alone too long," his cool silky voice cooed, as he kissed my neck. I didn't say anything as he continued to lay tender kisses along my exposed skin. He stroked my arm up and down in a soothing manner. Goose bumps dotted my skin at his touch.

It was our nightly ritual, one I wish I'd never allowed. I barely knew the boy who crawled through my window at night and climbed into my bed, but there was nothing I could do to stop him now. I had fought him so hard on my independence; I really did, but each time I tried to stop him, he grew stronger and more persistent. 'You belong to me' his voice echoed my head, warning me there was no way out of this hell. He finally grew tired of my silent treatment and turned me so I was laid flat on my back.

Edward positioned himself so he was hovering over me, staring straight into my eyes. "Hey, beautiful," he breathed, curling his fingers around one of my curls. I stared up into his green eyes. I noticed his arms were on either side of my head, trapping me, forcing me to look at him. He didn't like to be ignored. I found out that the hard way. I shuddered at the memory and swallowed my hysteria.

"Hi," I replied back in a small voice.

It wasn't because Edward wasn't gorgeous that made me want to run in the other direction, quite the opposite really. It was his complete dominance and possessive nature that made me fear for every second of my life. "You understand that you belong to me and to me alone now, do you?" I bit my lip remembering how close Jake came to being beaten to death. I nodded slowly, feeling tears slide down my face at the memory of that gruesome day. "Good, because nothing and no one is ever going to come between us; you're mine. Say it!" he growled, making me flinch back.

"I'm yours," I whimpered, his lips met mine in a harsh and possessive kiss. His lips were soft and wet and my head was spinning, but I couldn't tell whether that was because of the lack of air or the effect he was having on me. His breath was hot and minty, perfectly intoxicating if it weren't for the fact that his hands were gripping the roots of my hair. Edward moved his lips with mine until he bit down on my lip, making me shriek out in surprise. He didn't hesitate as he shoved his tongue down my throat, not even giving me time to protest, not that I could anyways. I learned from the first day to go along with Edward's to kiss back with as much passion and desperation as he did or suffer the consequences.

I was starting to lose my breath, but Edward kept on going putting more force behind the kiss. My arms laid limp at my side, my hands were balled up in my sheets, wanting to push him away. After a minute of struggling, Edward finally released me, placing his forehead on mine. I was heaving, pulling as much air into my lungs as I could. "You remember that, love." He kissed my nose and settled in beside me, pulling me to him so that my head rested on his chest.

I just wanted this to end. To Bella Swan again and not the property of Edward Cullen.

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