Thank you all for your great support. I don't want you all to think I'm one of those people who say something and don't follow through with it. After a lot of thinking and reading all the reviews. It made me feel like I was cheating you all at something you were enjoying. I'm not going to run away, not for ANYONE. But if you want this story you can have it, I'm going to be under a different name and some changes in the story will be made. Not to satisfied ANYONE, I just think a clean slate for all of us is what we need. Not much will be changed, just minor things I've been dying to change.

I'm not against criticism, what I do not want is people being down right disrespectful. You can say you don't like it, fine no big deal. You don't have to even agree with something. But no hitting at my character that's not acceptable. So the story's name will be changed and it will be called The Neighbor's Next Door. You don't have to review after this chapter I'm under the name DaisyElla.

Give me time to post it, but it will be up.

User name DaisyElla

New name for P.O.H.O: The Neighbor's Next Door

P.S. Hater's can stay here