The Torso and Sexual Stimulus

Theodore - Nipples, Electro-Stim

"Hello. Theodore, is it?"


The assistant smiled condescendingly, "Theodore. Please follow me."

She bustled around the room, gathering various devices and hooking them up to T-Dog's chest. He could only comply as she tugged at his jeans, freeing his cock. Examining the device, then T-Dog's device,she returned to her workspace for a bigger model. Once he was all hooked up she sat back against her desk, waving a remote control.

"Do you know how electro-stimulation works, Theodore?"


She laughed, crossing the room towards T-Dog. Taking him by the hand she carefully sat him down onto what seemed like a hospital bed and set the plastic case next to him. Spreading his legs, she knelt between them and smoothed her warm hands along the outsides of T-Dog's thighs. Leaning looking up at the beefy body presented to her, the assistant placed a trail of slow kisses up T-Dog's legs and thighs, nipping playfully at his balls before assuaging the gesture with a swirl of her tongue that travelled all the way up his cock shaft. Surprised, T-Dog hardened almost immediately.

"Fuck," he mused, "if this is it then I'm not complaining."

Another bullshit smile in response, "No, not quite. Let me show you what I mean."

She flicked the device on, leaving it at its lowest setting. An audible gasp and T-Dog's breathing stopped momentarily as the shocks travelling up and down his length, humming through his balls. The current travelled further up the wires, up to his thick, prominent nipples.

"Fucking- fuck! Oh…!"

The assistant merely grinned and adjusted the knobs on the device in her hand, stopping only when she could tell T-Dog was acclimating to the sensation.

T-Dog swallowed hard and braced himself . Then, as the assistant turned a knob slowly, T-Dog felt a stronger jolt of electricity shoot through his cock, at the same time it spread into the area around its base. Using his arm to anchor himself down where he sat, T-Dog doubled over, eyes closed tightly. He had been instructed not to touch himself, which seemed to become a problem now. Dancing shocks were driving him wild, as were the tandem sensations flooding his chest with tingly, prickly pleasure.

As he reopened his eyes he saw the assistant engulf the head of his cock with her mouth, lapping at the slit and the pleasure was almost unbearable. She reached up to stroke his chest and it seemed like T-Dog had entered some place where he could no longer communicate with his mortal form.

She was unrelenting, closing her pillowed lips further around T-Dog, who responded by thrusting the thick slab of thrumming meat right into her, hearing her gag and moan. Cranking up the current sent T-Dog over the edge and he came deep and hard, pulses of orgasm mirroring the waves of electrical current flowing through him. T-Dog threw back his head as he rode out the orgasm, still tweaking his nipples, his eyes rolled back as he shuddered, releasing the last of his load.

The assistant got up, wiping herself off and lowering the current. She began taking notes, T-Dog simply fell back onto the bed, panting and trying to regulate his heartbeat. He reached for the equipment attached to his cock, but was stopped.

"Theodore, please. This is electro-stimulation, plenty more orgasms where that came from," she grinned, genuinely this time, "Maybe I'll turn the current up over halfway this time."


Interaction in Art, minor Betrayal

Rick - Voyeurism

Rick had a special seat with the leader of the operation, Dr Edwin Jenner. They both reclined, neat scotches in hand, watching a large screen displaying the other survivors. Jenner enjoyed it, of course, but Rick was horrified.

"How does it feel, shepherd Rick? Your flock is in danger." Jenner tapped the pistol he held in his other hand against the metal desk, a rhythm that made Rick even more uncomfortable.

"Fuck you, Jenner." he seethed. He was supposed to take care of them, prevent them from harm. Now here they were being abused for some sick mad scientist and it was more than he could handle. There were so many things he wanted to say to these people - that they would be alright, that it was going to be over soon - but no, he couldn't. Even if he could, would they escape from here?

Jenner rose from his seat and crossed to stand behind Rick's recliner. Pressing the gun against the side of Rick's head, he leaned in to whisper in his other ear, "They look so good though, don't they? All the cum and sweat and beautiful, naked bodies. You can't help but be a little turned on, can you?"

No response. Jenner nudged Rick with the gun but he still remained silent.

"Look at your wife. All tied up, pretty and vulnerable. Imagine running your fingers down that hot little body of hers, trailing your tongue anywhere you want - she's yours."

Rick shifted in his seat, his pants stirring. He focused on another screen.

"Or Shane? He's such a fucking little slut, isn't he? You know he loves it - showing off his cunt for my boys. That gaping hole needs filling with your tongue, or your dick. Maybe T-Dog and those beautiful big nipples. He's a powerhouse of electrical energy and cum right now, imagine toying with him until he bursts."

Noticing the tent in Rick's officer slacks, Jenner smiled. He looked humiliated as Jenner prodded his cock with that pistol of his before pulling down the zipper, Rick's cock springing from its prison.

Jenner cocked the pistol, ready to fire. "Touch yourself, Rick. Pick your slut and stroke."

Rick slowly turned his head to meet Jenner, finally tearing his eyes away from the screen. Maintaining eye contact with Jenner, he curled his fingers around his shaft and began pumping, unwavering in his stony gaze. Jenner smiled with satisfaction, transfixed on Rick's commanding stroke.

EXPERIMENT XX (Unscheduled)

Basic Heroism

Carl/Sophia - Gen

Carl and Sophia were light and spry enough to make their way through the compound unnoticed. Occasionally they had to resort to diving back into the vents, but they had almost reached the exit.

"Hey," Sophia stopped, yanking Carl back, "What are we doing?"

"I'm saving you!"

"I don't need saving, Carl Grimes. My mom does! And yours!"

Carl shifted, kicking the ground, "I'm a little… scared."

Rolling her eyes, Sophia grabbed his hand and pulled him deeper into the compound, higher and higher until they heard a familiar voice.

"Fuck you, Jenner." Rick seethed.

"There he is!" Carl whispered excitedly, looking around for some way to get into Jenner's room without being noticed.

"The door's open a little, lets just walk in and kill 'em!" Sophia piped up, pulling Carl's revolver out of its holster.

"Hey, that's not a toy! Gimme it!" He whispered angrily, "My dad gave me it… those people thought it was a toy too…"

"Fine, sorry." Sophia hung her head dejectedly, "You hold it."

The two headed closer to the door, ducking down.

"Hey, Carl, before we go," Sophia got real close to Carl, "Will you be my boyfriend?"

Carl paused in a stunned silence for a second, before nodding. Sophia smiled from ear to ear, taking Carl by the hand - his revolver planted firmly in the other. They opened the door little by little, the bad man seemed to be distracted by something Rick was doing.

Inside, Jenner cocked his pistol, ready to fire. "Touch yourself, Rick. Pick your slut and stroke."

Rick let Jenner kneel before him, his eyes still transfixed on the officer's cock, "You want me so bad? You got me."

"That's right, Rick. You're mine now," Jenner chuckled, "I've got you right where I want you…"