Authors note: Hi, This story is based on a prompt I received from Jaimie255 requesting a fan fiction where Jane moves on but eventually realises that Lisbon is the one. That was a while ago (sorry Jaimie) but here it is as promised.

This is just the short intro chapter, but I liked where it finished.

The disclaimer : As usual what I own would fit into a small box, maybe I'll marry rich?

The heart wants what the heart wants. Well he guessed his heart obviously wanted to protect itself as there was no other reason for his poor choices over the past 8 months. He had been so earth shatteringly broken before by love, that he figured his heart thought he couldn't take it again so it had conspired with his head to mislead him.

He had been lied to, blinded and mistaken and he was the only one to blame.

Swans mate for life and he knew he was the same as he had watched them earlier in the day, gliding across the pond in the park near headquarters. He had watched as a male and female slid together in unison, forming the outline of one heart, two pieces that while routine alone, meant so much more coupled together.

He had had that once, his neck had already been intertwined, he had already formed his complete picture, so when his other half died all he was left with was half a heart, one that beat but did little else.

Sure he had surmised after Red Johns capture and subsequent death at the hands of another grieving husband, that he could in fact date and perhaps even love again, but felt he may never reach the true love he had achieved before, the two hearts, one heartbeat, soul melting kind of love that he had with his wife.

Yeah that's what he thought and for a change he was wrong. Granted it was his own betraying heart that had hidden the truth. It had kept him in the dark, his real feelings just out of view, hidden in the shadows.

Not that he could blame his heart, no it had suffered too much loss, broken into such tiny fragments that the naked eye could not hope to see them. Like most victims of a traumatic event and his was catastrophically horrendous, he had buried his ability to love. Buried it in a box deep deep inside himself and marked it do not open.

This wasn't a concious choice, no he figured after his mental breakdown, his body had set itself into self preservation mode. So here he was, the wrong beautiful woman on his arm, and a dead weight in his heart. He had really messed up and for the first time in Patrick Jane's life he had no idea how to fix it.