Chapter 5

Azalea had long since departed to her own hollow in the artificial jungle, leaving Blu alone with Jewel. She just stood there, looking at him, and as he did the best he could to read her, all he saw was sorrow masked by anger. It was all too easy for him to tell that she was in pain, though tried her best to conceal it with a stern brow and frown. "Blu..." She almost whispered, "Why didn't you tell me you were going with her?" She said softly. Blu stammered, a worried look working its way through his face, "I- I thought you- you wouldn't let me go, and- and I..." His voice trailed off. Jewel looked at the ground. "Of course I would've let you go, it's just that now..." She saddened, the look of anger departed, and it killed Blu to see her feeling this way. He realized that she looked betrayed... by him, and it made it all the worse. He tried again to plead his case, "I, I- We didn't do anything! I- I swear we didn't..." His voice trailed off.

Jewel murmured, "Why should I trust you?" She turned away and walked to the end of the hollow, then slowly lowered herself to the ground and lay down in a ball in the corner. Blu looked on, angry at himself for not telling the truth the first time. He turned around, when surprisingly, he heard her say, "I'm cold..." He turned around, and walked slowly towards her. Blu stood next to Jewel, and slowly and uncomfortably lowered himself next to her. He lay down and put a wing around her shoulder and shut his eyes. He felt her wing hold his, and she pulled his wing tighter around herself. He desperately tried to get a warm response from her, and said, "I love you Jewel..." Jewel sat silently, pondering what to do. "Hmm..." She murmured back. Blu felt heartbroken, but slowly drifted to sleep, hoping tomorrow would be better.

Blu stirred in his sleep, waking Jewel to the soft pitter-patter of rain, tapping gingerly on the room of the Aviary. She squirmed a little in Blu's wings, and he woke up as well, hearing the melodies of rain droplets drumming away in the crisp morning. "Good morning Jewel," he said quietly. She turned to face him, gazing into his eyes. "Good morning," she responded softly, smiling. Jewel rolled over, with Blu tumbling on top of her. She yawned and nudged him playfully, winking at him. He gave her a quizzical look back, then snapped into realization. "Oh! Oh, uhh, well, I- I don't want Azalea to, to- You know..." He said squeamishly. Jewel sighed, looking for something to relieve her eyes on. "I- I can fly us up to the, uhh, the Forrest if you really do want to..." He raised an eye, "Y- You know..." She nodded slyly and kissed him in anticipation. They got up, and Blu walked behind her, taking to the vent out to the Jungle.

Despite the weather, Blu found it wasn't too hard to fly in the rain, though visibility was something he had an interesting experience with. He looked at the sky, a light grey when something caught his eye. He saw a rainbow, and couldn't help himself. He altered his course instantly, soaring up to the clouds above. Jewel gasped at the sudden change in direction and looked forward to see an array of colors cross the sky. The rain got thicker, the air got thinner, but Blu flew on, determined to fly above the clouds, over the rainbow. He darted through the air as Jewel watched on helplessly, yet in awe. He neared the clouds, and as he flew through the grey pillow a circle wisped up with him, and he turned around, down at the earth below. They were dry, and it was sunny, the polar opposite of life below the cloud line. Blu and Jewel looked down, and the clouds were easily seen through, and the view of Rio was amazing. Jewel breathed heavily, dripping wet held on by Blu, but she didn't squirm or scream, she'd developed trust in him. It was almost unbreakable, the night prior, she didn't have to believe him when saying nothing happened, but she didn't tell him she did. She trusted Blu, she had faith in him. She loved him. Blu was still in awe when he said, "Are you- Are you uhh, ready?" She nodded, saying, "Ohh yeah, it's been two days now..." She smirked to herself, "Two days too long Blu."

Blu set Jewel down in the hollow, and got off her shoulders to face her. Blu took a deep breath, then embraced her, holding her in his wings and leaning her back, then kissed her passionately. She put her wing around his head and pulled him down in to the cushy, dry brush that lined the hollow with Blu on top of her.

Azalea was sitting gracefully awaiting Tulio's return. He rounded the corner with a pair of silver scissors and grabbed her wing, smiling brightly. He opened the blades, and Azalea clenched her eyes tight. She heard a "Shwink", and stood motionless. "There, all better," Tulio said happily. She opened one eye and looked at her wing, the blue stitches had disappeared. She smiled brightly, and flew up a little, feeling the wind under her wings, painlessly. Tulio put his arm out and she landed on it eagerly and he looked at her sadly, saying, "Now we can release you into the wild." She looked at him worriedly, and cooed, departing from his arm and flying to the Aviary. He looked as she gazed happily at the artificial jungle, and his face lit up. "I understand, but..." He looked down for a second, "you don't have a home..." Then his face lit back up, and excitedly, he said, "Uno Momento."

Fifteen minutes later, Tulio emerged out of the artificial jungle with his drill and other tools, looking at Azalea flying throughout the room, and called, "Your tree is the one by the spring." She suddenly noticed his presence and flew gracefully down into the aviary, following the stream to a new miniature tree, with a perfectly chiseled hollow fresh in the trunk. She landed inside, then departed to get more brush to make it more... more like home.

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