"Over The Rainbow"

Chapter 1

"Jewel!" She turned around and ran into Blu's fluffy neck. "Oof!" She took a step back, eyes glimmering, looking into his handsome hazel eyes. A warm smile erupted on her face and she embraced him tightly, hugging him with her one wing so tightly he couldn't breathe. "Jewel, I've been looking everywhere for you!" Blu stammered, happy beyond belief that she was okay. "Come on! He beckoned, let's go back to the aviary," he said, flying in place, hovering above her. She looked down, and he couldn't see her face, but heard her mutter, "But Blu… you know I can't fly…" He smiled, whirled her around and held on to her shoulders, then with a powerful push, he took off, Jewel was screaming and laughing all the while. They took to the halls out of the X-Ray room, where Tulio had been checking on her progress. As Blu flew down the halls and outside, he glanced down. Jewel had her wing fanned out, and eyes closed, taking in the wind in her wings.

After the brief flight through the vent, he was soon touching down in the Artificial Jungle next to the hollow, setting down Jewel as gently as he could, "Uhh, there we go," Blu said as he landed next to her. She looked fidgety, like something was wrong. 'What is it J-Jewel?" She looked up at him, at his warm, friendly face, his beaming smile, his shimmering eyes, eager to listen to whatever she had to say. "Hey Blu… I… I was wondering…"

"Yes? Anything wrong?" She looked at the ground, then back up at him. "Could you… could you maybe fly me around a little more?" She expected him to say no and shrug off the idea, but the next thing she knew, the love of her life was smiling, ready to do anything for her. He took to the sky of the aviary, and decided now was his chance. He looked down, and when she had her eyes closed, he darted out of the vent.

He flew upon the tree line in a zig-zag pattern, making sure to fool her into thinking they were still in the artificial jungle. It was a beautiful day, the rays of warm, evening sun beamed down on the lovebirds below, as the one carrying the other headed to a rather tall, ponderous tree. Blu closed in, seeing the surrounding hole in the tree obscured by the slits of the large leaf draped in the front of it. He closed his eyes and flew through, the rustling of the leaf startling Jewel as he set her down. She looked around, to see a large roost with a double wide perch in the middle, with cushy dry foliage lining the inside. It was, to say the least, impressive. She took it all in, even the small window carved in the thick trunk behind her. "This is incredible…" She said softly, "Blu, when did you do all of this?" jewel asked in amazement.

Blu shifted uneasily, saying quietly, "It… it was when I- I thought y-you were, uhh, mad… at me." His voice quivered as he stammered, she hugged him, and said graciously, "I was never mad at you." She smiled up at him, and he smiled back at her, saying, "I- I thought you might like the view." She giggled, "There's not much to see in this cage," she said, rolling her eyes with a smile curling at the ends of her beak. Jewel turned around to the leaf and noticed that she saw patches of sky through the leaf. "Wait… you didn't-" Blu pushed up the leaf with his wing.

Jewel's smile disappeared, she could see everything… The city bustling below, Christ the redeemer posing on the mountain, the beautiful beaches at the foot of Rio. The water sparkled in the distance, a beautiful orange as the sun dipped into the rolling hills behind them. Blu spun her around, and through the chiseled oval in the back of their hollow, they embraced, looking towards the sunset. It was all so much for Jewel to take in, when thoughts about the future entered her mind. The future. She's never, ever found herself thinking of what would happen next, always now, before. But she had Blu now, something to look forward to every day of her life. She smiled at the thought, then grew serious. [What if… what if we had children? Had he been thinking of children when he crafted this?] It didn't matter now, all that mattered was that she found herself, for once in her entire life, genuinely happy.

"You aint Jewel!" Pedro exclaimed. Azalea stared at them, bewildered as to who these two strangers were. "Wh-what?" Azalea asked in surprise. "Where's Jewel?" Nico asked. "I- I don't… I have no idea…" Azalea said quietly. Nico gave a puzzled look, and trying to clear the air proudly announced, "Soryy, uhh, I'm Nico, this is Pedro." Nico glared questioningly toward this stranger and demanded, "And who might you be?" Pedro nudged his side and shielded his mouth from her with his wing, turning to Nico. "A hot wing, that's who," He chuckled. After receiving a glare from Nico, he backed away a bit, non chalantly giving her a once over. "My name's Azalea," she cooed unintentionally. Pedro muttered to himself, "If only if only…" Nico smiled and said, "nice to meet you, sorry for uhh… being so ass-er-tive," he said, emphasizing such a big word. He didn't admit it, and never would, but he'd fallen for Jewel, but after seeing Blu too, knew that all his hopes would amount to nothing. Azalea was the next best thing, he figured, to top it all off, she didn't have a male significant other.

"It's alright," she giggled, flattered by the gawking neither male were aware of. "Nice to meet you," pedro chirped, catching her glance. "The pleasure's mine pedro," azalea responded. Chills ran down his spine when she rolled the "r" in his name, and he shivered. "So, uhh, we was wonderin'," Nico started, "if you wanted to come to the club tomorrow…"